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C2009 implicit confession

After leaving the bar, feting went back to the company directly. His company here is actually an empty shell. On the surface, he is engaged in the construction industry. He has surrounded a large open space and built several distinctive buildings. There have been many orders, but feting has never managed them. Instead, his younger brother, as an architect, led his team to build several buildings for several local politicians and rich businessmen Multi-storied building.

Tie Ting back to the company, the first time through the encrypted way to contact his brother.

"Brother, how is your progress? Have you got in touch with Po? " Tie Xun's tone was a little worried.

"Let Tang Weixin answer the phone." Tie Ting frowned a little and left his brother behind. I don't know whether it's a good decision. But listening to his brother's concern, he became more and more interested in Tang Weixin.

"Oh!" Tie Xun was very depressed. His brother was only born three hours earlier than himself. How could he be taught by his elder brother's tone? He was not convinced, but, from small to large, he was beaten by his brother.

Tang Weixin's voice came: "Mr. tie, you look for me."

"I've seen Po. She seems to think you're dead. Maybe Exxon cheated her. She wants to join hands with me. The reason is to avenge her sister. I guess her sister is you." Tie Ting tells directly.

"Don't believe her. She killed Exxon. First, she killed him. Second, she went back to get credit. Of course, she really liked you and wanted to please you." Tang said with a sneer.

"She did show a lot of affection for me." Tie Ting was very disgusted.

"You are a fascinating man. As far as I know her, she has psychological exclusion from other men. Her marriage object must be a native man. You are young, promising and consistent with her purpose. It is easy for her to be moved." Tang Weixin said lightly.

"I refused to cooperate with her. I just want to help you get the evidence of her embezzlement. What's your plan?" Tie Ting asked her in a deep voice.

"I do have a plan." Tang Wei thought for a second and then said.

"What are you going to do?" Tie Ting asked her.

"I want to see Po. If she knows I'm not dead, she'll definitely turn against Exxon. At that time, she'll be exposed to the public. After you cooperate with her tomorrow, I'll contact her." Tang Wei was so sad that he wanted to catch the Betrayer and let her admit the crime.

"Why do you do this for fear that she will kill you?" Tie Ting felt that she didn't want to take the risk.

"I'm the person in charge of this task. Only when I show up can she show her real identity. I've been in touch with her all the time." Tang Weixin is very clear. Apart from herself, Po will not believe anyone. This time, she has confidence because she already knows that Po is a traitor. She is on guard.

"Well, you decide your own business." Tie Ting finished, then hung up the phone.

Tang Weixin returns the mobile phone to tie Xun, who frowns: "my brother has hung up the phone?"

"Well, your brother has helped me a lot. I really owe you more and more. Fu Xun, if this event is over, can I treat you to dinner?" Tang asked him with a smile. Tie Xun's heart was palpitating, but his face was light: "why do you invite me to dinner? I'm not a casual man. "

"After dinner, we'll go to a movie together." The confusion of Tang's idealistic eyes.

"Or a movie? We're not going on a date? " Tie Xun is clearly moved, so he has to pretend it doesn't matter.

"It's just dating. It seems that men and women all follow this step." Tang weixinmei glances at him and blinks.

"Do you know the next steps? After the movie, it's your home or my home or the hotel. " Tie Xun saw her serious face, and he threatened her with evil spirit.

"I just said that I am not a casual person, ha ha." Tang Weixin turns around and goes.

Tie Xun: "..."

Are women so willful and unreasonable? She picked up the topic, but he just cooperated with a few words and ignored people.

Although Tang Weixin turned around and left, she was inexplicably happy in the bottom of her heart. If anyone who was tired of living dared to say such frivolous words to her, she would have greeted her with a fist and foot long ago. But she said such words. How could she still want to hear them?

It's already late at night. Tieting is lying in bed, holding his cell phone and thinking for a long time. According to the time difference, it's more than nine in the morning in China. Do you know if she gets up?

Never thought that it would be so difficult to send a message or make a phone call. Bonding couldn't help but smile twice. This is to enjoy the sweetness of love, and then eat the bitterness of love?

Taking a deep breath, she decides to send her a text message to apologize.

So, he made up a few, but not satisfied, can only be deleted first, into a simple greeting.

The text message was sent out, and the time to wait for the reply became more difficult.

Tie Ting pillows his arms, sticks his cell phone to the place where his heart beats, closes his eyes and waits.

Time is passing by. Tie Ting is a little restless. He takes it up from time to time to have a look at the time.

Half an hour passed quickly, and there was a bit of panic in his heart. He sat up directly, and after making sure that his mobile phone didn't break down, he gave a painful low Mur. Sure enough, women are not easy to provoke, because they are Ji's women, and the skill of grinding people is really not covered.

"Xiaonai, are you going to ignore me?" For the first time, tie Ting felt what it meant to cry without tears. He held his cell phone and began to wonder whether to call her or not.

Tie Ting, who has always been rational and steady, now has no self-confidence. He walked around the room a few times. After confirming that she really didn't return the information, he summoned up his courage and dialed the phone.

"Hello!" After the phone rang for tens of seconds, the gentle female voice came. It was the voice he knew and missed, the heart he hung, and finally returned to his original position.

"Nai, it's me." His voice was deep and magnetic, with a trace of guilt.

"I know it's you." Ji Tingyan's voice was annoyed.

"Are you angry?" Tie Ting asked nervously.

"I don't believe you're not angry if I daze you and send you thousands of miles away." Ji Tingyan bites her lips and snorts.

"I'm sorry." Thousands of words, but can only say these three words, if not put her on the top of the most important position, how can he willing to send her away? It's like the sea, but I can't say half a word. This is the love of men. It's as thick as a mountain and as deep as the sea.

"I don't want to listen to these three words, and I'll have three more." Ji Tingyan is very happy to receive his call, but she is still childish when she exits.

"I love you." The man added three words in his hoarse voice.

Ji Tingyan's eyes opened, and the man reflected quickly. Hum, I don't want to beat her. Did I coax other women in this way?