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"There are some pills in the medicine box. Can you give them to your daughter?" Ji Xiao Han also knew that he had to quickly lower his fever and continue with his treatment.

"No, children use different doses from adults. We have to find a professional doctor." Tang You You immediately denied it.

Seeing that Tang You You said that he would take the child to the hospital, Ji Xiao Han did not have any objections, "Go and change your clothes, we will go immediately!"

On the way back, Tang You You was a little tired. The child was in Ji Xiao Han's embrace, so she leaned against the back seat and closed her eyes to rest.

Perhaps she was really too sleepy and was planning to take a nap, but unexpectedly, she accidentally fell asleep.

Ji Xiao Han carried his daughter in one hand, turned his head, and saw the woman's head swaying. He simply extended his hand out and pulled her into his embrace.

Tang You You slept a little heavily, and didn't realize that he was leaning on a man's chest.

Ji Xiao Han could be considered to be truly hugging on both sides. However, it was not a blessing in disguise. Happiness.

The car drove back to the Ji Family!

It was already 4 in the morning!

When Tang You You woke up, she suddenly found that her head was resting on something very warm and warm, causing her entire body to stiffen.

Then she looked up and saw the same tired eyes of the man.

"Ugh …" Tang You You quickly sat up straight from his embrace, her small face blushing red.

"Go back and sleep for a while!" Ji Xiao Han didn't have the mood to mock her now. When his daughter was sick, everyone was tired.

Tang You You silently followed the man back to the bedroom. After the little fellow finished burning, it slept even more steadily.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter's sleeping appearance and then looked at Tang You You's sleepy appearance. "You can rest at home for the day tomorrow, and go to work the day after tomorrow.

"En!" Tang You You nodded her head, since her daughter was sick, she could not work in peace.

"Do you want me to sleep here?" Ji Xiao Han suddenly asked.

When Tang You You heard this, he was so scared that he nearly fell asleep. He immediately shook his head and said: "No need, go sleep quickly."

Ji Xiao Han did not expect that the moment this woman brought up this topic, her face instantly changed. She was slightly disappointed and angry.

"Alright, if anything happens to daughter, remember to come over and tell me." Since he was not allowed to sleep here, Ji Xiao Han could only return and sleep with his son.

"I will, but I hope you won't hurt my hand anymore." Tang You You was still brooding over the matter of him pinching her.

"It can't be!" You better call me by my name! Don't touch my body all of a sudden. " Ji Xiao Han said indifferently.

Tang You You was stunned, for some unknown reason, her small face became hot again: "Alright, I won't touch you recklessly anymore!"

Ji Xiao Han suddenly laughed meaningfully, and looked at him strangely.

"Don't feel like our topic is a bit off?" Ji Xiao Han said indifferently, and there were some small ripples.

Tang You You carefully thought about what they had just said. His heartbeat quickened and his face became even redder.

"Hurry up and go out, I'm going to sleep!" This man was truly excessive, he actually took her astray.

Ji Xiao Han turned and walked towards the door. When he reached the side of the door, he suddenly turned his head and said hoarsely: "To be honest, I actually don't hate for you to touch me …"

"Ji Xiao Han, can you not be so shameless?" Tang You You was so angry, it was already awkward enough, but he still did not let her go.

Ji Xiao Han's complacent laughter could be heard from outside the door, Tang You You was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole.

Who would want to touch him? Did he really think he was so handsome?

Tang You You had been sleeping soundly in the carriage, but now that she was lying on the bed, she suddenly lost sleep.

So weird, so depressed, Tang You You turned his body and gently covered his daughter's stomach with the blanket.

When he couldn't sleep, his brain would become active. When Tang You You thought about what that man had just said, he felt his face heat up for some reason.

Was he hinting at something?

As expected of a vile man, he still dared to joke with her.

If he spoke like that again, she would ignore him.

The next morning, when Tang You You woke up, she found that it was already past ten in the afternoon. Strange, she had obviously set the alarm clock.

Why didn't her alarm clock ring?

Tang You You sat up, checked his alarm clock, and it was turned off?

It had to be Ji Xiao Han's doing, so that he wouldn't wake up his daughter?

He was a very responsible father.

After Tang You You washed up and changed his clothes, he decided to go downstairs to eat something first. He didn't want to wake his daughter up so he let her sleep for a while longer.

As Tang You You was walking down the stairs, suddenly …

She stopped and stared at the young man sitting on the sofa with slight shock in her eyes.

It was actually Ji Yue Ze!

Why was he here?

Ji Yue Ze heard the sound of footsteps coming from upstairs and turned his head to look, but what he didn't expect was someone.

"Tang You You?" He stood up from the sofa with a stiff posture, staring at the woman on the stairs with her gloomy eyes. She asked in shock and anger, "Why are you at my brother's house?"

Tang You You curled her lips, and continued walking down, and said indifferently: "Then I'll have to ask your brother."

"Don't tell me you're my brother's girlfriend?" Ji Yue Ze wouldn't believe it no matter what, he knew that his brother's eyes were always on guard. A woman like Tang You You, who was slightly beautiful, but did not have any stunning looks, was someone that his brother would never look at.

Tang You You frowned: "You are so shallow, could it be that your brother hasn't called you yet?"