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C1509 reuse of abandoned chess

In the secret office, the old president's eyes would stare through the people under his hand. He was so angry that his blood pressure was unstable recently. He had to take heart stabilizing drugs to maintain normal breathing. Otherwise, when he breathed, his chest would be stuffy and painful. He felt that he would be killed by the waste sooner or later.

But when he thought that he wanted to lose power and fame, he was shocked to hold on and die.

Ling Mo Feng, a young man who didn't know how to be afraid, challenged his authority again and again. He couldn't bear it. Unexpectedly, he failed in assassination.

Is there really retribution in this world?

The old president doesn't believe it. He just wants to prove to everyone that strength determines fate. He has managed many years of contacts and doesn't believe that he really wants to lose to a young man.

Sister Mei was beside her, happy with the disaster, because when she was scolded by the old president, these people also saw her jokes. Now, who is worse than who is not sure.

"Mr. President, in fact, there is a reason for this failure. Ling Mo Feng can openly allocate guns and ammunition, but we can only secretly sell them from smuggled arms dealers. Their guns and ammunition are not formally produced, and their lethality is not enough. This is one of the reasons for the failure. Secondly, although they call themselves a life waster, they can be at the critical moment of life and death, One by one has become a soft bone, and will only run for life, which is not something we can control. " Next to the person in charge of the war, head down, in fear of explaining the reason.

"Waste, failure is failure. How can there be so many excuses?" The general manager was so angry that his face was white and his eyes were cold. He swept around. At last, he looked at Mei: "this time, on the surface, Ji Xiaohan sent people to deliver goods and materials for relief and charity, but behind his back, he played a dirty move. He sent his most trusted assistant to support Ling Mo Feng. It's really disgusting. He annoyed me this time. How is the person you arranged? Haven't you been chosen by victory? "

Mei Jie was just watching a good show. She was called at the moment. Her face stiffened quickly. She bowed her head and replied, "Sir, I heard that Ji Xiaohan's daughter is ill. She won't apply for the job in the last few days. However, a good day has been set. Tomorrow morning and afternoon will interview a group of people. The people I arranged are all in the morning, and the best people. There will be no mistake."

"Well, don't fail this time. We don't have much time. Now we are all people tied to one boat. I'm finished. None of you can run. Who is Ling Mo Feng? You know better than I do. On the surface, he is gentle and kind. That's just a play for the world. He plays with his means. You can't die happily if you want to! " The old president immediately gave everyone a wake-up call, saying they must go all out and never take it lightly again.

"Yes, Mr. President reminded us that we must be dedicated and loyal!" A group of people quickly lowered their heads and loudly expressed their determination to follow through.

But the old president sneered at the bottom of his heart. He said so well one by one. I'm afraid he's full of ghosts.

Ling Mo Feng caught up with the plane going abroad in time. This trip to shake up the disaster was frightening. He died for nine years. However, he was not totally unproductive. He grabbed a lot of living things. At this time, he was also being held for trial.

The old president also got the news the next day. He was scared to sit up in bed and his cell phone almost fell.

"How many people were caught? Are you still alive? " Asked the old president with a gloomy face.

"It's said that we have caught a lot of people, but we don't know how much. The people under Ling Mo Feng's hands are keeping their mouths tightly guarded. We can't even hear the news."

"Damn it, damn it. Not only did it fail, but it showed its feet." The old president is going mad at the moment, with cold sweat on his back. He has never been so upset.

"Sir, do you want someone to sneak in and kill them all?" The other party immediately proposed.

"Don't be Ling Mo Feng a fool. He can't point out how big a trap he has set by using this group of people. Let's jump down and wait for a while to see how it changes. It's a big deal. Push someone out and get rid of it!" The old president deserves to be an old fox. Even if he shows his horse's feet, he is not flustered at all. Instead, he calmly tries to find a solution.

"Now that Ling is abroad, it's just a chance for us to start. Sir, I feel that we must act quickly. We can't push people out any more. People will feel cold. Your supporters are not many at present. If you let people feel cold again, I'm afraid it will be even worse for your election." The other side's loyal advice.

"Hum, in a few days, Ling Mo Feng will be engaged. If Did the news explode when his woman played with other women on the eve of his engagement and he wore a green hat? " The old president immediately sneered and thought of the best and most insidious countermeasures.

"Sir, have you really decided to do so? But didn't you say before, is this blue Yan Xi useful to us? " The man on the other end of the phone asked in surprise.

"I thought she was useful before, but it's been such a long time. She's almost abandoned chess. She's useless. Since she's reached the point of a decisive battle, she can still take it out and make use of it once. I'll let sister Mei deal with it. You can do everything you can to kill her mouth. If you can't kill her mouth, then give up. Don't let Ling Mo Feng If you don't, I won't save you. " The old president warned with a cold face, then hung up.


In spring, flowers bloom and everything is alive. Because of the narrow solar term of warm and cold, Ji xiaonai has a disease. First, he has a fever, then he has a runny nose and a cough. But he is heartbroken for Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou.

Fortunately, Ji Xiaorui is in good health and has not been infected. He can also help her to cheer her up and make her feel better.

Because Ji xiaonai was ill, the old lady and LAN Yue rushed back from Ji Yueze to take care of her.

Today, Ji xiaonai's condition is much better, and her face is rejuvenated. In the early morning, she blinks her big black eyes to ask for Mommy.

"Mommy, Mommy, I'm all right. Can I hire a piano teacher?" Little guy likes piano very much. He is a good boy who loves learning.

Of course, Tang youyou also wants to find the best piano teacher for her child early. Last night, she asked the piano teacher on the list once. Because of the time, she gave two batches of piano teachers, morning and afternoon, six teachers in total.

Because Wang Hanxue taught her a lesson last time, this time, she specially asked for her age.

In the morning, three teachers arrived on time. Tang youyou is not an expert. Fortunately, the old lady is a strict person, and she also promised to help Tang youyou interview.

Facing the dignified old lady, several piano teachers are still nervous.

After all, not everyone has the chance to visit Jijia's super mansion.

It turns out that the life of the rich can really be like a poem or a picture, which is amazing.

The old lady used to be a lady in a big family. Her music, chess, calligraphy and painting are also a little involved. She is the most reliable one to choose from.

Wearing a princess skirt, Ji xiaonai hides behind LAN Yue, and looks at three strange women with big eyes and a smile.

The little guy hasn't recognized the standard yet, so she is also confused. She always feels that any aunt is very good and gentle.

The three piano teachers played several pieces respectively. They were all of high standard in their piano skills.

After the interview in the afternoon, Tang youyou called his daughter to her and asked her, "xiaonai, which teacher do you like?"

"Mommy, they all play well. I like them all!" Ji xiaonai replied with a smile.

The old lady and LAN Yue were both amused.

Ji Xiaorui shakes her head beside her and sighs. Her younger sister is only a long girl. Her mind is still three years old. She says that she likes all of them.

"Xiao Nai, we can't invite six teachers for you. You have to choose one." Tang youyou said to his daughter with a smile.

Ji xiaonai nodded and said reasonably, "yes, I'll choose the No. 5 teacher."

"Number five?" Tang youyou immediately looked over the list: "it's the teacher named Lin Mei."

"Well, Mommy, I'll pick her. She just smiled at me!" Ji xiaonai said with a happy face.

The old lady also thought it was good: "what the little guy saw was the eye edge. Since she said she wanted this teacher, just her. Please contact her and come to give Xiao Nai a lesson as soon as possible."

"OK, grandma!" Tang youyou nods and answers.