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LAN Yanxi is ill and hospitalized. As we all know, when Cheng Yuan says she will take her to the hospital for reexamination, people will not think much about him, except for people with ulterior motives, such as Qiao Zhuo and Zhang Lu.

Qiao Zhuo meets Zhang Lu in another box after LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan leave.

"Minister Zhang, do you see any clue?" After being despised and ridiculed by lanyanxi, Qiao Zhuo was filled with resentment and wanted to know the truth. If lanyanxi and Ling Mo Feng were acting, the old president would not let lanyanxi go easily. At that time, he must find a chance to let the woman apologize to him. Moreover, if he had the chance to do something else to lanyanxi, he would not let her go .

Zhang Lu smokes, spits out a circle of smoke, stares at the grass outside the window, ponders and answers: "Ling Mo Feng's performance just now really seems to care about this blue Yan Xi, but what kind of way they get along with each other, we are not sure at present, in case that blue Yan Xi is not worth mentioning to Ling Mo Feng, then we will fall into this."

"Why? Even if LAN Yanxi is an abandoned son, she has something to do with Ling Mo Feng. If LAN Yanxi is injured by Ling Mo Feng, the blue family will not sit back and ignore him. They will definitely count it on Ling Mo Feng's head. " Jodrow didn't know whether it was anger or resentment. His brain turned faster than usual and he was more likely to think.

Zhang Lu's astute eyes turned to him. In the fog, mungbean's eyes flashed the light of appreciation: "Qiao Zhuo, I don't see that. Your mind is turning fast. Indeed, our president is thinking about this. But where is the value of this blue talk? We must observe it carefully. Don't be pinched by Ling Mo Feng. It's not good "!"

"Minister Zhang, if you want to lead the snake out of the cave, of course you have to take a risk. If LAN Yanxi disappears for a few days, what will be the reaction of Ling Mo Feng?" Jodrow was a little crazy and had another bad idea.

"Don't mess about. No one can bear the responsibility." Zhang Lu immediately looked at him seriously: "Lan Yanxi is very important, but she can't move now. Do you think there is too little evidence in Ling Mo Feng's hand?" Zhang Lu is a very careful person. He can't easily make a handle for Ling Mo Feng.

"Yes, Minister Zhang, I'm just assuming boldly, I don't want to practice!" JOJO was reprimanded and became honest.

"Did LAN Yanxi offend you?" Zhang Lu squints at him.

"This woman is so arrogant. Minister Zhang, I'm afraid I'm going to let you down. Lanyanxi won't like me at all. He also satirizes me that toads want to eat swan meat. It's just outrageous!" JOJO's face was livid with anger.

"Young man, calm down. If you can eat any day, it's not necessary!" Zhang Lu comforted him with a smile, and then his tone changed: "you're doing very well today. Everyone must know that you have an affair with LAN Yanxi. Don't you see how ugly Ling Mo Feng's face is?"

"Minister Zhang, I'm risking my life to make a mistake. In case Ling Mo Feng wants to deal with me, you and the president must protect me!" Jodrow pleaded nervously at once.

"Don't worry, Ling Mo Feng, although he has great power, can't aim at you for no reason!" Director Zhang reached out and patted him on the shoulder.

At last, he suddenly thought of another thing, and glanced at JOJO's face: "you just said to let lanyanxi disappear for a few days, are you sure?"

Qiao Zhuo was shocked, and immediately proposed boldly: "it's not hard to let her go missing, just lock her up, and don't let her have the chance to contact other people. However, at present, Cheng Yuan is too much in the way. She and LAN Yanxi are inseparable, and I can't find the chance to start."

"JOJO, let me remind you first. If you have a way to make lanyanxi disappear, you have to promise me that you can't touch her for the time being. We just want to see Ling Mo Feng's reflection. If you violate her, do you understand the seriousness of the matter?" Zhang Lu's calm face reminds him.

"Don't worry, I'm not interested in that woman. I will never touch her. It's just Cheng Yuan..."

"Don't worry, I'll find someone to get rid of her!" "With the help of minister Zhang, I am more confident!" Qiao Zhuo's face flashed a proud sneer. He would make LAN Yanxi kneel in front of him to apologize, like a dog.

LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan went to the hospital by car. They got on a special car from another door of the hospital. The car quickly disappeared into the night.

In the car, LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan are very nervous and looking forward to it.

Car in seven around eight turns, into a European style building complex, finally, stopped at the gate of a villa.

When the door opened, the first person who came was deputy Chu. He said to lanyanxi with a smile, "Sir is waiting for you upstairs!"

"Well, I'll go up and find him!" LAN Yanxi took two steps, and suddenly thought of something. He immediately went back and pushed Cheng Yuan, who was scared to be a sculpture, forward: "adjutant Chu, Cheng Yuan is not familiar here. Please take care of her for me."

"Yan Xi..." Cheng Yuan was embarrassed, ashamed and uneasy, and couldn't help asking for help.

Unfortunately, lanyanxi only blinked at her, and ran upstairs.

Cheng Yuan looks at LAN Yanxi without a trace of nervousness and shame, and immediately admires her. She is also a woman. Why can she rush to the person she loves without any consideration, but she is like a frightened kitten, unable to move in front of Chu rule.

The adjutant Chu suddenly stooped over, and a sharp male face approached Cheng Yuan with her head bowed. She asked with a smile, "Cheng Yuan, don't be restrained. Miss LAN may be staying here with her husband tonight. You must not be full at the dinner just now. Come with me. Here are some delicious food for you!"

Cheng Yuan can't help lifting her eyes, seeing the back of the man turning around, tall, straight, people can't help but want to rely on the past.

Cheng Yuan always thought that Chu lie was a very serious man. He was like a general who was trained to obey orders. His character would not be too obvious. But now it seems that he is not a ruthless officer. He would smile and be gentle to others.

Cheng Yuan takes a sigh of relief and follows him quickly towards the living room.

Lanyanxi almost ran up the stairs in one breath, but he met the person he wanted to see at the stairway.

The house is full of heat. Ling Mo Feng is wearing a dark vest, a white shirt and a slim suit. He is so lazy and casual, leaning against the wall facing the stairs. It seems that he is waiting for her to come. Such a quiet and powerful man makes lanyanxi's breath stagnate and stops.

"So anxious to see me?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips go up. Her deep eyes are on her panting mouth. That meaningful words make his smile deeper.

"I I didn't! " LAN Yanxi wanted to refute, but suddenly the breath of breathing revealed her mind. She had a hot face and stared at him angrily: "don't you want to see me?"

Seeing that she was angry, Ling Mo Feng came to her tenderly and extended his hand: "come up!"

LAN Yanxi just bowed his head, picked up the steps and went up. He could not hide his smile from the corner of his mouth, but his small hand had been stretched out.

The man's warm palm gently wrapped her little hand, the temperature, hit the girl's heart directly, and her heart beat faster.

Ling Mo Feng took her hand and went to a bedroom with the door open. The light was on in the bedroom. What was in the eye was a small living room with some materials and documents stacked nearby. Ling Mo Feng should have worked here just now.

"Take a seat. What would you like to eat or drink?" Ling Mo Feng asked her gently.

"Do you have any food?" LAN Yanxi asked directly, because she was really hungry. Just on the way, she almost asked the driver to stop and buy a bread to satisfy her hunger. She was so angry that she didn't eat anything for the dinner tonight.

Ling Mo Feng's face was embarrassed for a while, and he smiled: "I invite you to dinner, but you are so hungry. Next time, it seems that you have to invite alone!"

"Is it because of me that you invite me to dinner tonight?" Blue words beautiful eyes a moment of joy, happy to look at him.