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Ji Xiao Han was finally relieved, and with one hand holding the reins, he quickly walked in the direction of the carriage.

What the hell? The two little fellows acted as if they heard about Tang You You and immediately became obedient. How did that woman educate the two children that could make a child fear and love her?

The other party was a rather famous Female Celebrity. Tang You You had already investigated her information last night and knew that she was playing big at the airport.

Tang You You stood up, and smiled at the other party, suddenly, the leader of the group, the beautiful lady, pointed at her face: "It's you?"

Tang You You was shocked, her beautiful eyes widened as her mind raced. Had she ever seen this woman before?

"I'll remember you. You are the person who was at the Tang Clan a few days ago and asked you to help me with my clothes. What a coincidence. I didn't expect to meet you here." Seeing Tang You You's stupefied face, the other party very straightforwardly reduced the situation between the two of them when they met.

"Oh …" "It's you. I'm so sorry, but that day …"

That day, she left in a hurry, and it was late in the morning. The other party had put on heavy makeup, so she could not see her original appearance, and even if Tang You You had seen her once, he wouldn't be able to recognize her.

"Call your Director Liu over, I don't want to talk or cooperate with this person." The other party simply did not want to hear Tang You You's explanation, so she arrogantly scolded the assistant beside him. "I do not like any of her designs, just change her for me, and I am willing to cooperate with you."

Tang You You had only heard that this person really liked to play the big cards on the net, but he never would have thought that his horizons would open up today.

Because she didn't help lift her skirt that day, it had now become an unforgivable offense, so she could only chuckle.

"Since that's the case, I'll take my leave now!" Without waiting for the assistant to call Liu Xi over, Tang You You had already tactfully decided to leave.

Xia Zi Yan originally thought that Tang You You would plead bitterly with her for a bit, but she didn't expect that she would be so straightforward. She didn't like her plan, so she organized her script and planned to leave.

Xia Zi Yan still harbored hatred towards her in her heart, so how could he let her leave so easily?

"Halt!" Just as Tang You You was about to reach the door, Xia Zi Yan berated her. Then, she shrugged her shoulders and walked in front of her with an imposing manner. She was small and half a head shorter than Tang You You.

At that moment, if she wanted to talk to Tang You You, she could only raise her head, which made her even angrier.

How could she be willing to lose her figure to an ordinary office worker when she had a small reputation?

Thus, she deliberately made a mischievous grin, and snatched the design manuscript from Tang You You's hands. "I'll see before I make a decision."

Tang You You frowned, she had never seen a woman as rude as her. Since she was a star and a public figure, couldn't she have a better attitude? A little bit bigger?

Xia Zi Yan took her script and leaned on the sofa as if she was an old man, raised her legs and started to look at Tang You You's blueprints with heavy movements.

Initially, Xia Zi Yan thought that for a dull woman like her, there was nothing special about her.

In the entire office, only Tang You You was still wearing such a standard, black coloured job suit. That was the only reason why Xia Zi Yan could feel that her outfit was rustic.

When the page after page of design drawings flashed before her eyes, the arrogance on Xia Zi Yan's face was slightly reduced.

The reason why she came to find a personal designer to customize a bunch of clothes was because the various occasions that she had attended were all where she had clashed with other people's clothes. If she had bumped into someone less famous than her, that would have been okay, but she was afraid that she would have hit a big hand, which would have turned her into a miserable mess in an instant. That was why Xia Zi Yan had paid such a high price, and only came to find a special personal designer.

However, she didn't expect to meet a woman that had once offended her.

Just then, the door opened, and Liu Xi walked in with a smile.

"Xia Xiao Jie, is there anything that you aren't satisfied about? You can tell me. " Liu Xi first looked at Tang You You.

Tang You You shrugged her shoulders at his foster mother, looking at her with a helpless expression.

Of course, Liu Xi knew that all of this was not Tang You You's fault, his temper was so bad that it was known by the entire industry.

Li Fang Fang was a little overboard, giving such a tricky customer to a newbie was something she was capable of doing.

Liu Xi only found out after hearing from the assistant that Tang You You was meeting a customer, and the person was Xia Zi Yan. Liu Xi became angry and rushed over to save the situation.

"Director Liu, we can be considered to be friends. You actually sent an unknown designer to me, what do you mean by that? Are you looking down on me? " Xia Zi Yan threw Tang You You's design manuscript to the side, both of his hands were crossed in front of his chest, as though he had suffered from a grievance.

Liu Xi quickly smiled to appease his: "Xia Xiao Jie, don't be angry, I only just found out about this matter. How about this, I'll arrange for our top designer, Li Fang Fang, to look after her properly.

"Alright, hurry up and switch people over. I get angry when I see her." When Xia Zi Yan heard that he needed to arrange for a more famous designer to come, her attitude became slightly better. But when she saw the fair and elegant Tang You You standing at the side, she intentionally wanted to poke her with a few words to vent her anger.

Liu Xi turned and gave Tang You You a meaningful glance. Tang You You hurriedly walked over, packed up his script, and left.

Not long later, Li Fang Fang was notified to come to the guest room.

Li Fang Fang brought her a few new works of art. When Liu Xi saw her, she immediately scolded her: "What's wrong with you, Xia Xiao Jie is our big client, how can you let a new customer treat her like this? Hurry up and coax Xia Xiao Jie. If she doesn't satisfy you, I'll make you pay. "