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The affairs of the blue old man have been taken care of. The old man's lawyer announced another will in front of the old man's spirit hall. It is about some properties in front of the old man. The total value is about 300 million, including one villa worth 130 million, and four stores worth more than 170 million. He still inherits them from the family as a unit, because these are all the properties of the old man It's difficult to divide the three hundred million yuan equally. The lawyer's idea is to discount and redistribute. The market value of two stores is exactly one hundred million yuan, which is directly distributed to lanyanxi's family. The other two hundred million yuan are not evenly distributed, so lanchen and lanbai have discussed privately.

Hearing this news, everyone couldn't be happy. After all, the old man has gone and no one can find him to make trouble again.

LAN Yanxi and Ling Moheng also came, and some relatives and friends of the blue family stood all over the room.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng left, and LAN Chen went directly to find out about the assets of LAN Berti.

"Second brother, give me the villa under my father's name." LAN Chen asked directly.

Lambert, with a cigarette in his hand, heard his direct opening. He was a little stiff. Then he got angry: "why give it to you? Didn't the lawyer say that? Discount, one person one hundred million. "

"The second elder brother has more assets than me. There are many assets in your name that have not been included, at least one billion. Do you have to contend with me for the extra 30 million now?" LAN Chen sneered. He was full of resentment because he secretly found that his second brother had used the power of the company to secretly put many industries under his name. Not only did he own these assets, but also his wife and two brothers of his wife took a lot of advantages.

"What did you say? Where do I get my assets? " As soon as Lambert heard that Lambert had even mentioned his most taboo thing, he immediately became several times louder.

"Others don't know you, don't I? Shall we go to the finance department to check the company's internal accounts? I'm afraid there will be many leaks. Then, who will be ugly? " Lanchen is playing a rogue. He wants that villa. Because he wants to move out of the one-piece villa of the blue family, he doesn't want to live there anymore.

"Lan Chen, don't think you are my brother, you can always threaten me. How many things have I done for you in these years? Don't you have a number in mind? " Lambert was really angry. He grabbed lanchen's collar and asked him angrily.

LAN Chen was not afraid at all, but smiled calmly: "that's what I deserve. Do you really forget what you've done

LAN Bai's face changed greatly, and he pushed LAN Chen fiercely: "what are you talking about? What have I done?"

"I don't know how many years have passed until I don't know what to do. I'm so forgetful? How did big brother die? Don't tell me, it was an accident. " Lanchen simply picked up the topic. Lanbai's face was black and almost wanted to kill people. His eyes were red with anger.

"Lan Chen, what do you know?" At the moment, Lambert was afraid. After all, after all these years, if there was any evidence in his hands, he would still die very ugly.

He had been waiting for the old man to swallow his breath. As long as the old man swallowed his breath, no one would care about this matter, and no one could control him. But he never thought that lanyanxi would marry Ling Mo Feng. Now, Ling Mo Feng is so angry. If he said a word, that matter will be found out.

"I know, you certainly know. However, I can choose not to say it or to say it. It depends on how the second brother does it." LAN Chen directly plays a rogue and looks at LAN Bai with a bad smile.

LAN Baiqi's temples are jumping wildly. I wish I could send this third brother to reunite with my father now.

"By the way, because your attitude just now is not very good, I want to add chips now, and I want you to give me another 100 million seal fees." When LAN Chen saw the fear flash on LAN Bai's face, he knew that he still had the possibility to increase the price.

"Lan Chen, don't push your luck. Why should I give you money?" LAN Bai clenched his fist angrily.

"I have to give it, or I can give the evidence to lanyanxi. By then, you will have no way to live." LAN Chen smiled more proudly.

"You have seed." Lambert is biting his teeth.

LAN Chen turned around and left: "tomorrow afternoon, I'll send the money to my card. I want my father's villa, too. I'll move in tomorrow. Second brother, cherish your life now. Maybe one day, you can only see the blue sky through this high wall."

Lambert's face changed. He was embarrassed, resentful, and disgraced. He was blackmailed by his brother. He could only be dumb and could not even refute.

Ling warm warm recent performance in the school is very good, she is cheerful, language ability is also very strong, so, the school held a paper speech, the class sent her and three other students to attend. Ling wennuan likes this kind of collective activity very much. In order to perform well, she chose to read books in the library at noon. Even if she had a rest, she just had a nap in the library.

As the only friend in the class, Xia ninglan didn't attend the speech, but she still studied with Ling wennuan.

"What are you drawing?" Ling wennuan comes back with a circle of books and finds Xia ninglan lying there, covering a painting drawing with her hand. She is drawing it carefully with a pen. She immediately looks forward curiously, but scares Xia ninglan. She quickly takes the book to block her painting.

"Nothing, just painting." Shanninglan was immediately nervous.

"Oh!" Of course, Ling wennuan won't inquire about other people's privacy. Xia ninglan doesn't want to share it with her, which means that she still can't know about it.

"Warm, I've always been curious about one thing. Why don't you say that Mr. Mu doesn't attend our class? Is our class's poor performance disappointing him Xia ninglan asked her casually.

Ling warm a Zheng, and then some of the guilty to avoid the eyes of Xia ninglan, dry smile: "well, I don't know, maybe he has any reason, can't teach us."

"What can be the reason? In fact, I think if he can continue to give us lessons, the situation in our class will certainly get better. As soon as he leaves, the atmosphere of study will get worse again. " Xia ninglan looks lost.

Ling wennuan looked at her in surprise: "do you really think that the teacher Mu taught well?"

"Well, if he was in charge of our class, Zhang Luyao's group would not dare to be so unbridled." Xia ninglan thought of being saved by Mu Weicheng last time, and Zhang Luyao never bothered her again. Maybe Mu Weicheng warned her not to make trouble again.

"Is it good to bully you again?" Ling warm a listen, immediately angry.

"No, she doesn't even care to bully me. She will only be the enemy of her even girl. Warm, I'm really curious. Why is Zhang Luyao so interested in you? You say that you are just an ordinary rich lady. She should not be bullied by reason. " Xia ninglan frowned and became curious.

Ling warm immediately narcissistic smile: "may be because I grow too beautiful, let her look bad."

Xia ninglan immediately followed with a smile and said, "it's possible that you are really beautiful. No wonder you can find gifts and love letters every day."

"Shh!" Ling wennuan hurriedly made a silent gesture to her: "can you keep this secret for me?"

"What are you afraid of? You should be happy when so many people give you something." Xia ninglan is still envious of Ling wennuan. Every day, there are things stuffed in the drawer, either romantic and beautiful love letters or chocolate roses. However, Ling wennuan has been helped to deal with these things in private, which has not been known to many people yet.

"No, my family won't let me fall in love early." Ling wennuan immediately suffered a pretty face.

But at this time, a tall and thin boy suddenly ran over and quickly put down a piece of paper and ran away.

Lingnuan and xianinglan are shocked.

"Warm, he painted you." Shanninglan immediately took it and exclaimed in surprise.