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Qiao Dongliang was stunned for a moment. Looking back, he saw his little daughter. Because of the cold and fever, her little daughter was in poor spirit, just like pickled vegetables. But the blood on her collar scared Qiao Dongliang: "how did it happen?"

Before Qiao Nan answered, Qiao Dongliang said directly, "let's go home first and wash well. What can I do for you, please wait a moment."

With that, Qiao Dongliang takes Qiao nan to his bike and takes him home.

"Dongliang, come back, yo, Nannan, what's the matter?" In the courtyard of Qiao's family, a four or fifty year old woman was carrying a basket of eggs. Seeing Qiao Nan's eyes, she stared at the eldest: "is this being bullied?" It's all blood.

"Aunt Li." Qiao Nan jumped off the bike with some weakness. Fortunately, Qiao's father helped her, but she didn't fall down.

Ding Jiayi, who came out with the egg money, saw this scene, and her face turned black: "Aunt Li, this is the egg money. Take it."

Aunt Li took the money and counted it before she said: "haole, Nannan in your family is handsome, but she is a little thin, so she needs to make up for it."

Qiao Dongliang touched Qiao Nan's forehead, and found that the temperature was much lower than before he went to work, but it was still a little hot. Looking at Ding Jiayi's eyes, he was not very happy: "Nannan is still ill, how did you let her out?"

Before Aunt Li left, she was criticized by Qiao Dongliang, and Ding Jiayi's face was red: "what do you call me to let her out? This dead girl is naughty. She has to go out. Can I manage this ancestor?"

When Qiao Nan heard this, she cried directly: "Dad, I have a high fever and my brain is confused. But my mother and sister are sitting outside eating watermelon, regardless of me. I got up and wanted to take the antipyretic medicine. My mother said there was no more. I wanted to find it. My mother wouldn't let me. She grabbed my hair and slapped me in the face. These are all nosebleeds from that slap. "

As an outsider, Aunt Li's face stiffened and she looked at Ding Jiayi in amazement, neither staying nor leaving.

Qiao Dongliang's face changed: "Nannan, have you taken any medicine?"

My little daughter's fever is not low. It's definitely not good if she doesn't take medicine.

"Of course I have!" Ding Jiayi said at the top of her voice.

Qiao Nan didn't look at Ding Jiayi and shook her head firmly: "no, I've been lying in bed and nobody cares about me. I haven't taken any medicine, and I haven't drunk any water."

Qiao Dongliang was in a hurry. Her little daughter didn't even take the medicine, so she rushed to the hospital. "Nannan, do you have the strength to ride a bicycle? Dad will take you to the hospital."

In the morning, Qiao Dongliang saw that the diligent little daughter didn't get up. He went to the little daughter's room and found that the little daughter had a fever.

But his wife said that he would take care of her little daughter. Qiao Dongliang didn't think much about it. Who would have thought that he heard her say that when he came back.

Ding Jiayi stretched out her hand and held on to the front of the bicycle directly. The flesh on her face hurt: "what hospital do you want to go to? Don't spend money!"

Qiao Dongliang sneered: "I don't make much money, but there is still money for my daughter to see a doctor."

"Old Joe, I don't mean that," said Ding

She doesn't think old Joe is incompetent and doesn't earn enough money. She just doesn't want to spend money on the dead girl. What's more, Zijin has to spend a lot of money on reading.

"I mean, I really gave her some medicine. She was so confused that she couldn't remember. It may be that the medicine hasn't been used yet. Just wait a moment, and don't go to the hospital to spend that money wrongly. "

Soon, Ding's attitude softened, but she refused to let Qiao Dongliang take Qiao nan to the hospital.

"Dongliang, let's go first." At last, Aunt Li was able to put in a word and hurriedly left, but before she left, she still said: "pillars, all girls can't be eccentric. Nannan is going to be a big girl. She doesn't face people. "

What's more, Nannan is still sick and has a fever. How can Jiayi go to Nannan.

At the thought of Qiao Nan's nose blood, Aunt Li looked at Ding Jiayi's eyes full of disapproval, which made Ding Jiayi furious. She wished to let Aunt Li roll.

"Don't worry about it, Aunt Li." Qiao Dongliang gave Ding Jiayi a reproachful look before sending Aunt Li away.

Qiao Dongliang helped the little girl back to the room and sat down. He beat a basin of hot water for her and asked her to wipe and change her dirty clothes.

Hide in the room to hear a little Qiao Son Jin see this situation, to Qiao Dongliang show a sensible smile, then help Qiao Dongliang to take care of Qiao Nan together.

Seeing his eldest daughter's sensible appearance, Qiao Dongliang's anger was half gone.

When Qiao Nan changes clothes, Qiao Dongliang looks at Ding Jiayi: "Nannan's fever hasn't completely gone back, so I'll give Nannan another meal."

At this time, Qiao Nan just changed her clothes and came out without speaking. She just stared at Ding Jiayi and wanted to see what Ding Jiayi said.

Ding Jiayi glared at Qiao Nan angrily, thinking that she had a white eyed wolf. Seeing the quarrel between her parents, she didn't help to persuade them. She wanted to make old Qiao scold her. "It's over, it's gone."

Ding Jiayi didn't forget how she told Qiao Nan at noon. Her confession must be the same last afternoon."Finished?" Qiao Dongliang's eyebrows curled, and his tone was all disbelief: "I remember that there are still half of the board of antipyretics. Did you say you finished?"

Hearing Ding Jiayi say so, Qiao Nan is very sure not to say that she ate most of the board. She didn't even eat one. The reason why the burn can come back is because of Zhai Sheng's light.

But she turned over the medicine box and did not find the antipyretic.

Qiao Nan's beautiful little mouth and eyes blinked. Suddenly, he thought of a possibility. Then the whole person went to the back kitchen of Qiao's house like a devil.

"Nannan, what's the matter with you?" Qiao Zijin feels that Qiao Nan is strange and wants to stop him.

When Qiao Zijin saw Qiao Nan walking away from the kitchen, he didn't know how to feel bad. He hurriedly went to pull Qiao Nan's hand: "Nan Nan, you are ill now. You need to lie in bed and have a good rest. There's no medicine at home. When Dad buys it, you'll be fine tomorrow. "

Qiao Nan stops abruptly, the black and heavy eyes stare at Qiao Zijin, looking at Qiao Zijin's heart and hair.

Qiao Nan's attitude towards Qiao Zijin made both Qiao Dongliang and his wife frown.

Not waiting for Ding Jiayi to start training Qiao Nan, Qiao Nan shakes off Qiao Zijin's hand, runs into the back kitchen, and then turns over the garbage can left in the kitchen.

Qiao Zijin exclaimed, impossible, Qiao Nan can't know.

Think of what matter, Ding Jiayi's face also becomes different, want to hold Qiao Nan.