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Seeing that they were all talking about games, Tang Xiao Nai felt bored, so she interrupted to ask: "Uncle, where is your birthday cake? Why didn't I see it? "

"Oh, the waiter will send it over in a bit. Don't worry, uncle knows you like it and prepared a big cake." Ji Yue Ze looked at Tang Xiao Nai's cute big eyes and felt that it was good to have a daughter.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately took out one of them. "This is uncle's blind date with a beautiful big sister."

Tang Xiao Nai blinked her eyes, "Could it be that once you have a girlfriend, you will be controlled? But my Mummy does not care about my father either. "

Ji Yue Ze shrugged his shoulders. "Little guy, you don't know about the adult world, maybe your Mummy already has control over your father's world, you don't even know about it."

Tang You You's expression froze slightly as she looked at Ji Xiao Han. Since when did she control him?

"Alright, what's the theme of the next painting?" Seeing that his big brother's expression was a little stiff, Ji Yue Ze could only quickly change the topic.

"This is an act of my uncle as a hitman. He is being chased by a lot of people. My uncle runs the fastest!" I will make sure that those who killed you will never be able to catch up to you! " Tang Xiao Nai's face was still extremely serious.

Why did his Niece not think much of him?

If he couldn't find a girlfriend yet was being hunted, wasn't his life a little too miserable?

"Then I'll have to thank Xiao Nai, don't let them kill me, if not, uncle will never see you again."

"Uncle, I already said that you are acting. You won't die! "Don't worry." Tang Xiao Nai immediately said with a serious face.

Ji Yue Ze nodded his head: "Alright, then what is this one?"

"This is my favorite painting. This is Uncle performing and singing on stage. There are a lot of people listening to your singing below the stage. Your singing sounds really good!" Tang Xiao Nai finally had a sense of superiority when he drew.

"Is that so? You still haven't heard me sing, right? Uncle's singing skills are extremely outstanding, next time I'll let you guys have a taste! " Ji Yue Ze laughed with incomparable narcissism.

"This is my uncle climbing a mountain. He was accidentally blown away by the wind …."

"This is Uncle eating … Uh, I don't know how to draw vegetables, so I drew a lot of dishes. Uncle, what do you like to eat!"

Ji Yue Ze no longer had anything to live for.

Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You had finally experienced the power of their little Blessing Fruit, and were at a loss of whether to laugh or cry when compared to her.

After Xiao Nai finished introducing her paintings, Ji Yue Ze turned and looked at Tang Xiao Rui: "Xiao Rui, you didn't prepare so many surprises for uncle did you?"

Tang Xiao Rui said imposingly: "I'm not as bored as that idiot Xiao Nai. Uncle, this is a car model I made specially for you, these two doors can even be opened!"

Ji Yue Ze finally saw a normal present and was moved: "Thank you, Xiao Rui. I like your present a lot."

"Uncle, what about me?" Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian raised her small face, her pair of crystal-like eyes were filled with anticipation.

"Your present, uncle, I really like it. Thank you!" Ji Yue Ze carried the two little fellows in his arms. He suddenly felt that it would be great if he could have two kids as young as them.

"Cough!" Have you ordered yet? " Ji Xiao Han coughed lightly, shocking Ji Yue Ze awake!

Ji Yue Ze quickly replied: "We already chose them earlier, I'll get them to send it up now."

The waiter came in with two dining carts. The delicious food was served, along with a very expensive bottle of red wine.

Seeing that red wine, Tang You You remembered the time when she showed off her strength in front of Ji Yue Ze. She, who originally wanted to drink another cup, instantly didn't dare to drink anymore.

"Uncle, where's your cake? Why hasn't it been delivered yet? I don't see any cake. I can't even eat. " Tang Xiao Nai was all thinking about her big cake, and at this moment, when she only saw the food on the table, she was instantly a little disappointed.

Ji Yue Ze had no choice but to let the waiter bring the cake here first so that his Niece could eat while watching the cake.

The family began to eat and drink as they chatted.

Looking at the interactions between his son and daughter and his brother, Tang You You realized that he seemed to be able to integrate more and more into this family.

This feeling was marvelous, but also pleasing to the heart.

"When are you going to show this baby to Grandma? If he knew that he had such a cute pair of great-grandchildren, he would probably be overjoyed. " Ji Yue Ze could not help but ask Ji Xiao Han.

Ji Xiao Han said indifferently: "After a while, when I'm not that busy working, I will take them abroad for a few days."

"I'm afraid that if grandma finds out, she'll just move in with grandpa and stay in your mansion." Ji Yue Ze understood his grandmother's personality very well.

However, Ji Xiao Han started to laugh: "The moment grandmother came, I felt a headache."

"That's right, I hope she can live a good life together with her grandpa overseas." Ji Yue Ze was also afraid of crumbs from his grandmother.

Tang Xiao Nai and Tang Xiao Rui blinked their eyes. It seemed that they still had their great-grandfather and great-grandmother, and they really wanted to know what they looked like.

After dinner, she started to sing a birthday song, all by herself. Her voice was the loudest, loudest.

Seeing her daughter being so happy, Ji Xiao Han truly felt that this night had been extremely happy and had been filled with meaning.

"Uncle, please make a wish!" After Tang Xiao Nai helped blow the candle, she immediately urged Ji Yue Ze to make a wish.

Ji Yue Ze glanced at Tang You You who was quietly sitting beside him, and could only close his eyes and quickly make a wish.