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C573 back to Jijia

Early the next morning, Mo Shiye went straight to foreign countries.

Little Orange Orange blinked the big black beautiful eyes, and Mu Lin's eyes were small.

"Oh, my aunt's baby, take another bite, just one bite, come, open your mouth, ah ..."

"Don't!" The little guy has gradually spoken something, and his little head just doesn't want to eat more porridge.

When she met, Lan Ruona said, "Don't feed her if she doesn't eat. She must be full before she refuses to eat."

"She just drank some milk. How could she be full? Well, I don't know how An Xin feeds her on weekdays. In case I'm hungry and thin, my brother should come back and say me." Mu Lin Can only continue to coax various small oranges to eat breakfast.

Little Orange Orange is always disobedient, does not open his mouth, and only studies new toys on the table.

Hearing Pei Anxin's name, Lan Ruona's expression became ugly again.

"Your brother really went to see her? It's really nothing, but it's just a woman. If she wants to come back, she will come back naturally." Lan Ruona said very angry.

Mu Lin glanced helplessly at her mother, and had to sigh, "If it weren't for all your obstructions, would your brother need to work so hard to please her?"

"Are you blaming me? Why don't you think about this Pei Anxin who is worthy of your brother?" Lan Ruona even thought of her baby son and didn't even want her life for that woman. very sad.

"Yeah, just like my father didn't deserve your royal status at the beginning, so why did you get married at the beginning, didn't you just ask for trouble?" Mu Lin always had a way to block it. Mother has nothing to say.

"You have a sharp tooth, my mother regrets giving birth to you now, and she will only anger me." Lan Ruona looked hurt and distressed again.

"It's not that I want to anger you. It's time for you to straighten up. It's not easy to fall in love with someone. You still don't want to stop your brother from pursuing Anxin. They are very suitable." Talk to mom.

Lan Ruona completely refuted, and had to put the chopsticks, and got up and left.

Mu Lin continued to chase Xiao Orange to feed her breakfast, and she suddenly found that the dignified female boss couldn't handle this little point, and it was a failure.


Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan, who have been together for a day and night, still do not like each other.

However, in order to maintain the relationship between men and women, he had to live in a suite.

Ji Yueze himself is a person who does not like strangers in his space, but at the moment, he has to endure the existence of Bai Yiyan.

"Can you turn off the TV a little bit? I ca n’t sleep even if I ’m noisy!" Ji Yueze found that Bai Yiyan was also very temperamental, and that she belonged to the kind of woman who didn't behave because of his star status. , He has some kind of worship and courtesy.

"I've made the voice very low, and then I can't hear any more!" Bai Yiyan frowned. Is this man's ears so sharp?

He stayed in the room with the door closed. How could he hear her voice on TV?

In fact, Ji Yueze had a period of suffering from insomnia, so he couldn't bear some subtle voices, and his buzzing ears always buzzed him, so he couldn't sleep.

"You can watch it with your mobile phone, bring earplugs, and noisy me, I throw you out." Ji Yueze found that he still had no tolerance for her watching TV in the living room.

Bai Yiyan had to mutter her mouth: "My phone's battery is low! Unless you will lend your computer to me!"

"Don't think about it!" Ji Yueze couldn't possibly share his computer. How many of his secrets were there, this woman would definitely peek. "Ji Yueze, can you make some sense, in order to agree with your terms, how miserable I was hacked? I really regret that I should not sign this agreement with you." Bai Yiyan has seen the Internet The various sprays of those people on themselves are simply useless to spray her, cursing her to death,

There are millions of them. Alas, she is going to die. It must have been cursed by his loyal fans.

"I'm sorry?" Ji Yueze didn't expect her to regret the next day. He sneered: "It's too late to regret. Our agreement has been signed and my deposit has been paid to you. You must dare to breach the contract. You will have to pay me double the liquidated damages. "" Of course I know that regret is useless, so I want to watch a TV to pass the time. "Bai Yiyan fell back to the sofa in distress, looking sad. Looking at the ceiling: "This is definitely the most wrong thing I have done in my life. My life has been finished by myself. I really

I was too impulsive. I should have thought of such a result, but I did not expect it would be so serious. I have become a female enemy. "

Seeing her lying there, Ji Yueze really had the urge to cover her ears.

Can't this woman stop for a while?

"Bai Yiyan, if you think you have less money, just say, it's a big deal, I will double the money for you, can you shut up for me!" For Ji Yueze, money is not a problem at all Now, he is going to be annoyed by this woman.

He never knew that a woman staying at home could be so noisy.

Tang Youyou is definitely not this kind of woman, she is always quiet, Bai Yiyan is just a stranger.

Bai Yiyan sat up in a bone, spreading her hair, looking at Ji Yueze with no image, her eyes glowing: "What are you saying? Will you pay me another million?"

"I can pay you, but can you shut up?" Ji Yueze snorted.

"Yes, I'll shut up now. If you don't ask me, I won't utter a word!" Bai Yiyan nodded with no bones, as long as she gave her money, such a small request, she responded.

Ji Yueze took the check directly, wrote 500,000 and threw it to her: "If I didn't talk to you, you wouldn't say a word!"

"Oh!" Bai Yiyan nodded her head as simply as possible, carefully collecting the check carefully.

When Ji Yueze saw that she was holding this money, she could be so happy, and he became even more bored.

Why is it that some people's happiness can be so simple, but he is so troubled and complicated.

"Well, when are we going back to China? We won't live here all the time, right?" Bai Yiyan asked curiously.

"When I want to go back, I will go back naturally!" Ji Yueze said coldly.

"I want to go home a bit, but can I go back sooner!" Bai Yiyan pleaded softly.

"I think about it!" Ji Yueze actually did not want to return to China, because after returning, he had to face his elder brother.

Bai Yiyan bowed her head in a loss. For money, she really gave up on herself.

Just when Bai Yiyan thought that Ji Yueze would stay here for at least a week, I did not expect Ji Yueze to suddenly open the door of the room, and said in a hurry: "Pack up things immediately, we will return to China!"

"Ah ..." Bai Yiyan didn't understand!

"My grandpa is ill, and I want to take you home to visit him!" Ji Yueze dropped this sentence directly, and he turned to pack his things.

Going home? Bai Yiyan's whole body is a bit veiled.