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C510 little guy's decision

The silence in the hall deepened again!

In the master bedroom on the second floor, Tang xiaonai has lost her temper and threw things around. She has thrown all her toys on the bed on the ground, crying: "if Mom and dad are not reconciled, I will not obey!"

Tang Xiaorui came in, almost hit by a small rabbit. Fortunately, he dodged nimbly, then put his hands in his waist, watching his sister in bed lose his temper.

"Brother, you go away, I hate you, don't want to see you!" When Tang xiaonai saw him standing at the door, he immediately roared.

But Tang Xiaorui leaned directly on the door nearby, with a light tone: "do you know that you will make Mommy very sad if you lose your temper like this?"

Tang xiaonai's hand with the toy was stiff, and black eyes with tears fixed on his brother.

"I'm sorry Mommy didn't want us." Tang xiaonai said angrily.

"Who said Mommy didn't want us? She just didn't want Daddy!" Tang Xiaorui's answer is calm.

"No daddy, no us, brother. You are very smart in your daily life. How could you be so stupid at this time?" Tang xiaonai really felt that his brother was too naive and stupid.

But Tang Xiaorui frowned: "Mommy doesn't want Daddy. There must be a reason."

"Why else? She likes uncle Lu. Why doesn't she like Daddy? Daddy is much more handsome than uncle Lu. " Said Tang xiaonai, still breathing. "Don't you see that Daddy seems to be a lot colder to Mommy? I think the problem must be on daddy. Your eyes are white. Mommy is very sad. Can't you see it? She just pretended to be nice to Uncle Luo, just to make daddy angry! " Tang Xiaorui's bright eyes have seen through the truth for a long time, so he is not as angry as his sister.

"Brother, is that true? Why didn't I see it? Mommy and uncle Luo, aren't they really good? " As soon as Tang xiaonai heard his brother's words, he stopped crying and didn't lose his temper.

"Stupid!" Tang Xiaorui can't help but want to scold her again.

But Tang xiaonai held her mouth flat and said, "what did Daddy do wrong? Mommy should be so angry with him."

"It must be a very important thing. We must find a way to know about it!" Tang Xiaorui has a deep expression.

"I'll just ask daddy or Mommy, so I know!" Tang xiaonai said, immediately jumped out of bed, asked.

"Stop!" Tang Xiaorui grabbed her and said, "I can't go down. They won't tell us about this, because they always treat us as children!"

"What can I do? How can we know if they don't say it? " Tang xiaonai worried again.

"Fool, we can eavesdrop ourselves!" Tang Xiaorui took his finger and knocked on his sister's head: "you don't want to lose your temper now, do you know?"

"Then what am I going to do? When I'm sad, I want to lose my temper! " Tang xiaonai tooted up his little mouth and said wrongly.

"What you have to do now is to agree with mummy and uncle Luo, and we'll go to piss off Daddy!" Tang Xiaorui immediately attached to her ear and said quietly.

"Ah How unfair it is to Daddy! Daddy will be sad! " Tang xiaonai loves her father very much. She doesn't want to hurt him.

"Fool, it's clearly that daddy did something wrong. You must believe my brother's judgment. I feel that They can't part! " Tang Xiaorui said confidently.

"I don't want to believe you!" Tang xiaonai said with a small mouth.

"If you don't believe me, who can you believe? I can tell you, if you want to make up with mom and Dad, you have to listen to me! " Tang Xiaorui still said confidently. Tang xiaonai's small head is blank at the moment, but she can't think of anything. At the thought of her father and mother to be separated, her whole body is in a hurry to smoke. So, looking at her brother's confident appearance, she had to nod her small head: "OK, I believe you are, but,

you say, what are we going to do next?"

"Go downstairs, and then, whatever you listen to me, whatever I say, you will follow me and make sure it's right!" As soon as Tang Xiaorui grabs her little hand, the two little guys walk out the door.

At the moment, the hall is still silent. The sound of two little guys coming down the stairs woke up the three people sitting.

Ji Xiaohan looks over his shoulder and sees her crying daughter. She is holding her favorite baby and holding her brother by one hand. Her expression seems calm.

He was shocked. How could it be?

Really as Tang youyou said, the son coaxed his daughter into obedience.

This woman

Ji Xiaohan suddenly gets upset. He and the children believe it for a while. But after all, the two children are closer to Tang youyou.

When Tang youyou saw two little guys walking down like this, her heart was a little calmer.

"Daddy, mummy, my sister and I have already discussed. We agree that mummy and uncle Luo are together!" As soon as Tang Xiaorui came down, he stood in the middle of everyone like a little adult, and his voice was very serious.

All three were frozen. Ji Xiaohan suddenly had an impulse to throw his son out of the house.

This stinky boy, who is his father.

I turned out to be a little elbow. I don't want to get mixed up! Just when Ji Xiao was cold and frosty, Tang Xiaorui suddenly turned to look at Lu xuanchen and said, "Uncle Lu, you must take good care of my mommy. She is not in good health and often gets sick. If she is ill, you must find a doctor for her. She doesn't like injections yet.

being afraid of pain, you must comfort her nearby. Besides, she is actually one of them A very good woman, she never spends money, she also has the ability to make money. If you marry her, my sister and I promise not to disturb your private life! "

Tang xiaonai blinked, suddenly felt the palm pinched by her brother, so she also said childishly: "my mother is very beautiful and very gentle, uncle Luo, Mommy will give it to you, you can't hurt her!"

Lu xuanchen and Tang youYou are both in a trance.

Even Tang youyou didn't expect that her two children would support her choice so much.

So moved, so moved that I want to cry!

And now, someone's face is as dark as iron. "Xiaorui, xiaonai, thank you. I will take good care of your mommy and won't let you worry!" Lu xuanchen answers in time, with a gentle smile on his face.