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C1048 peace and quiet

Ji xiaonai and Ji Xiaorui also invited several children from their school to spend their birthday party. The place is in jijiayuan villa. LAN Yue is responsible for the main arrangement and cake selection. The two little guys work together on the side. They like everything. Later than six o'clock, several of Ji Xiaohan's friends also drove over. Mushi naturally brought his two-year-old daughter, xiaoorange, with Pei Anxin. Lohnin and Mulin were not absent. Ji Yueze also came. Everyone brought birthday gifts. At about half past six, Ji xiaonai's and Ji Xiaorui's classmates were also driven by their parents. Although xiaonai's and Xiao Rui's classmates had good family background, they were shocked when they came to Ji's villa. As expected, they were able to enjoy a variety of good lives as they wished with money.

Tang youyou has put on a pink and tender princess skirt for her daughter, and a diamond crown on her head. She is as beautiful as a little princess. Xiaorui is a black suit, a bow tie, and a black and short comb. Her temperament is getting better and better, just like Jin Gui's little prince.

"When you come downstairs later, you should take your sister's little hand, you know?" Tang youyou gently admonishes his son.

"Is it foolish not to hold hands?" Ji Xiaorui frowns and resists.

"No, I'll hold hands with my brother!" Next to Ji xiaonai, however, he said rightfully. Tang

of course, youyou is based on her daughter's request, and continues to gently advise her son: "my sister is timid and has many guests downstairs. If you don't lead her downstairs, what should she do in case of falling?" "

OK!" Mummy's request always makes Ji Xiaorui unable to refuse. Who made him swear to be the most obedient child in his life?

Tang youyou kissed his son with admiration.

"Mommy, I want to kiss too!" Next season, everything in xiaonai needs to be mixed. Don

carefree and happy to kiss his daughter's little tender face, looking at a couple of children growing taller, he is in a mood of unspeakable satisfaction and joy.

"Well, go downstairs, and I'll change my clothes!" Tang youyou just came back from the company. He was still wearing a full set of black professional clothes. Now he decided to change to a more elegant dress.

"Let's go!" Ji Xiaorui directly reached out and held his sister's hand. Ji

xiaonai shows her fine white teeth, and is very happy. Brother and sister smile, hand in hand, and go down.

"Brother, are you nervous?" Ji xiaonai asked him in a low voice. "

not nervous, are you nervous?" Ji Xiaorui answered lightly, then stared at her sister's face and asked. "

not nervous! "Ji xiaonai shakes his head quickly.

Two people from the hovering white jade stairs down, all of a sudden, downstairs burst of applause. Ji

xiaonai is shocked and quickly pulls Ji Xiaorui's arm, almost pulling Ji Xiaorui to wrestle.

"What are you doing, Nina?" Ji Xiaorui immediately steadied his steps and asked her in a low voice. "

many people!" Ji xiaonai didn't expect so many people from his father. Although everyone knows each other, Ji xiaonai is still shy at this moment.

Ji Xiaohan put his hands in the pocket of his trousers and watched his lovely children coming from the stairs. It was the first time he had a birthday for two little guys. It was novel and happy. Ji

Xiaorui leads his sister downstairs. Ji xiaonai blushes and pours into daddy's arms. "

xiaonai, Xiaorui! You said you would take us to your toy room, really? " Several of his classmates came to talk to them at once. Season

Xiaorui nodded: "yes, come upstairs with me to play!" The children's playfulness is always very big. Although it's his birthday party now, they left behind a group of adults and all went upstairs to play. Season

Nai also invited several little girls to come over, and they all went upstairs to play the girl's favorite family games.

"Daddy, my sister is gone!" Little orange is in a hurry and points to the upstairs. She wants to play.

Mu shiye also knew that her daughter had grown up and wanted to play with her, so she carried her daughter upstairs. Season

Xiao Han followed him upstairs. Tang youyou went downstairs to greet a group of guests. There were delicious food and wine on the scene. You can eat and drink at will, and also exchange the education and growth problems of children. The female parents who come to

are all sitting together to talk about the children, and murin is about to upgrade to Baoma. She is a female boss, listening to the children's affairs and listening with interest. It seems that she will also be a good mother in the future. Male

people are sitting in the small sitting room nearby, talking about other topics, and the atmosphere is harmonious.

Season owl cold hands around the chest, and Mu Shi night leaning on the wall outside the toy room, a servant sent them two glasses of red wine.

They also tasted wine, looked at the baby and chatted with each other.

When they were young, they never thought that there would be such a time. They always thought that they could live a free and unrestrained life and then think about children's problems. Now, everything seems to have come in advance, but this feeling is not bad, but it is good and true. In a small town outside China, in a delicate building, Bai Yiyan looks at the table full of delicious food, with her face covered in circles. "

sister Yiyan, what's the matter? Isn't it to your taste? I won the chef's prize! " Her colleague and friend Liu Xiaoxing pointed to the dishes on the table and asked her smilingly. "

Xiao Xing, I've told you many times that you don't have to cook for me. I'll do it myself."

"It's not all the same. Anyway, I don't have classes in the afternoon. I'm also idle. Young master Ji stressed that I must take good care of you. If I can't fatten you up, I won't have any extra bonus. Sister Yiyan, do you know that? That bonus is very important to me. I really don't want to give up? " Liu Xiaoxing immediately played her acting skills to win over the poor.

Bai Yiyan is really convinced by her. What kind of happy fruit did Ji Yueze find? He is very young. He is good at acting. He is also able and articulate. Why is he also in his early twenties? He is so self reliant and self reliant. On the contrary, he even has a bad life. "

women can't be fat. If they are fat, no one wants them!" Bai Yiyan had to take the chopsticks and sit down. Then, thinking of something, she said to Liu Xiaoxing, "you call lengfei to come and eat together." Leng is a female bodyguard who lives next to her. Now three women have been living with each other. Even in their childhood, they have a good life. The better the season is, the better it will be.