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Ling Mo Feng is waiting anxiously at the door of the delivery room. More than an hour has passed. The elders of Ling's family are also on their way. After receiving the phone call, Chu lie and Cheng Yuan are also on their way. They live closer. Now they have arrived.

"What's the matter, sir? Has madam given birth?" Chu lie and Cheng Yuan are dressed in plain clothes because of their anxieties. At this moment, seeing Ling Mo Feng leaning against the wall alone, Jun Rong is anxious and worried.

"Not yet. It's almost an hour since I went in." Ling Mo Feng stared at the door. He wished he could penetrate the curtain and see what was going on inside.

Cheng Yuan holds her hands tightly, and hopes that Lan Yanxi can survive and come out safely.

The corridor is quiet. It's midnight. There are not many mothers here.

Everyone held their breath. Suddenly, the closed door of the delivery room was opened, and a doctor and two nurses came out. Among them, the baby's crying was still loud, making the whole quiet corridor reverberate.

"Mr. President, my wife gave birth to a little prince." The doctor was very happy to tell.

"Congratulations on your son." Chu lie and Cheng Yuan are also surprised. They send their blessings as soon as possible.

Ling Mo Feng's breath stopped for a moment. He came over a few steps, but in the last two steps, he slowed down his pace. His eyes stared at the little man wrapped in the soft quilt without blinking. His little fist was clenched tightly and he was waving around. It seemed that he was very dissatisfied with the current situation.

"Thank you. How is Yanxi?" Ling Mo Feng thanked the doctor, and then gently with two hands, put the soft little thing into his arms.

"Madame is in good condition. She will be sent out soon. I have to wait a moment." When the doctor finished, he went to help.

Chu lie and Cheng Yuan have ignored the relationship between superiors and subordinates, and directly hit Ling Mo Feng's two sides, looking at the little life happily and curiously.

Ling Mo Feng's tense heart string finally relaxed when he saw the little face egg. He couldn't believe it. He reached out and touched the little hand that the little guy hid in the little clothes. The little hand immediately grabbed his finger without saying a word, and the crying voice stopped for a moment, as if he had something to rely on. The little guy made a relaxed little expression and cooperated My eyes are asleep.

"Ah!" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips gently lifted, amused by his son's lovely appearance.

"Sir, has the little prince got his name?" Cheng Yuan asked curiously.

"Not yet. Let my grandfather take it." Ling Mo Feng won't argue with Grandpa about it. Grandpa has already mentioned it. He has made a reservation.

"It's lovely. It looks like a gentleman." Cheng Yuan stared at her for a while, and found that although the little guy had just come out of his mother's womb, the edges and corners of his facial features had gone with his father. When he grew up in the future, he would definitely be a very handsome boy. I don't know how many girls he had lost.

"Like? I think he's more like hope. " Ling Mo Feng chuckled, but he was very satisfied.

The woman who loves most, gave birth to a son like him, and the love between the two people has borne fruit, which is really a very happy thing.

Three people stood outside the door waiting for LAN Yanxi to come out. Ten minutes later, LAN Yanxi came out with hot sweat on her face. Her long hair was wet with sweat. It can be seen how hard she just had to bear the baby.

"Hope!" When Ling Mo Feng saw her coming out, she gave Cheng Yuan the baby to hold. Cheng Yuan was so scared that her hands were all free, but the little guy he held was not comfortable, because the little man's eyebrows seemed to wrinkle.

"I'm fine, don't worry." LAN Yanxi saw the man's worried expression, and immediately showed a smirk, which in turn comforted him.

Ling Mo Feng knows that she is usually soft and weak. When she meets something, she is very strong. This woman always makes him heartache.

"OK, just fine." Ling didn't know how to pacify her. He just shook her hand and helped push the cart to the ward.

After entering the ward, LAN Yanxi was just unable to move after giving birth. Ling Mo Feng gently picked her up. A group of unmarried nurses looked straight and envied her.

It's said that the president dotes on his wife very much, but they haven't seen it with their own eyes. Now, it's true that seeing is believing. When his wife gives birth, the president's anxious eyes turn red.

Men love a woman, can let the people around feel, this kind of love in the bone, really make people envy, can only hope that they will meet in the future.

All the people of the Ling family have come, including the old man Ling, a man in his seventies, and an old bone. Hearing that his grandson was born, he had to come and have a look.

"Sister in law, thank you for giving birth to such a lovely little nephew for our family." Ling warm ran to the bedside, full of sincere gratitude.

LAN Yanxi was embarrassed and smiled: "this is what I should do. Besides, I have a share in children."

"That's right. We all have a share. Don't worry. I will share the responsibility of taking care of children with you in the future." Ling warm immediately laughed.

Ling's mother and Ling's father also came to comfort LAN Yanxi with a happy face after watching the children.

It's four or five o'clock in the morning, and the lights of all the houses have gone out. But in the ward, lanyanxi's mood is still very bright. Although she gave birth to no one from Lanjia, and didn't let Lingmo Feng inform her mother to come, and the elder of Lingjia came, lanyanxi's heart is very happy, at least some people are still hurting themselves.

The little guy just born, who was robbed by his family, was very popular. Instead, Ling Mo Feng had no room to play. He sat down beside the bed and looked at LAN Yanxi. Although there was no verbal communication, they saw each other's happiness and affection in each other's eyes.

The man stretched out his hand, put it into the quilt, and touched her hand. Her palms were still sweaty, cool and heartbreaking.

The room was full of family and friends. Although LAN Yanxi wanted Ling Mo Feng to care about himself, he was embarrassed to show his love to him, so he pushed his big hand away. The man's eyes were slightly shocked, and he was a little lost. "Mom and Dad, do you think my little nephew is very similar to my big brother when he was a kid? I've seen the full moon photo of my big brother. It's the same as a mold." Ling wennuan has snatched the little nephew into his hand and held him. However, she only held him once, and then Ling's mother took him gently and put him on LAN Yanxi's side: "the baby just born, don't hold him around, let him rest for a while."