Love story

  • Release that Witch Release that Witch

    Chen Yan travels through time, only to end up becoming an honorable prince in the Middle Ages of Europe. Yet this world was not quite as simple as he thought. W

    Author:Er Mu Fantasy Finished

  • Versatile Mage Versatile Mage

    He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed. His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mi

    Author:Chaos Fantasy On-going

  • Beseech The Devil Beseech The Devil

    Three thousand years of bowing down to the Demon Lord, I would rather be a mortal than a celestial being when looking back, but for her I will… become one who c

    Author:Er Gen Fantasy On-going

  • Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Amazing Doctor With Super Vision

    Like many medical students, Li Yong just succeeds finding an intern job in hospital with great efforts and yet still is going broke. He even has no money to pay

    Author: Gong Zi Wu Lang Fantasy On-going

  • Split Zone 13 Split Zone 13

    When Li Shen’s second personality acts out, her consciousness is sent to a strange place called Split Zone No.13. She is then informed that she can only return

    Author: Yu Wei Fantasy On-going