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C1305 finding the greasy cat

Ji Xiaohan and lohnin also received invitations for the wedding banquet, so they all made an appointment to attend together. Three friends arrived at the banquet on time. It was the banquet hall on the second floor of a star hotel. The other party had some face in the business world. There were a hundred tables in the banquet. The scene was lively and the guests gathered. High

Yue sits in the dressing room and looks at her bridesmaid dress and some dazzling lace, which makes her feel vulgar and unsightly, which doesn't match her elegant and noble temperament at all. Gao

took a look at the bride who was looking left and right in front of the dressing table. She felt that she was really insincere. She wore a wedding dress worth millions, but bought such a ugly dress for her six bridesmaids, just to set off her noble beauty.

If it's not for knowing that the guest invited this time has the name of Ji Xiaohan, Gao Yue flatly refuses such an invitation. She and the bride have been studying abroad for two years and have a friendship, so they have the chance to be elected her bridesmaid.

"Tear..." Gao Yue couldn't see the rustic blue lace on the skirt more and more, so she deliberately scratched the lace on a sharp thing beside her, and a sound of silk made everyone look at her. "

over, my clothes are torn!" Gao Yue suddenly showed a look of remorse.

The bride's face flashed a trace of unhappiness. On her wedding day, something like this happened. She immediately came to check: "Gao Yue, what are you doing? I don't have any spare dresses." If you want to

No, I'll take the scissors and cut off these lace. Anyway, the difference is not big! " Gao Yue immediately said with a smile. "

well, you can do it yourself. It's almost time. Hurry up!" At the moment, the bride is not in the mood to look after her side. There are staff there to remind her to prepare to appear. High

She cleanly cut off the lace of the skirt on her body. The skirt that was too cumbersome just now has been trimmed by her for most of the time. She immediately exposed her long and beautiful white legs, and her temperament immediately improved a lot. Gao is also a woman with a lot of ingenuity. She definitely wants to make a good impression on Ji Xiaohan.

Under the guidance of her father, the bride steps across the red carpet with the music. Gao Yue stands behind the bride, with a pair of eyes, looking for the noble figure in the crowd.

Suddenly, she saw sitting in the front row. Ji Xiaohan was whispering something to a man of the same elegance beside her. Her heart was shaking violently. She had seen him in a hurry before and could not make a deep impression on his handsome face. For example,

today, I can look at this perfect and noble man at such a close distance. My mood is sunny. New bride Lang's swearing speech, Gao Yue didn't hear a word. Her smiling eyes peered at Ji Xiaohan from time to time. Instead of talking with her friends, Ji Xiaohan sat upright, put his hands on his knees, and looked politely at the new couple on the stage. High

Yueyue's heart seems to be pulled out by an invisible hand, pulling up a ripple.

She really didn't expect to be so focused on this man's feeling, even so flustered.

Ming knows that what he looks at is a pair of new people around her, but she just has an illusion that Ji Xiaohan also looks at her. She was suddenly jealous of his wife. She was watched by such a pair of affectionate eyes every day. She must be very happy.

Ji Xiaohan is born with a strong memory that can never be forgotten. So when he went to the stand for a couple of new people, he inadvertently saw the woman standing beside the bride, and his eyes were slightly stunned. This woman came to his company for an application last time. He saw this face, so he remembered it. Gao is not an illusion. Ji Xiaohan's eyes do stay on her, but they just move away in minutes and seconds.

Gao Yue showed a little tension and shyness. She didn't expect that a man's eyes, even if they were as cool as water, could also arouse the fire in his body. After giving a speech to the new couple, Gao Yue immediately settled down and walked boldly towards the table of Ji Xiaohan.

Gao Yuezhi dared to be so bold because she found an old man beside Ji Xiaohan. She seemed to know him. She could borrow his light and sit at that table.

Ji Xiaohan and his two friends also sat on the same table. Originally, one table was for men. Suddenly, a beautiful woman sat down, and the expression of other men brightened up in an instant. "Uncle Zhang, I haven't seen you for a long time. I didn't expect to meet you here!" Gao Yue came over and immediately held an old man in his arms with respect and said hello to him sweetly.

"Oh, I remember you. Aren't you Xiaoyue? I haven't seen you for many years. You were a girl of fifteen or six at that time. I didn't expect you to grow into a pretty girl in a twinkling of an eye! " The old man's eyes were wide open, and he recognized her for a long time.

"Yes, after all these years, Uncle Zhang is still in good spirits and has not changed at all!" "

old, old!" The old man is modest. Gao Yue has been sitting in the position. Moreover, she is only a night away from the middle of the season owl cold.

"Uncle Zhang, this table is all business tycoons. I don't know any of them. Can you introduce it to me? I've graduated, and I'm worried about finding a job. " Gao Yue immediately pleaded with sincerity. Because her voice is not coquettish, so let people listen, but also did not feel the nausea.

Mr. Zhang is also famous and worthy of respect. He immediately introduced Mr. Ji Xiaohan: "this is Mr. Ji, a very outstanding young entrepreneur."

Gao Yue immediately looks at Ji Xiaohan, who looks adored and shy, and says, "Hello, general manager Ji!"

Ji Xiao nodded coldly, but did not speak. "

the two young gentlemen next to general manager Ji, this is the master of Mu family, and that is the second son of Luo family. They are all the hopes of the business community in the future. You can contact them more." Mr. Zhang is responsible for only introducing the young man to Gao Yue.

Gao Yue immediately showed full sincerity, and greeted Luo Jinyu at chaomu shiye. Both of them were polite.

Several of her bridesmaids saw Gao Yue sitting next to a group of young and handsome CHILDES, and they immediately showed envy and jealousy. Sure enough, all opportunities are for those who are prepared. If they don't seize such good resources in time, they can only admit that they are unlucky.

The delicious dishes are on the table. There are many kinds of seafood. It's a big deal.

Gao Yue's purpose today is nothing else but to make a good impression on Ji Xiaohan. Obviously, she is graceful and generous, and there is no more extraordinary move. In this meal, Ji Xiaohan's three friends only took a few symbolic bites, but many people came to toast with them. In other words, all of them would not let go of such a good chance of flattery. This world is such a reality. The wine in the cup and the cup are first to the rich.

Ji Xiaohan took a few drinks at will and left the banquet hall with two friends. The faces of the three people looked better.

"That woman seemed to be interested in Xiao Han just now!" When Mu night a pair of poisonous eyes, in Gao Yue does not show the mountain does not dew case, even a glance to see her mind. "

how to see it?" The cold eyes of the season owl changed a little.

"I found her peeping at you? Isn't that obvious enough? Henning and I are sitting next to each other. She just peeps at you, brother. We must control it! " Mu shiye immediately reaches out his hand and taps Ji Xiaohan's shoulder, with a kind and persuasive expression.

"Boring!" Ji Xiaohan pushes his arm away directly.

"Brother in law, are you worried about the superfluous character of Ji Xiao? Can we still not know?" Lohnen quickly stood aside and joked.

"Marriage is sweet in the early stage, but in the middle and late stage..."

Ji Xiaohan immediately said to lohnin, "take a cell phone and record it. I'll give it to your cousin later!" Luo

Henning quickly reached for his mobile phone, and someone's expression changed dramatically.