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Yang Chu Chu was originally very sulking, but now that she heard his words, she immediately burst out in laughter: "Then do you care about me?"

Seeing the smile in her eyes, Luo Jin Yu could only nod his head, "Yes, I care about you, because no matter what you do, you can be considered my niece."

Yang Chu Chu suddenly could not laugh anymore. The reason why this man cared about her was because they were on the same level.

She didn't want him to worry about her then. She snorted angrily and turned to leave.

"Get in the car with me!" Seeing that she still wanted to escape, Luo Jin Yu extended his big palm and grabbed her slender hands, forcefully dragging her towards the carriage.

If she could only have a distant relationship with him, she would rather not have this level of relationship with him. At any rate, she wouldn't feel awkward meeting him in the future.

However, how could her petite body be any match for the man's forceful tugging? She almost didn't resist as the man stuffed her into the car.

The tall figure entered, blocking her way out. The car door slammed shut, and the man whispered, "Drive!"

The car instantly sped forward.

Yang Chu Chu was extremely annoyed, her beautiful big eyes stared straight ahead.

However, Luo Jin Yu ignored her gaze, and only looked outside the window with a cold expression.

Luo Jin Yu cast a sidelong glance at her: "Alright, go find him!"

Yang Chu Chu didn't expect him to answer her like this. She really didn't love her.

Suddenly she began to cry, crying like a child.

Luo Jin Yu was stunned, as though he had never heard a woman cry so loudly before.

Oh, that's not right. She can't be considered a woman. She can only be considered a girl.

Yang Chu Chu cried as she complained, "You're too excessive. Didn't I like you? It's fine if you don't like me, but why did you kidnap me to your car? "

The words of the Luo Jin Yu Listen to her did not sound angry at all. Instead, he felt that it was funny.

"Enough, don't cry. I'll put you down when we reach your house." Luo Jin Yu didn't know how to comfort a woman who cried so loudly and heartlessly, so he could only open his mouth to console her.

Yang Chu Chu slowly sobbed, her voice also becoming softer. In the end, like a kitten who had suffered greatly, she sat by the other side of the door, trying her best not to get too close to him. She looked outside the window sadly.

Arriving at Yang Chu Chu's house, Luo Jin Yu ordered the driver to stop the car. Yang Chu Chu quickly pushed the door and without saying another word to him, slammed the door shut.

Through the window, Luo Jin Yu saw her enter the house and ordered the driver to open the door and leave.

The next morning!

The sun, which had been clear for days, suddenly disappeared into the dark clouds. It started to rain early in the morning.

This kind of weather would directly affect one's mood.

In Ji Xiao Han's embrace, there was a small thing, which Tang Xiao Nai sleepily reached out with his small hand to touch the face above his head.

How could Mummy's face be pierced like that?

Tang Xiao Nai woke up from shock, and when she opened her eyes, what she was touching was her father's chin, she immediately exclaimed: "Daddy, why is it you? And the Mummy? "

"Has Mummy taken big brother to sleep?" Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian grumbled, she was extremely unhappy.

"No, your Mummy caught a cold. She didn't want to infect you so she went to the guest room to sleep!" Ji Xiao Han rubbed his daughter's little head and looked at the time: "It's time to wake up, you still have to attend class!"

Tang Xiao Nai crawled up from the seat, her face full of worry: "Did Mummy suffer from a very serious disease? I want to see her! "

"When you're done washing up, Daddy will take you there!" Ji Xiao Han carried his daughter to the bathroom.

"Alright!" Tang Xiao Nai then stopped.

After the father and daughter pair finished washing up, they went to Tang You You's room. When they pushed open the door, they saw that Tang You You was still in a daze.

"Is Mummy still sick?" Tang Xiao Nai asked worriedly.

Ji Xiao Han walked over, and touched Tang You You's forehead, it was still very hot, seems like the medicine yesterday did not have much effect!

"Xiao Nai, go downstairs and eat breakfast. I'll bring your Mummy to see a doctor later." Ji Xiao Han decided to bring her to see a doctor. It was not safe to take medicine for herself.

Tang Xiao Nai obediently nodded her small head: "Okay, I will go down first. Daddy, you have to take care of Mummy first, otherwise, I won't be able to relax and go to school!"

Seeing the little guy's serious expression, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but laugh, "Don't worry, your father will definitely take good care of Mummy."

Tang You You was woken up by the conversation between the father and daughter. She turned her dizzy head and opened her eyes, seeing her daughter's small face.

"Mummy, you're awake! You're sick!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately crawled over, her small mouth kissing Tang You You's face: "Mummy, hurry and get up, Xiao Nai can't leave you!"

Tang You You reached out and rubbed the little guy's head, "Mummy is fine, eat some medicine and you'll be fine!"

At this time, Tang Xiao Rui also pushed open the door and entered. Upon entering, he curiously asked: "What's wrong?"

Tang Xiao Nai immediately shouted out: "Mummy is sick!"

Tang Xiao Rui immediately ran over to the side of the bed to look at Tang You You's face: "Mummy, your face is so pale, you're really sick!"

Seeing how the two little fellows were so concerned about his Mummy, Ji Xiao Han was moved. He was glad that he did not separate them, mother and son.

"Alright, you two brats hurry up and go downstairs to eat breakfast. Today, I will bring your Mummy to see a doctor." Ji Xiao Han smiled as he comforted the two little fellows.

"Daddy, Mummy doesn't like injections. She's afraid of pain, get the doctor to prescribe some sweet medicine for her!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately explained like a little adult.

Tang You You laid on the bed and snickered, she never thought that her son would be so considerate towards her.

Ji Xiao Han was also speechless, he could only nod his head: "Alright, no need for acupuncture, give her medicine!"

Only after receiving Ji Xiao Han's reassurance did the two little fellows feel at ease and go out to eat breakfast.