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Because of the steaming air over the road, the road surface is distorted directly.

Under such a poisonous sun, there are few pedestrians in the street, even few cars. All of them find a cool place to spend the summer, or have a good time in the air-conditioned room.

A woman in a starched white shirt and grey suit pants hurried to the second people's hospital.

Because of the sweat, the hair sticks tightly to the woman's face. The woman's cheeks have an abnormal red halo, which is obviously damaged by the sun.

The white shirt was wet by the sweat on her body, and it was uncomfortable to stick it around her, but Qiao Nan had no time to care about it, so she grabbed the bag with 100000 yuan.

This is the money she managed to get from selling all the valuable things around her. Her sister needs 200000 yuan for the operation, and there are 100000 more to do.

Go straight to the ward, Qiao Nan's hand just touched the door guard, heard the conversation between the mother and daughter in the ward.

"Mom, it's all caused by Qiao Nan. If it wasn't for her, the army wouldn't divorce me." This is Qiao Nan's elder sister Qiao Zijin's voice.

"Don't cry, mom has taught Qiao Nan a lesson for you." Ding Jiayi, the mother, felt her eldest daughter's head painfully.

Qiao Nan, who was standing outside, felt that her sister was not caught by Chen Jun because of her infidelity, so Chen Jun would leave with her sister, but what does it have to do with her?

Thinking of Chen Jun, Qiao Nan's eyes darkened.

Chen Jun used to be Qiao Nan's boyfriend, but Qiao Zijin was pregnant with her sister's boyfriend's child. Ding Jiayi scolded Qiao Nan and said that Qiao Nan harboured evil spirits. It was a small animal without conscience who robbed her boyfriend and forced her sister to have a abortion.

Finally, Qiao Nan had to quit and complete Chen Jun and his sister.

"Mom, the army divorced me, the child is not around me, and I have this disease again. What should I do? Mom, I don't want to die. I haven't been filial to you. I really don't want to die. "

In the ward, Qiao Zijin cries fiercely holding Ding Jiayi. She is still so young and has a lot of good days. She really doesn't want to die.

Hearing that her eldest daughter had such a serious illness, she still thought that she would be filial to herself in the future. Ding Jiayi was not moved.

Ding Jiayi coaxes to pat Qiao Zijin's back: "no, mom will not let you have anything. Mom has gone to raise money for you because of Qiao Nan's dead girl. As long as you have 200000, your illness will be cured. "

Qiao Zijin and Chen Jun divorced not long ago. They suffered from renal failure and had to change their kidneys immediately.

But in this marriage, Qiao Zijin's cheating is the wrong side. In addition, Chen Jun works for the government. Qiao Zijin has been cleared out of the family. Now he is ill and has no money to see a doctor or take medicine.

Qiao Nan, who knew her mother's partiality for a long time, could not help but feel pain after hearing this dialogue.

She was 40 years old. After she broke up with Chen Jun, she never fell in love again. She didn't want to talk. Her mother didn't let her talk.

Over the years, most of the money she made was given to her mother, who used the money she made to buy her sister a 150 square suite, while she was still living in a rented house with only a few tens of square meters.

She pays for her parents' food and even water and electricity. Her sister carries some things when she comes back to her mother's house, but she carries more when she goes back.

I am not married at this age. I was joked that there is no one to ask for the leftover girl. Qiao Nan didn't know. Her mother didn't let her marry, just wanted her salary.

But this is her own mother. Every time she goes out on a blind date and falls in love, her mother makes a living. She can't help it.

His hard work over the years, only for the last "dead girl" three words, especially Qiao Zijin also put his divorce responsibility all over his body, Qiao Nan holding the 100000 yuan in his hand, suddenly don't want to give Qiao Zijin.

Before Qiao Nan left, the next conversation Qiao Nan heard was really called Qiao Nan's despair.

"Mom, it's not that easy to find. What if Qiao Nan raised 200000 yuan but couldn't find * *? In fact, the doctor said that if a relative would donate a kidney to me, the matching degree would be higher and rejection would not occur easily. "

Relying on Ding Jiayi's arms, Qiao Zijin said pitifully, "if there is a real family member, I can save a little money if I can't point to the doctor's money."

**It's hard to find. Some people can't wait for such a chance until they die!

Knowing this, Qiao Zijin knows that it's not enough for her to live with money. She has to think of other ways.

"Or is Mom going to have a blood test?" Asked Ding Jiayi with some hesitation.

Qiao Zijin shakes his head repeatedly. Her mother is so old that her kidney is no better than her. Since she wants everything, she must have a good one: "Mom, you are the mother who gave birth to me and raised me. I don't want you to move the knife. My father must not be able either."

"Then..." Ding Jiayi thought for a moment and her eyes brightened: "wait for the dead girl to come. I'll ask her to have a blood test. She's your sister. She must be close!"

"Good is good, but Qiao Nan will not agree, after all, this is a kidney." Qiao Zijin's eyes are full of calculated light.In order to survive, just in case, she will never let Qiao Nan have the possibility of rejection.

"Miss Qiao, why don't you come to see your sister?" Qiao Zijin talks with Ding Jiayi to one side, and the voice of the nurse comes from outside.

Qiao Zijin's face changed: "Ma..." Just now her conversation with her mother was all listened to by Qiao Nan's dead girl?

Ding Jiayi said nothing, got up and chased out, saw Qiao Nan's back, and then shouted Qiao Nan's name.

Qiao Nan hears Ding Jiayi's cry and refuses to turn back or stop. Her tears keep falling, but her heart is broken into pieces.

For her mother, her sister, she doesn't even have a home of her own, but her mother and her sister, after calculating her money, still want her kidney.

Qiao Zijin's words, Ding Jiayi didn't understand, Qiao Nan actually understood, the more so, Qiao Nan more hate, even if she really owe Qiao's family also should be enough!

Mother's love may indeed be "great". Seeing her little daughter running away, Ding Jiayi is afraid that her eldest daughter's illness is not ruled by law. Ding Jiayi's feet swish faster and faster, catching up with Qiao Nan, and grabbing Qiao Nan's hair with her hand is a fierce pull:

"you are a dead girl. You really have no conscience. When you see your elder sister's serious illness, you will not be saved. I want you to..."

As soon as Qiao Nan's head hurt, she wanted to tell her mother that it was dangerous on the street. A car rushed towards her.

"Squeak", "bang", two loud blasts. Qiao Nan was too sore to speak, but she barely opened her eyes to see how her mother was.

Ding Jiayi was really scared. Seeing her little daughter lying in the pool of blood, she ran over and murmured, "Qiao Nan, it's good that you and you are dead. At least you can help your sister when you are dead. The kidney of Son Jin had, money also had! "

The little girl was killed by a collision. The one who hit the little girl must lose money.

Hearing Ding Jiayi's words, Qiao Nan's eyes stared at Ding Jiayi. Before the paramedics arrived, he couldn't bear to be angry with Ding Jiayi!