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  • President Daddy's Excessive Love President Daddy's Excessive Love

    Framed by her stepmother, she had one night with a mysterious man and was eventually forced to escape for another country. Five years later, she returned with a

    Author:Bei Xiao'ai Romantic Finished

  •  Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

    What happens when an ordinary university student runs into a cute, coquettish little fox? What if the little fox is actually a Cultivator? What future awaits th

    Author:Tang Chuan Romantic On-going

  • 100-Day Trial Marriage 100-Day Trial Marriage

    Looking at the one who’s like a microcosmo of him, his brain’s gone blank for a second. 'Our mummy is your wife. what? You don't even know your wife has two bab

    Author:Tiga Modern City On-going

  • Young General's Escaping Wife Young General's Escaping Wife

    Her mother passed away, and her father married another woman. At the age of two, she was sent to the countryside and raised there. When sixteen, she was taken b

    Author:Ming Yao Romantic Finished

  • My Husband, Warm The Bed My Husband, Warm The Bed

    She and the blind date met man get married soon. She did not expect that the 'ordinary' new husband turned out to be the CEO of the company she worked for.In th

    Author:Jiu Shi Chan Mian Romantic Finished

  • Dominant CEO And Dominated Me Dominant CEO And Dominated Me

    "You want to leave just after you stole my genes?" He grabbed her and forced her to hand over her baby that was born three years ago.Never happened before? Then

    Author:Jiang Xiaoya Romantic Finished

  • The Mech Touch The Mech Touch

    Humanity has conquered half the galaxy and the Age of Mechs reigns supreme! Ves Larkinson lacked the genetic aptitude to become a famed mech pilot. Fighting aga

    Author:Exlor Science On-going

  • Counterattack of a Reborn Daughter Counterattack of a Reborn Daughter

    Appearance ruined, hands and feet destroyed, parents killed, younger brother dumbed, and her family property dominated, all the evil in the world had come upon

    Author:Song Yi Romantic On-going

  • If you are not close If you are not close

    With Gu Nanfeng for three years, people around said that song Zhiyi and Gu Nanfeng were a perfect match. With more people, song Zhiyi was taken seriously. But l

    Author:Zhiyi Modern City On-going

  • World Domination System World Domination System

    *Ding* World Domination System booting up. Current World: Unknown Host Status: Near-death Current Goal: Survive Overall Goal: Dominate and Conquer the world!] A

    Author:KillerHemboy Fantasy On-going