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The affirmation and defense in Ji Xiao Han's tone towards her made Tang You You a little uncomfortable.

Mu Shi Ye and his children were there, but wasn't it a bit too much to say that it was so numb?

Mu Shi Ye looked at the two little fellows, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

In the end, Mu Shi Ye really could not find the reason. Only later on did he hear that Ji Xiao Han had actually secretly gone to see a doctor.

Moreover, he was an expert in both the physical and mental aspects.

Mu Shi Ye looked at Tang You You, then looked at Ji Xiao Han. He suspected that there was a problem with Ji Xiao Han in that regard, and furthermore, there was a serious problem in his heart that did not have any interest in women.

~ Who knows if Tang You You found out, if she knew, her brother would probably suffer again.

In these past five years, Ji Xiao Han had indeed seen a therapist and a physiologist.

There was indeed something wrong with his heart. Moreover, his body … There were also serious problems.

However, Tang You You's appearance now made him realize that all of her problems seemed to be caused by her.

Five years ago, after his uncle found him and drugged him, he had a muddle-headed relationship with Tang You You. Then, when he saw those photos of the bed sheets, both his psychology and his physiology suffered at the same time.

For a long time, he stopped!

In the past, when he woke up in the morning, he would always have a very high tent, but for a while, he didn't have any reaction at all.

He didn't know if it was a physical problem, but it had left a shadow in his heart. Hence, he seemed to be extremely against women, and any woman's approach made him feel annoyed and disgusted.

But during this period of time with Tang You You, he noticed that the problems in his heart were disappearing.

It turned out that he wasn't sick. It was this woman who had forced the disease on him.

When he found out that she was his only antidote, Ji Xiao Han was very excited in his heart. Therefore, during this period of time, he had actively and enthusiastically taken the initiative to approach her, partly because he truly had a different feeling about her. On the other hand, he wanted to find the cause of his body's disease.

"Alright, you two little fellows can no longer act rashly in the future. Do you hear me?" This is a matter between your father and I, so don't interrupt so that others won't say that you know too much at such a young age. " Tang You You was also a little angry at what Gong Wen Man had said just now. It was possible that all parents would have the same feeling, who wouldn't feel that their own child was the best and most perfect?

However, even if she admitted that her children had many small flaws, she didn't really listen to others pointing them out. If she found out about it herself, she would take the initiative to educate them.

However, Tang Xiao Rui pouted his lips and looked unhappy: "Mummy, you're so rude. He knows that the aunt took advantage of father's time to come, but you're not expressing your attitude at all. Are you still my father's girlfriend?

Tang Xiao Nai also felt that Mummy was just a wooden person that stood there silently, and was a little angry: "That's right, Mummy, in the future, if there are any other aunties who want to snatch Dad's land from you, you must not let them go."

When Ji Xiao Han saw that the two little fellows actually taught Tang You You a lesson, a faint smile appeared on his peerlessly handsome face.

These two treasures were quite impressive, and now they were protecting him everywhere.

"And you, Daddy, even though you know that Auntie's goal is not simple, you still did not know to refuse. No wonder Mummy did not even bother with you." After Tang Xiao Rui finished saying what was wrong with the Mummy, he immediately turned and stared at his father.

Ji Xiao Han was slightly startled: "I used to be friends with her, I thought that she was only here to talk about other things, I didn't think that you two little fellows would change the topic, but, you guys are right, I will definitely take note of it next time, if there is an aunt shows good will towards me, I will definitely reject her at the first opportunity."

"Daddy is so great!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran over and gave him a kiss as a reward. Then, she turned her head and smiled at Mummy: "You want to learn from father?"

Tang You You was speechless. The two little fellows were like a housekeeper, wanting to get involved in all sorts of small and large matters.

Ji Xiao Han's deep eyes looked at Tang You You with an obscure gaze, as if waiting for her reply.

Tang You You bit his lower lip, and said indifferently: "When can we eat? I'm a bit hungry. "

In front of Mu Shi Ye and his child, she really didn't want to discuss the issue of his relationship with this man.

Little Cheng who was in Mu Shi Ye's arms had already eaten milk, and after sleeping on the carriage, he was already full of energy to walk.

His two calves clumsily moved forward, wanting to grab the colourful items on the table.

Mu Shi Ye's phone suddenly rang, he took a look, it was his sister Mu Lin.

"Wandering, look after her for me. I need to answer a phone call." Mu Shi Ye immediately asked for Tang You You's help.

Ji Xiao Han saw that he shouted so smoothly, his heroic eyebrows knitted together. This guy, how many times must I warn him before I can correct him?

Tang You You hurried over to the little guy's side to protect her. The little guy ran over to Ji Xiao Han's side to play, and Tang You You had no choice but to follow.

The two of them stood very close to each other. Tang You You suddenly felt a scorching big hand reach out to her, gently pressing down on her hand.

Her whole body seemed to have gone through an electric current as it shook violently.

When she turned around, she saw dissatisfaction written on the man's face that she had ignored.