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After struggling for a long time, Qiao Nan finally opened her eyes and saw an old and familiar room instead of a white ward.

"Mom, Nannan is ill. Don't we care about her?"

"It's OK. Your sister's skin is rough and her flesh is thick. Her life is hard. She can't live without this disease. And the day after tomorrow, she's going to start school. If she's better, she can't sign up. "

Thinking about her eldest daughter, Ding Jiayi calculated that her youngest daughter missed the opportunity to sign up because she was ill. Then she would cajole the girl to death. The girl would give up school and go to work to earn money.

"Mom, this watermelon is so sweet. You can eat a spoon, too." Hearing the satisfactory answer, Qiao Zijin smiled and gave Ding Jiayi a mouthful of watermelon.

Hearing the conversation between mother and daughter, Qiao Nan, who is suffering from a high fever, finally knows where she is.

She went back to the Qiao family 25 years ago. When she was 15 years old, she missed the registration time and was coaxed by her mother to learn to work for money to raise Qiao Zijin!

That year, the night before Qiao Nan had a high fever, it rained heavily, because it was autumn rain, and the weather was particularly cold after the rain.

Qiao Nan remembers that when she goes to bed at night, she is covered with quilts. When she feels uncomfortable and wakes up, the quilts are all at the end of the bed.

During this period, Qiao Nan vaguely remembered that it was the middle of the night when it rained the most, someone seemed to have come to her room.

At last, Qiao Nan was not covered with a quilt, even the window by the bed was open.

If not, joanan would not have caught a cold or had a fever at all.

In her last life, Qiao Nan always thought that someone had come to her room, but she closed the window before going to bed. It was a delusion that she had opened the window when she woke up. It was her illness and confusion that made her mistake.

But at this time, Qiao Nan didn't think so.

"Last night" someone must have come to her room, not only lifted her quilt, but also opened the window specially, so that she could get sick and miss the time of school enrollment!

Just when Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin's mother and daughter are happy and share Tianlun, the sound of "bang" startles them.

"Nan, Nan Nan?" Qiao Zijin's face is stiff with half a watermelon in his arms. He is embarrassed with the spoon in his hand. Neither is it put nor raised.

Seeing the half watermelon in Qiao Zijin's hand, Qiao Nan laughed at himself.

Qiao Zijin is used to by her mother. She has been domineering and selfish since childhood. Qiao Zijin has a bad habit of eating watermelon. She likes to dig and eat half of the watermelon with a spoon.

But now it's the 1980s, and the conditions are not as good as they will be, so every time Ding Jiayi buys a watermelon, she tells Qiao Nan and Qiao Dongliang that she only buys half of it.

But Qiao Nan sees with his own eyes now, Qiao Zijin is holding half watermelon to eat.

Qiaozijin can eat half of the watermelon, fall on Qiaonan, a watermelon can eat a string, even if Ding Jiayi gave her face!

"What door are you kicking, you dead girl? Who do you want to scare to death?" Ding Jiayi, who is not guilty at all, pointed to Qiao Nan's nose and scolded him.

Qiao Nanqiang: "I have a fever. What about the antipyretic?"

"You've eaten up the antipyretic medicine. It's gone." Ding Jiayi's eyes flashed, and only when she mentioned medicine did she feel a little guilty.

Without Ding Jiayi, Qiao Nan went to retrieve the medicine herself. In her last life, she had a bad fever because she didn't take the antipyretic in time. She was not sent to the hospital in time and almost became meningitis.

It's also because of this. For her illness, there was an extra expenditure at home, which made her believe her mother's words. She really thought that the money at home was spent to cure her illness. She didn't have the face to continue to study, but chose to work in the wrong way to raise Qiao Zijin.

"What are you doing, dead girl?" Qiao Nan's move to find medicine angered Ding Jiayi. Ding Jiayi grabbed Qiao Nan's hair with her left hand and pulled it back. Her right hand slapped Qiao Nan in the face.

The sound of "pa" is amazing.

After a slap, Qiao Nan's ears directly "buzz" and his face doesn't hurt, but his nose aches so much that his nose blood flows like the tap on, splashing and directly dyed Qiao Nan's collar red.

"If you are ill, go back and lie down, and want to be a demon!" Ding Jiayi is sure that Qiao Nan has no physical strength. She wants to drag Qiao Nan back to her room and let Qiao Nan go to sleep. Anyway, she doesn't give Qiao Nan any medicine.

If the dead girl gets well, she must go to school and waste her family's money.

Ding Jiayi just wants Qiao nan to be sick and wait for a month before going to school.

Want to take medicine? No way!

At this time, Qiao Nan saw through Ding Jiayi's plan. How could she be willing to comply? She put her head on Ding Jiayi's body.

This one doesn't hurt, but it's so unexpected that Ding Jiayi let go of Qiao Nan's hand. Qiao Nan took the opportunity to run out.

"Dead girl!" Ding Jiayi, who was a little slower, stamped her feet: "there is seed, you will never come back!"

The first time I saw Qiao Nan resist, Qiao Zijin was scared: "Mom, what happened to Nan Nan?" Before is not all mother say what, Nan Nan listens to what?"No matter her." Clapping her eldest daughter's hand, Ding Jiayi doesn't care: "she is having a fever, she doesn't stay at home to have a good rest and runs out, deliberately looking for death."

Qiao Nan, whose head was badly burned, wanted to run out, but he had no idea what to do after running out.

"Dong" a, Qiao Nan felt that he hit someone, the original blood has not stopped the nose more acid zizizi uncomfortable, tears are flowing down.

"Be careful." The man is low mute. In June, a cool voice comes into Qiao Nan's ear. Qiao Nan's back waist holds an iron arm.

After Qiao Nan stood firm, he shook his head three times, and then his brain became clear. He looked up and saw a pair of cold eyes like a blade.

"You have a fever?" In touch with Qiao Nan's abnormal temperature, the man frowned, and then saw Qiao Nan's red nose blood on his collar. His thin, knife like lip closed in a straight line: "follow me."

Qiao Nan followed the man in such a muddle that he didn't come back until he sat on the soft sofa.

"Antipyretics." The cold voice of the man came, handing the medicine in one hand and holding the cup in the other.

Thinking of her own situation, Qiao Nan also took the medicine from the man's hand without affectation, swallowed it, and then looked up carefully at the man's appearance.

The man is very handsome, with a clear face and sharp corners. The thick and upright eyebrows of the broadsword are full of awe and righteousness. The straight nose is very high, and the color of eyes is easy to frighten people to retreat. The beautiful thin lips don't know why they don't like it. Qiao Nan can't help but feel nervous.