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C1010 still worried about her

Just like being awakened by a word, Ji Yueze stands in front of the floor window of the hotel.

Looking at this strange city, restless heart, slowly calmed down.

Indeed, brother's words are very sharp and to the point, pointing out the most crucial thing between him and Bai Yiyan.

They don't love each other anymore. They don't have to break up. They need time. They need time to settle their heavy feelings. They also need time to prove and test. Season

the thinner the lips are, the more relaxed the smile is on the beautiful face.

He doesn't believe that Bai Yiyan doesn't love him when she leaves. On the contrary, he feels that this woman left him in pain because she loves herself so much.

Just, stupid! Season

the more Ze big palm suddenly clenches into a fist. For this kind of silly and stupid woman, when he finds her, she can't escape, and he won't give her another chance to escape, not to give him a son and a daughter, which is endless. At last, Yue Ze's heart fell back to the flat. He turned around and his tall and slender figure disappeared at the door of the bathroom. A few minutes later, he came out, recovered a little, changed a suit of clothes, and went to his two assistants. With

he has been working hard for days. Several staff members are also very tired. If they don't eat breakfast, they just want to seize the time to get more sleep, for fear that there will be no time to sleep.

Ji Yueze knocks on the door, wakes them up, sits up, looks at each other, sighs weakly, and comes again! "

boss!" Although I'm strong in spirit, I still have to be respectful to see Ji Yueze's iceberg face.

"You've been working hard these days. Let's go. I'll treat you to lunch!" Ji Yueze said in a light tone. "

ah..." These staff members opened their eyes incredulously. The boss came to look for them. Didn't he want to continue looking for Bai Yiyan? Why did you suddenly ask them to have lunch? "

what else are you doing? Give you ten minutes. I'll wait for you downstairs in the lobby. If I don't come down at the appointed time... "

"Boss, don't worry, go down now!" Those staff members answered anxiously, and began to change clothes and wash themselves.

It's just like a box of rice with chicken legs. It's so exciting and touching that I want to cry. Season

Yueze sits on the sofa on the first floor, gently taps his fingers on the chair to help him, his eyes are still staring at a certain direction, and his heart suddenly calms down a lot. Can that woman take good care of herself when she is alone in a foreign country? Will we meet bad people? Next, he began to worry about her safe travel. If you can't find her now, can you meet her? For Ji Yueze, it's no longer necessary.

Several staff members were scrambling to stand in front of him.

"What's for lunch, boss?" Someone's hungry front chest is sticking to his back. When he hears about eating, his eyes are naturally shining.

"Big meal!" Of course, Ji Yueze would like to reward these good subordinates who follow him day and night.

Everyone's expression was surprised, but at the same time, because the boss had a frenzied and angry look two days ago. How can it be like the wind stops and the rain stops? The whole person is normal? Good

it's confusing!

"Boss, are we going to continue to look for people after dinner?" One of the assistants ventured to ask everyone's questions.

"I'm not going to find it, but you always pay attention to whether there are any dangerous accidents in this city." Ji Yueze gracefully straightened his skirt and stepped out.

"What dangerous accident? Can you say something specific? " The assistant's brain is still blindfolded at the moment.

"Is there a woman killed, a woman killed Well, you can contact the media organizations here and ask them to help pay attention to these accidents. " Ji Yueze doesn't want to discuss this problem any more. If he doesn't say it, he won't think about it. He can't imagine the terrible things. Several

staff members finally understood him. It seems that the boss gave up looking for Bai Yiyan, but they were also worried about whether she would have an accident. In the end, the boss still cares about this woman.

Bai Yiyan's life is really good. How many generations of good fortune can someone worry about her? Season

Yueze invited the staff to have lunch, and then decided to book a flight back home. "

on the bus to the airport, Ji Yueze took a tablet computer to watch the video of Tang Xuerou making trouble in front of his company today. His eyes were suddenly cold.

"Why hasn't this woman been caught in jail?" Ji Yueze thought that she had planned a car accident, which made him lose Tang youyou. He wished that he could tear this woman to pieces. He even dared to come to his company to make trouble. He thought it was too long.

"Boss, do you think it's because Nebula came here to throw our company's face on purpose?" The assistant asked suspiciously. "

the nebula never stops. If it really has something to do with them, I will not let them go easily." Season more Ze cold hum, cold eyes flashed a touch of violence.

"Last time Yang ChuChu's business was that Xingyun asked someone to expose him. I think this time they kicked the iron plate and offended Luo Jinyu. They must have no good fruit to eat." The assistant laughed at the disaster.

"I hope that Luo Jinyu can teach them a lesson, so that they can not treat themselves as a green onion every day and make it come and go." Ji Yueze still wants to sleep for a while at the moment. He wants to forget all the disturbing things. He also wants to quietly recall the little taste of being with that woman. At this moment, Bai Yiyan is standing in front of a primary school, a private institution in foreign countries. She sees a sign in front of the door and is looking for a short-term teaching assistant. She wants to try it. Anyway, she doesn't have a foothold. She can have a job and live here. Then she was treated by a young man with glasses from the same country as her. "

are you Bai Yiyan?" The man saw her with a look of surprise. In a moment, Yiyan is like being ripped off and exposed to the sun. She wants to turn around and leave in a panic. "

wait a minute, aren't you coming to apply for the TA of our school? Don't you want to try and go again? " The spectacle man immediately called out to her. Bai

Yiyan stops and looks back at him: "if If you don't disclose my whereabouts, I'll think about it! "

"What kind of loyalty do you have? You can tell me that I am also an international student. Maybe I can help you! " The young man asked immediately and sincerely.