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C758 season always unhappy

On the way back, lohnin was in a hurry to talk to elder brother about the progress of some important people in the company. However, when he talked all the way carefully, he found that elder brother only used the word "um" to answer all the questions, and his face was stiff.

Luohenning quickly reached for the big brother's eyes and shook them. Luojinyu frowned and opened his hand: "don't be so boring!"

Lohnen immediately laughed: "brother, what are you so stupid about? When I heard about the company's affairs before, if I was dazed, you would come here with a cold eye, or a file would smash up. Unexpectedly, you also have a daze time. It's really rare to see anything. What's the matter? "

Luo Jinyu heard his younger brother's mocking, which gradually returned to his spirit. Jun's face flashed a touch of hard to detect sadness, but it was fleeting, and his face recovered seriously: "nothing, you just said, say it again."

"Ah..." Lohnin's face is miserable. No way. Elder brother is really difficult. Ji Xiaohan has reorganized the company's personnel during this period. Although it's difficult to remove the dissident in a short time, at least he won't let Ji Lin have the chance to enter the company again. The project is huge. At present, it's only a small stage of victory. The future confrontation will be more brutal

. Ji Xiaohan is ready for war. In the next step, he will Go abroad to see the uncle in person.

So, Ji Xiaohan's schedule has been arranged. Tomorrow afternoon's plane.

The night was dark. In a twinkling of an eye, it was more than eleven o'clock in the evening. The white snowflakes covered the whole city. A sudden heavy rain made the originally cold weather more cool. Pedestrians were in a hurry, making the night more chaotic and restless.

On the way home, Ji Xiao's cold and handsome face was full of tiredness. He gazed out the window quietly. At this moment, there were few vehicles on the road, making the city more empty and lonely.

At this time, most people have a dream. Ji Xiaohan thought of his regular late return. At that time, he seemed to be used to appreciating the city's emptiness and enjoying a person's loneliness. But why, at this moment, he has a feeling of returning like an arrow? I really want to have the magic of transient. When he is busy with all the affairs, he can go back to his wife and children in an instant, and sleep with his woman's warm body. Maybe he can take some time to tell the story of savage to his two children. The frightened daughter covers her eyes and screams, and listen to his son's dislike and say it's boring.

Think of these, season owl cold thin lips light hook, real like a dream, but this is true, he found the woman he loved, has a lovely child.

I remember half a year ago, he didn't care about love or marriage. He always felt that those things would waste his precious time and kill his willpower of struggle.

The change of mood is really incredible. Now, those things are the goal for him to work harder.

More than half an hour later, the black car stopped at the gate of jijiada. Jixiaohan pushed the door and got off. After a few words of concern to the driver, he walked towards the living room.

He walked up the stairs, feeling relaxed.

When he got upstairs, he walked directly to the children's room, pushed the door gently, turned his face sideways and looked inside.

The soft night light lights up a small space, two little guys each take a bed, sleeping very sweet.

I really want to kiss their young faces, but I'm afraid I'll wake them up, so I have to bear it.

"You're back?" Behind him, a soft female voice came.

Tang youyou came out wearing his coat when he heard the sound of the car. Unexpectedly, as soon as he came out, he saw his tall body standing outside the children's room. Her beautiful eyes were smiling, and she was inexplicably reassured.

Ji Xiaohan turns around, makes a silent move towards her, and then closes the door gently.

Tang youyou immediately smiled but didn't speak. The man came over and naturally reached out his hand and held her in his arms. The thin lips couldn't help kissing her on her warm and fragrant face. This kind of feeling is more satisfying than any time. After entering the bedroom, the door is closed, the constant temperature air conditioner is on, and suddenly it's much warmer. Ji Xiaohan throws away his coat and stretches his hand to pull the bow tie. This action is really elegant and expensive. It's so charming when he does it. Although Tang youyou has seen it countless times, he doesn't feel tired of it every time.

"What are you looking at me for?" Season owl cold handsome and don't know, so, he thin lips raise smile to ask her.

"Nothing!" Tang youyou's pretty face is red. She can't say that she's just been fooling around. That's a shame.

"By the way, today, I heard that the assistant mentioned the things about tyro Jinyu and Yang ChuChu. Aren't you and Yang ChuChu friends?" Ji Xiaohan asked casually about a topic.

Tang youyou nodded: "yes, we are friends. I think someone will frame her intentionally. She is not the kind of girl who doesn't know how to behave." Once again, the man left his tie on the sofa beside him, unbuttoned the three shirts, walked to her, stared at her with low eyes, and whispered softly: "if you say she is not, she will certainly not be, just don't know who they offended again, and even use such a bad means to integrate them."

Tang youyou didn't expect Ji Xiaohan to believe her so easily. She was inexplicably moved.

Actively pasted it into his arms and put his hand around his waist, which seemed to find a safe opening: "I guess a person, but I don't know if it's related to her."

"Oh? It seems that you have a good relationship with Yang ChuChu, and you know who her enemy is. " Season owl cold listened, only smile, thin lips but not trace of kiss in her hair.

Tang youyou thought of miffee's soft and afraid woman and snorted: "that man was not only Yang ChuChu's enemy, but also mine!"

After hearing this, Ji Xiaohan immediately pushes her out of her arms, and locks her eyes on her face: "how can you get revenge on her? Who is that man? Did she hurt you? "

Being concerned and inquired by him, Tang youyou was moved. He immediately told him about anti miffee's robbing of vixen customers, and told Ji Xiaohan that I love you in front of miffee.

Season owl cold tiny squint Mou color: "no wonder that day your tone is not right, originally want me to say to her listen."

"Are you angry?" Tang youyou asked a little worried. However, Ji Xiaohan has a handsome face, and his voice is deep and hard to hide: "I'm angry because you didn't ask me for help. When you meet this kind of thing in the future, you just come to me directly. Don't come out on your own. What if the other party is a lunatic?"