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When Qiao Nan saw the antipyretics dug out and dumped in the garbage can, her tears began to flow out again.

How cruel her mother is! Mingming's family has antipyretics. She would rather throw them away as garbage than give them to her. Sheng Sheng sees her doctor, and then drags her to sign up.

Qiao Dongliang, who followed me, also saw the drugs in the garbage can. He recognized that they were the antipyretics he had seen in the morning: "don't you say that they are all finished? What is this?! "

Ding Jiayi, whose lies were exposed, blushed and cried out in a loud voice: "the medicine is out of date. I can't give my own daughter the expired medicine. What should I do in case it goes bad!"

Qiao Nan wiped the tears on her face hard: "Mom, didn't you say that you have taken antipyretic for me? Did I take the medicine or did it expire? "

Until now, Qiao Nan understood that her illness left school in her last life. It was a game from the beginning!

Ding Jiayi choked her neck: "it's overdue. If it's not overdue, how can it be that you've taken the medicine before your fever subsides. I'm my mother. Can I hurt you? Can I give you expired medicine? "

Qiao Dongliang was angry and smiled at his wife's words: "I know that the medicine is out of date. It's useless. You didn't let me send Nannan to the hospital just now. You said Nannan would be OK soon. Don't spend that unjust money?"

Said since hit mouth son's words, does the wife face ache?

"Dad, the medicine hasn't expired." Qiao Nan took the medicine and ran to Qiao Dongliang: "look, it's not expired!"

The expiry date of the medicine is printed on the back of the plastic shell of the medicine plate, and the time shown on it is several months away.

At that moment, Qiao Dongliang was furious: "Ding Jiayi, what do you want to do?"

Obviously there is medicine not for her daughter to eat, but also said that expired!

"You also say that you are Nannan's mother. If she did this, she would rather throw the medicine away than give it to her daughter. What else is it overdue? I'll ask you again. Have you ever given Nannan any antipyretic today? "

Qiao Dongliang once served as a soldier. He also had a sense of banditry. He had a tiger face and was very scary.

Ding Jiayi's body trembled and her face was full of food. She couldn't answer a word for a long time.

Qiao Zijin hurriedly stopped in front of Qiao Dongliang: "Dad, it's my fault, it's all my fault. Maybe I had a bad eye. I told my mother that the medicine was overdue. Mom really gave Nannan medicine, because after eating it, she found that the medicine expired, so mom just lost it. Blame me, you blame me. "

Being protected by her eldest daughter, and her lie has also been rounded back by her eldest daughter. Ding Jiayi has the confidence again: "my daughter, can I not hurt?"? Don't you just have a fever? It's good to cover your sweat. It's necessary to make such a fuss and roar at me with red eyes and thick neck? The big one, the small one, has no conscience. "

"You." Qiao Dongliang is not good at words. Although he thinks it's strange, he can't refute Ding Jiayi's words: "Nannan, go, dad will take you to the hospital."

Qiao Nan ran to Qiao Dongliang's side and whispered, "well."

"Mom?" Qiao Zijin shook Ding Jiayi's arm.

Dad accompanies Qiao nan to go to the hospital. I don't know how much it will cost. She can use the money and can't be wasted.

Ding Jiayi rushed to the front and stopped in front of Qiao Dongliang's bike. She held the handle and didn't let Qiao Dongliang go.

Qiao Dongliang's bike is crooked, and he's on tiptoe at a loss. Otherwise, he falls down: "what are you going to do?"

"Isn't it just a fever? I said. It's not good to sweat all day. What time is it? Don't go to the hospital! " Ding Jiayi insists on not going to the hospital.

Go to the hospital, no money!

Qiao Nan leaned on the back of Qiao Dongliang and called "Dad" in a low voice.

Qiao Dongliang's face flushed: "Ding Jiayi, do you mean it? Also said that you love your daughter, Nannan fever Wu body sweat is good, you can say this. Last time If I don't tell you, get out of my way, or I won't be rude! "

Last time my eldest daughter had a cold but coughed twice. What did his wife look like when she was nervous? Qiao Dongliang can still remember.

If it wasn't for fear that his little daughter would be sad, Qiao Dongliang would take it to scold his wife.

Qiao Dongliang caught his wife's hand and shook her off. Then he got on his bicycle and went to the hospital.

"Enemies, one by one." Ding Jiayi stumbled and almost fell. Thinking of her husband's red face for her little daughter, Ding Jiayi was furious: "I knew there would be today. I really shouldn't have given birth to her!"

If she didn't have this daughter, she and old Joe would still have an iron job.

As soon as this daughter was born, she ruined their jobs and let their family live in this courtyard. It's not true. This daughter is here to collect debts!

"Mom, let's go home." Seeing Ding Jiayi swearing at the door of the house, people saw the joke. Qiao Zijin hurriedly helped Ding Jiayi home: "Nannan's heat will definitely fall down, after that?"

If Qiao Nan also studies, what about her tuition?

"Don't worry, it's not up to your father. Just coax the dead girl. If the dead girl doesn't want to read, your father won't lose." Ding Jiayi vomited a mouthful of dullness and clapped her eldest daughter's hand to comfort her.She has lived with this man for more than ten years. She knows what kind of character old Joe is.

Therefore, the most important thing for her now is to find a way to frighten the dead girl and let the dead girl voluntarily drop out of school.

"Mom, you are so kind to me. I depend on you. After that, I will have a good future. I will be filial to you. " Qiao Zijin put down the worry in his heart and smiled holding Ding Jiayi's arm.

Ding Jiayi laughed together: "that is, you are my daughter, you are not promising, whose daughter can be promising. Even if I don't have a son, I have a good daughter! "

Hearing the word "son", Qiao Zijin shriveled his mouth unhappily. After all, her mother still likes her son.

At the beginning, in order to give birth to Qiao Nan, dad and mom didn't even want the iron rice bowl.

She clearly remembered that at that time, her mother called her son with her stomach in her arms every day. She didn't give her any delicious food at home, and all of them went into her mother's stomach, saying that she wanted to raise her younger brother.

As a result, I was not born a girl movie!

If not, she is still a child of government officials, which is like now!

"What about my little daughter, doctor?" The words are divided into two parts. Qiao Dongliang takes Qiao nan to the hospital and cares about her little daughter's health.

The doctor put down the stethoscope and looked at Qiao Dongliang, who was very strong and red, and then looked at the little girl. The doctor's eyes were full of strange colors: "there was still a little fever. It was slow to take medicine, and it was faster to take bottle drops."