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C1778 malicious revenge

The weather is getting colder and colder. The frost and dew are heavy. The snow hasn't stopped. The news of lanyanxi's pregnancy has long been known all over the country. Everyone talks privately about whether the first child of Lingmo Feng and lanyanxi is a son or a daughter. After all, it's related to the heirs' affairs. Even some people are still idle and bored, chatting while kowtowing melon seeds. In case Lingmo Feng has no son, only a daughter In the future, there will be some embarrassment in the matter of the successor. It is impossible for the son-in-law to be superior, right?

Of course, it's the boring gossip of some people. The attitude of Ling's family has been very clear. No matter the boys and girls, health is the most important thing. Of course, the elder of Ling's family still hopes to have a man, because there are too many hopes to rely on. If there is no successor, it will really shake people.

Ling Mo Feng went home to do the ideological work of Ling's elders. Of course, he knew that they would not really talk to him about their ideas. Maybe they still wanted a boy.

LAN Yanxi has often been involved in some important affairs, such as education and environmental protection. She has been involved in them, giving a very positive image. She is a charity established by LAN family, and then an education fund is set up, which is highly praised by the general public. As a young man, LAN Yanxi knows how to think for the country and the people , this kindness is still very inspiring. More people are optimistic and wish her love with Ling Mo Feng a long time, which will benefit the country more deeply and let the country move forward.

Now, lanyanxi's month is big, and it's not convenient for her to move around any more, so her basic range of activities is narrowed down at home.

She stood on her chin, eating fruit, watching the snow outside the window, one by one. When she was bored, she even counted. At last, she couldn't count. Her brain was confused, so she had to give up.

The little guy in the belly is very active. If he doesn't like it, he will kick her two feet. Sometimes it's like punching. It's fun to punch left and right.

LAN Yanxi reaches out and touches her belly. She has two months to go before her due date. She is afraid and expecting.

In fact, she had the chance to take a picture of whether she was pregnant with men's or women's treasures, but she never let the doctor say, and the doctor never said, she could only look forward to the moment when the baby was really born.

Ling is still very busy with his work. Sometimes he has a long business trip. Under his administration, the country has obviously improved a lot, which shows that he is capable and has been recognized by most people.

However, she also secretly heard many people criticizing him, because if we want to govern the country fundamentally, we will certainly shake the interests and roots of some people, who dare not to declare on the surface, and are still angry behind the scenes.

Every time LAN Yanxi heard these negative voices, her mood began to pick up.

Because of Ling Mo Feng's special work, it is inevitable that she will erect some invisible enemies for herself. She is still very afraid. Sometimes when he comes back late at night, she will worry and pay attention to all kinds of news trends.

However, lanyanxi also believes that Ling Mo Feng has the ability to protect herself. Maybe, only when she chooses to trust him can she make her life more secure.

Ling Mo Feng is sitting in his office. Recently, the country has been peaceful and his workload has not been so heavy. However, his nerves are not able to relax.

The door of the office was knocked, and Chu lie walked in quickly, with a dignified face, even very angry.

"Sir, someone sent something to the office. I think you should have a look."

Chu lie came over with a box in his hand.

Ling Mo Feng, with a heavy complexion, reached for it and asked, "what is this?"

"Here are some pictures of dead babies and a picture of a blasphemous wife. Sir, someone must be tired of living again and want to die."

Chu lie is really angry. He wants to find out the man immediately, and he can't get into 18 layers of hell.

Ling Mo Feng and Junrong suddenly solidified. He reached out and took out the photos. There were three photos of dead babies that he didn't know where they were from. It was heartbreaking and angry to see them. The last one was that someone had put the photo of LAN Yanxi on a woman who was covered by nothing. It was really shocking.

Lingmo Feng angrily tore the photos into pieces, stood up and clapped his hands on the desk, biting his teeth: "we must pull this man out, don't let him go."

Ling Mo Feng knows that he has recently touched the cake of many people, some of whom are deeply rooted, some of whom are leaders of one side. The reform and renovation proposed by Ling Mo Feng has touched the interest structure of most of them, so there are people who are dissatisfied with him and secretly rectify these disgusting deeds.

"Don't worry, sir. I have sent someone to investigate. I will not let him go. It's disgusting."

Chu lie also felt extremely annoyed. I don't know if these people have any holes in their brains, and they even made such funny things.

"I'll go home early today. This way, let the vice president take care of me."

Lingmo Feng said, he took his coat, put it on, and walked out the door.

Since someone sent these things here, he was worried that someone would send them to his home. Although the defense there was very strict, it was not foolproof to ensure that some people could put their hands in it.

"Yes, I'll go back with you first."

Now the dark forces have encouraged another wave. Chu lie is still worried about Ling Mo Feng's safety. He has to escort him personally.


Ling Mo Feng nodded.

At this moment, outside the presidential palace gate, there is a black unlicensed motorcycle, speeding by, a black bag is thrown down, and the guards at the front guard quickly check it.

Something in the black bag fell down, but it was not a bomb or some lethal thing. It was just a few photos. The soldier's face became nervous. Seeing those photos, their expression was very dignified. He immediately called Chu lie, because Chu lie was the person responsible for the security of the presidential palace.

Chu lie is sitting in the car with Ling Mo Feng at the moment. After receiving the phone call, he immediately reports it to Ling Mo Feng. Ling Mo Feng orders that he can't bring those things in and let LAN Yanxi see it.

At the moment, LAN Yanxi is sitting in front of the computer and watching a documentary about the development of some early countries. In order to get close to Ling Mo Feng's learning distance, LAN Yanxi is more and more interested in some things of the country. But at this time, her brain suddenly turns dark, and she looks surprised. When she thinks the computer is broken, suddenly, she After that, a picture of a baby covered in blood flashed out.


Lanyanxi let out a scream, and the whole man backed away in fear.