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"Well." Zhai Sheng replied lightly.

Qiao Nan was relieved to be sure that she didn't recognize the wrong person. She was the same child in the courtyard. Zhai Sheng was the "child of others" in the courtyard.

He has performed well since childhood, not only reading well, but also having higher physical quality. He joined the army and became a soldier very early. Unlike others, some people give up their studies directly in order to become soldiers, while Zhai Sheng is a double practitioner. He not only participates in various exercises in the military camp, but also has a high diploma.

Because Zhai Sheng has both education and qualification, he rose rapidly in his last life, not only by his own ability, but also not by his family, until that unattainable position. Even her mother is often proud to have lived in a courtyard with Zhai Sheng.

"Thank you, brother Zhai." After recognizing that she was a big man, Qiao Nan found that her nose blood had stopped, and her hands had been washed clean, but the clothes on her chest were still red.

Zhai Sheng is the one who stops Qiao Nan's nosebleed.

"It's OK. You just took the medicine. You need to rest and sleep." Zhai Sheng nodded coldly, then read with a book full of English in his hand.

Zhai Sheng said that Qiao Nan really felt sleepy. As soon as she closed her eyes, she fell down and slept in seconds.

Zhai Sheng raised his face from the book and saw that Qiao Nan was really asleep. He took a thin blanket and put it on Qiao Nan's stomach. Then he went to sleep and read books one by one. The atmosphere of getting along was a little bit harmonious.

Qiao Nan had been sleeping for a whole afternoon. When Qiao Nan woke up, the effect not only came into play, but also her whole body was sweating. When she opened her eyes, Qiao Nan obviously felt relaxed with her body.

"Wake up." Hearing Qiao Nan moving, Zhai Sheng raised his eyes and fell on Qiao Nan's face.

"Thank you, brother Zhai." With Zhai Sheng not angry and Wei's eyes, Qiao Nan is under pressure and her mouth is not sharp.

"Are you afraid of me?" Zhai asked, impressed that uncle Qiao's little daughter was not a little stutter.

"No, No." Qiao Nan said with a hollow heart, thinking that there are some children in the courtyard who are not afraid of Zhai Sheng's black face.

She clearly remembered that Zhai Sheng was about ten years old, and his small face was white and tender. In the words of two or three decades later, it was a small and tender woman.

But since Zhai Sheng joined the army, his face, which was even whiter than jade, has been hard tanned to wheat color. It's scarier than when he was a child.

"It's not early." Zhai Sheng didn't break Qiao Nan's lies.

Qiao Nan's face was white, and her small hands were tightly clenched into fists on both sides: "then, I'll go home."

Seeing the pathetic expression on Qiao Nan's small face, just like seeing the cat in the autumn rain when he was on a mission, Zhai Shengxin felt soft: "if you have any trouble, you can come to me."

Qiao Nan looks at Zhai Sheng with some surprise: "OK, thank you brother Zhai."

Finish saying, Qiao Nan has no good intention to stay at Zhai's house, can only return to Qiao's house.

Shortly after Qiao Nan left, Zhai Sheng's sister Zhai Hua came back. When Zhai Huacai was going to sit on the sofa and ask Zhai Sheng how he came back, he saw blood on his sofa and was shocked: "Zhai Sheng, you are injured, how can you do this?"

"No." Zhai Sheng frowned. The blood should have been left by Qiao's little daughter.

"Wait, no, why do you have blood in your clothes?" Seeing Zhai Sheng's chest was covered with blood, and then seeing the blood on the sofa, Zhai Hua's eyes flashed: "Zhai Sheng, you tell me honestly, have you brought the girl back? Do you want to be so urgent? You can't even wait to go back to the room!"

Like a piece of wood, I found a little girl to fight with each other?!

Seeing Zhai Hua like a monkey, Zhai Sheng raised one corner of his mouth and sneered, "what would you say if parents knew you read this kind of books?"

"Oh, it's hot this day. I don't see anything. I don't know anything. Brother, I went back to take a bath." Zhai Hua's face is white. She dares to be bold in front of her brother, but she behaves like a little white rabbit in front of her parents.

Zhai Hua is going to take a bath. Zhai Shenggang's eyebrows are just twisted down. Before he can continue to read, Zhai Hua's huge face is directly in front of the book: "good or bad, brother-in-law, you really don't tell me who girl you broke, which girl you let bleed. We can't be hooligans."

Zhai Sheng's image will be destroyed if other girls come to his door. In the future, he will marry all the girls in the army.

In the face of Zhai Hua, Zhai Sheng only said one word: "roll."

After that, no matter what Zhai Hua's reaction, he went back to the room and changed the clothes stained with Qiao Nan's nose blood, so as not to cause any misunderstanding.

I don't know what happened to Zhai's family after he left, but Qiao Nan went to Qiao's house with a worried face.

As soon as the fever subsided, Qiao Nan's brain became clear. She also remembered what happened this year.

In a word, Qiao Nan is the third generation of red seedlings.

It's just that Grandpa Qiao and grandma Qiao didn't survive in the special seventies and died. With the help of Grandpa Qiao's friends, Dad Qiao joined the army and married Ding Jiayi.The older generation are more or less patriarchal, especially Ding Jiayi. In this life, she can't learn by mistake, and then work to raise Qiao Zijin. She wants to have her own life!

When Qiao Nan returned to Qiao's house, Qiao Dongliang happened to be off duty, pushing his bike home.