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C2011 no respite from sin

How can Tang Weixin still live?

Po is hard to believe and has to believe. Tang's bloody idealism makes her mood complicated. To be honest, she would rather see a corpse than breathe.

"Sister, what happened? How can your identity be exposed? Who did it? I will avenge you. " Po had to cooperate with the acting, crouching down, shaking his fingers, to check her injuries.

Tang Weixin could not let her see the wound, but grabbed her hand and said hoarsely and painfully, "Po, come to the doctor. I can't die. I need to find out the Betrayer. Jack is dead. He died in a wrong way. In order to protect me, he was shot several times. His head is different. It's terrible."

Tang Weixin's words exaggerate Jack's expression as he sits outside the door waiting for orders.

"Elder martial sister, do you want me to be so miserable?" Jack wants to cry without tears.

Po's face suddenly changed, several emotions interweaved in her eyes, but in her heart, there was only one idea, killing Tang Weixin, so that her plan could be successfully implemented.

I have to live to spend the greedy money. If I die, I'm not willing to.

"Elder sister, you have a great life. After so many days of being chased and killed by the people of Saxon, you can still climb back from hell. It's worthy of my study." Po doesn't want to act anymore. She stands up coldly, her eyes are cold and her voice is full of ridicule.

"Po What do you mean by that? I need treatment now. If I don't save my life, I will die. " Tang Weixin has been discouraged, but she still has to play a trick to let Po believe that she is not far from death.

"There's no doctor here, and I won't save you, elder martial sister. It's time for you to close your eyes and die in the hands of Saxon. It's better than dying in my hands. How can you be as innocent as a child when you've been through all kinds of difficulties? You used to ask me not to trust others, but you trusted me so much. It's ridiculous. " There was no extra expression on Po's face, only indifference. She squinted and sneered at Tang idealism.

"Po, are you the Betrayer?" Tang Wei's heart was aching and angry.

Po took a cigarette and lit it. He raised his mouth and sneered: "it's so nice to live a rich life. I don't want to go back to the hard days. It's so painful. I don't have the most basic dignity. Elder martial sister, I can't help it. Everyone yearns for a high life. I betray you. To be honest, I'm still blaming myself, but this is cruel human nature People will not be killed for their own sake. "

Tang Weixin didn't expect that Po had become a stranger. Her conversation was not as simple as before.

"I'm sorry to let you in, but I don't regret to meet you again because of this." Tang Weixin said, hiding in the other hand of the gun, accurate hit Po's shoulder.

"Ah!" Po made a scream. The next second, the gun hit her in the leg. This time, she screamed more sharply.

"You You lied to me? " Po's voice is exhausted and roars.

Tang Weixin stood up. Although all the blood was on her body, it wasn't her. Her shoulder hurt a lot, which didn't affect her actions.

"Po, this is the end of the traitor. There is no chance to be tried. Death is your only destination." Tang Weixin's voice is also very cold. She has no pity any more.

"Help me, I don't want to die, elder martial sister Please, help me, I have family... " Po was in great pain, but she still didn't want to die like this. She had tears on her face and a hoarse voice.

"Your soul is dark. You waste your companion's life, dozens of lives. Po, I used to treat you sincerely, but in the next life, don't meet me again. I don't want to be your sister again. You don't deserve it." Tang Weixin said, closed his eyes and fired two more shots. Po died with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes with hatred, but lost his breath.

Hearing the gunshot, Jack and Jiexun rushed in quickly, and saw that Po was dead, and Tang Weixin leaned against the wall.

Fuxun looked at her like this, and felt heartache. Without saying a word, he pressed her into his arms and held her tightly: "if you want to cry, cry out. Don't bear it."

"I don't want to cry, but I want to borrow your shoulder." The woman in my arms has sadness in her voice.

"Come on." Tie Xun is no longer stingy of his own warmth.

Jack is watching. He feels sad. He once worked hard together. He died and hurt. It's really sad.

Only for a while, Tang Yixin put down his mood and said in a low voice, "let's evacuate quickly and don't be found out."

Po's body was found by her subordinates one day later, which caused a great sensation. Stevens held a meeting in an emergency. He took the gun and shouted at the sky angrily. "Tang Weixin is not dead. She's fighting back. Everyone cheer me up. We must find out the disaster and kill it. Otherwise, we'll have a hard time in the future "

All the people on the scene were in high spirits, shouting slogans and determined to kill Tang Weixin and her subordinates.

At this moment, an UAV took this scene at a high altitude, and the picture was directly transmitted back to the frequency screen in front of bondeng.

Stevens's heart disappeared, he was also very anxious, reducing the human protection of the major checkpoints, which made Tang idealism and tie Xun win out. At this moment, they are hidden in the tie family company.

Tang Weixin is reporting the situation of death and injury with his superiors. He has also explained the betrayal of Bao. There is evidence of her corruption. He is very angry. He entrusts her to finish the work here. He will send people to help fight against the crime one after another.

Tang Weixin hears that someone is going to be sent from above. She delays for a while and looks at the old man with cracked teeth on the screen.

"If you want to start, try your best in these days. Once our people come here and want to kill him, I'm afraid it will be difficult at all levels. He involves several major cases, and the people above will certainly try him. Once you are in prison, the chance of killing him will be very small." Tang Weixin put his hands on the table and said to the two brothers of the family.

"I know." "Tie Ting said in a deep voice.

Tie Xun's eyes were fixed on Tang Weixin. Her face was soft and her eyes were firm. His heart was pounding. Some of them tugged at her arm: "come out with me, I have something to say."

Tang Wei instinctively wants to get rid of his strong pull, but his heart is inexplicably soft, so he lets him drag into another room.

Entering the room, the man gently pushes her to the wall, and the long arm beats her to the strong wall.

"Tang Weixin, do you want to be a seducer?" Tie Xun asked her angrily.

Tang Weixin's face was as usual, but there was a smile under his eyes: "don't worry, I'll be OK. I'll have dinner with you and watch a movie. If I'm all right, maybe I can go to the hotel."

Tie Xun: "..."