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C552 deepening of missing

"Hello, Xiaorui!" The low voice of the man, accompanied by the waves, reached Tang youyou's ear.

Hearing the familiar voice, Tang youyou only felt the inexplicable yearning in his heart and the pain in his eyes.

"Daddy, are you busy?" Asked Tang at once.

"Well, there's something to deal with!" Season owl cold voice gentle as water, in this night, there is a hook people charm.

"Oh!" Tang Xiaorui is a little disappointed.

"What's the matter?" Ji Xiaohan heard that little loss in his words, so he asked.

Tang Xiaorui immediately shouted, "I was going to let you have a phone call with my mommy. Since you are very busy, let it go!"

"Give her the phone!" The voice of season owl cold is a little urgent in an instant.

Tang Xiaorui is stunned. The next second, a smile appears on his lost face. He quickly hands it to Tang youyou: "Mommy, tell Daddy something. Although you can't be together, don't be an enemy, OK?"

Tang youyou had to take over his phone watch with a little shame.

Tang Xiaorui wisely took Tang xiaonai's hand: "come, let's race together. If you win, I will give you my toys. If you lose, I will take away your favorite toys and hide them."

"I won't lose! Bad brother! " As soon as Tang xiaonai heard that her brother was going to race with her, she immediately aroused her competitive interest. Therefore, when Tang Xiaorui ran forward quickly, Tang xiaonai also ran forward with all his life. The two little guys were far away from Tang youyou.

Tang youyou looks at her son and intentionally helps her to support her daughter. She can't help but smile. It's really a gratifying thing to have a son as a divine helper.

"Hello!" Tang youyou is greeting him in a low voice in this quiet night.

"On the way back, let's win!" Season owl cold whisper concern.

"Fine!" Tang youyou smiled and suddenly didn't know what to say to him.

When two people are abroad, they are too tired to be separated. But at this moment, when they return home, they feel that the atmosphere has changed. Tang youYou can't stick to him like he does abroad any more.

"The children must miss you very much!" Ji Xiaohan's voice is low and dumb. Obviously, he can't adapt to the feeling of pretending to be strange for a while, so he has no words to ask her.

"Well!" Tang youyou whispered.

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow?" Season owl cold suddenly asked again, in the tone, showing a few expectations.

"I'm going to work normally tomorrow." Tang youyou smiled bitterly.

"Why don't you play for a few more days? Anyway, you have a long holiday this time." Season owl cold care.

Tang youyou sighed: "don't play, let yourself be busy, then you won't think about anything."

"If someone in the company gossips about you, just tell me and I'll fix it for you!" Before Ji Xiaohan, I heard that many people in the company were looking at her jokes, but I don't know which one. So, at the moment, he will tell her to pay attention.

Tang youyou chuckled: "it seems that I can still walk horizontally in the company."

"As long as I'm here, you can always walk sideways. If anyone dares to block your way, you can tell me." Ji Xiaohan's love for her seems to have been upgraded.

Tang youyou's depressed mood suddenly becomes better. Some people care about it, some people support it, and it seems that he is back.

"If you really want me to be more secure in the company, you can give me a promotion as a mother. I have nothing to worry about with her covering me." Tang youyou took the opportunity to say a few good words to Ganma.

"Well, I'll give her a raise tomorrow and raise her position!" Ji Xiaohan is very good at talking. As long as she asks, he seems to meet her first time.

"Thank you first!" Tang youyou is really grateful to him. Of course, such a cold season makes her love her more deeply.

"Tell me what thanks? I owe you all this! " Ji Xiaohan's tone was low for a few minutes, with the bewitching hoarseness: "you really want to go down to see you."

"Me too!" Tang youyou raised his head and looked at the light at the middle of the mountain: "let's not do it. Let's find another chance to meet. Don't commit crimes under the eyes of your grandparents."

Seeing that she used such mischievous words to describe the relationship between the two, Ji Xiaohan couldn't help chuckling.

"The children are running back. Let's do that first. I'll hang up!" Seeing Tang xiaonai running back crying, Tang youyou quickly hung up the phone.

"What's the matter, nane? Why are you crying? " Tang youyou hurriedly came up and hugged his daughter and asked.

"My brother won. He's going to hide my favorite toys from me!" Tang xiaonai cried up and out of breath, worried about the grievance.

Tang youyou was immediately amused by his daughter's lovely appearance. He wiped tears on her back and comforted her in a low voice: "Xiao Nai, stop crying. I ask you and your brother for love. He will not touch your toys."

"Really? Then mummy, please ask me for help Seeing that Mommy would help her, Tang xiaonai immediately stopped crying.

Tang Xiaorui was also sweating, and he laughed: "stupid xiaonai, you lost, do you want to hide any toys for me?"

Tang xiaonai hurriedly hid behind Mommy, blinked her eyes, and said wrongly, "it's not fair. My brother's legs are much longer than mine. I'm sure I can't run you!"

"But we are the same size!"

"Different, you are older than me, you didn't let me!" Tang xiaonai's unconvinced retort.

Tang Xiaorui has long known what her younger sister is. Playing tricks is her greatest strength. Anyway, he doesn't really want to compete with her, just want mommy to have a chance to talk to Daddy alone.

"Well, for the sake that you are smaller than me, let it go this time!" Tang Xiaorui shrugged his shoulders and said with a big face.

Tang youyou quickly wiped his son's sweat: "well, you're all tired. We're going back to take a bath and go to bed."

A family of three, hand in hand, towards the direction of home.

Back to yesterday!

In a foreign seven-star hotel, Ji Yueze throws a new suit to Bai Yiyan with a cold face: "change it now!"

Bai Yiyan took the clothes without any politeness, ran into the bathroom to change them, took another bath and dried her long hair.

As soon as she came out, she saw Ji Yueze standing in the living room and taking off his wet clothes. Due to her professional habit, Bai Yiyan secretly takes out her mobile phone and carefully wants to take a photo of Ji Yueze's bare upper body. Well, her figure is much better than that in the legend.