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"Daddy, Mummy is so lazy. She didn't even get up when I told you to!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately complained to her father.

"Is that so? It's okay, let your Mummy sleep a little longer, can I help you brush your teeth and wash your face? " When Ji Xiao Han saw that the woman was still sleeping, he felt an indescribable pain for her. Yesterday he had been busy all day and at night, he was frightened by the old lady again.

Tang Xiao Nai could only nod her head, "Alright, Daddy, help me. I need to pee!"

"I'll take it from Daddy!" Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian pouted her small mouth with a look of reluctance.

Ji Xiao Han could only tie up all her hair into a handful, then tie it up with a rubber band.

Tang Xiao Nai stood in the mirror and twisted her body, saying, "This is the simplest hairstyle I've ever had!"

Seeing her foolish and adorable appearance, Ji Xiao Han could not help but laugh out loud. "Xiao Nai, it's really beautiful now, it's okay now!"

"Alright! Let's go downstairs and have breakfast! " Tang Xiao Nai held on to her father's finger, preparing to go downstairs.

"Xiao Nai, how about you go down first, Daddy … Daddy wants to wash his face! " Ji Xiao Han suddenly wasn't willing to go down the stairs, so she encouraged the little fellow to go down first.

Tang Xiao Nai couldn't figure out her father's intentions either. She obediently nodded her head and opened the door herself and went downstairs.

The moment Ji Xiao Han walked into the bathroom, he heard the door close. In the next second, he quickly walked out.

Looking at the small woman lying on the bed, he admired her from above.

Very beautiful!

Very charming!

His lazy appearance made people want to directly suppress him.

Ji Xiao Han felt that he was a little sick in his heart, he actually … This was the only way to enjoy the happiness within his heart.

Sigh, how did I end up in such a sorry state?

Ji Xiao Han was admiring his woman, and now, downstairs!

The Tang Xiao Rui siblings were drinking milk, eating bread, and eating delicious nutritious porridge under the care of the Uncle Yuan.

Suddenly, a shout of joy came from outside the door, following that, a well-dressed old lady walked in quickly, when she saw Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei who was sitting at the table, the old lady rushed over in surprise, she could not tell that it was her age at all.

The next second, the two little fellows were suddenly embraced by the old lady.

"My little ancestor, you really think too much of me!" The old lady sighed as she hugged him.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately blinked her eyes, her small body moved: "Who are you? Why are you holding us? "

The old lady saw that the little guy was unhappy, so she quickly let go and lowered her head to see a pair of bright and clear eyes. Her little face was very delicate, like the most beautiful doll.

"Tsk tsk, so it turns out that the daughter of our Ji Family looks like this, it's really pleasing!" When the old lady saw his granddaughter, he was instantly overjoyed.

Tang Xiao Rui also tried to struggle free from the old lady's embrace with all his might. He didn't panic like his sister, so he opened his mouth a little calmly. Do we know each other? "

"Grandma? "No, no, this title is wrong. I'm your great-grandmother, you can call me great-grandmother from now on, but your father will call me grandmother." The old lady quickly corrected him.

Soon after, at the door, the old man looked at his grandson and was extremely excited. He quickly walked over and the old lady pointed at him as she introduced him, "This is your great-grandfather. You can call him that from now on!"

Tang Xiao Rui and Tang Xiao Nai's eyes met. After a long while, Tang Xiao Rui finally realised, "Oh, so you are my father's great-grandmother and great-grandfather. Why are you two here?"

"Speaking of which, I was angry, it was your father that did not tell us earlier, and we only found out yesterday, so we specially rushed back to see you, my Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei is really beautiful." As the old lady spoke, his tears began to fall.

The old man's eyes were already red. However, he was not someone who would easily cry, so he squatted down and said to Tang Xiao Nai, "Come over and let great-grandfather hug you!"

Tang Xiao Nai was a little afraid, because she was a coward, and had never come into contact with such an old woman. Thus, she reached out her little hand and pushed at her brother.

Tang Xiao Rui could only jump down from the chair, and Little Bu'Er walked to the front of the old man. The old man could no longer hold himself back and hugged the little fellow tightly, "I didn't think that my great-grandfather would be unable to carry you anymore, now that my grandson has grown up to this extent!"

"Great-grandfather, take it easy. I'm going to sink, stop hiding your waist!" The moment Tang Xiao Rui heard him say that he couldn't carry her, he immediately wanted to get down from his embrace. He wasn't really afraid of this old man, but he was truly afraid that he couldn't carry her, and that his waist was injured.

Tang Xiao Rui's cute words immediately made the two elders happy.

"Grandmother, don't cry. I'll give you a tissue to wipe your tears away!" Tang Xiao Nai pulled out a piece of paper towel and passed it to the old lady.

The old lady happily accepted it and wiped her tears away. "Don't cry, I won't cry. I'm just happy. I shouldn't be crying from happiness. Thank you, my little darling!"

When the two old men saw this little fellow, they directly forgot about their grandson.

Until Tang Xiao Rui said, "Yea, why hasn't my father's Mummy come down yet? "great-grandmother, let me down, I'll go upstairs and take a look!"

Only then did the old man put the little guy down, and Tang Xiao Rui ran upstairs like a wisp of smoke.

When Tang Xiao Nai saw that her brother had left and facing two unfamiliar elders, she shrunk her head in a little panic, blinked her big black eyes, and started to scan the two smiling elders' faces back and forth.

The old man looked at the adorable little fellow and asked the old lady, "Are we scaring her?"

The old lady nodded. "Look at her big, panicky eyes, they might be the same. Let's not laugh anymore!"