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C607 what's the thrill to her?

In the closed door of the ward, Tang youyou's breathing is a little tight. His pale face is even whiter now because of his nervousness and fear.

She closed her eyes and felt dizzy. She tried not to think about these things. However, she couldn't help thinking deeply. The more she thought, the more uneasy she became. Unconsciously, she fell asleep again.

At the moment, at the end of the corridor outside the door, Ji Xiaohan felt his arms, only to find that he had used up all the cigarettes he had with him. He frowned and was a little fidgety.

Behind him, two men came over and Ji asked them politely for a cigarette.

The two men handed him a very common cigarette, which Ji Xiaohan never smoked.

But at the moment, he took two mouthfuls of it, which made his brow wrinkled.

However, although it was choking, Ji Xiaohan didn't throw it away, but took one mouthful after another and sucked it fiercely.

Just now, Tang youyou's expression seems to confirm the little doubt in his heart.

He thought that he must be crazy, and that kind of doubt would arise.

One is his brother, the other is his favorite woman.

He must have thought too much. Today's mood is too heavy. That's why he has this kind of delusion.

"Young master..." Just when Ji Xiaohan denied the idea in his mind, an urgent voice came from behind him.

It's Lu Qing, his assistant.

"Any cigarettes?" When Ji Xiaohan saw him, Lu Qing was shocked by the first sentence he asked.

After two seconds, he quickly reflected: "yes!"

Lu Qing felt Ji Xiaohan's favorite cigarette out of his arms in a hurry, handed him a cigarette, and at the same time, he started a fire and said: "young master, Miss Tang was in a car accident, we are all very sad, I can understand your mood, but you still need to take care of yourself and smoke less."

Ji Xiaohan nodded to show that he had listened to his concern.

"Haven't the cars been investigated yet?" Asked the season owl in a cold voice. "Our people have been trying their best to find out. The police have also arranged a 24-hour on duty investigation. Don't worry, young master, you will find out the murderers in the shortest time." Lu Qing lowers his head, some dare not look into Ji Xiaohan's eyes, because he feels that he has failed in doing

this time.

"These bastards, if I find them, I will kill them." Season owl cold dark face, scold. "Don't worry, young master, I will not let them go. I suspect they are only under the direction of others. There must be someone behind them. At that time, it will be necessary to see who has the courage to fight against Miss Tang. It's really impatient." Lu Qing also hated this kind of vicious person.

"Whoever it is, I must find it." Season owl cold big palm clenches tightly into the fist, the bone all rattles, obviously he has how angry.

"Young master, do you think the other party is coming while Miss Tang or while you are?" Because he didn't know the feelings of young master and Tang youyou very well, Lu Qing didn't dare to make a conclusion for a while. Season owl's eyes narrowed slightly and snorted coldly: "it's definitely not while I'm here. In the eyes of outsiders, I have nothing to do with Tang youyou now. Since I know that hurting her won't do me any good, my enemies will definitely not waste this time to bear such a big crime.

so, several branches can be sure that they're here while youYou're here." "If we can get rid of the enemies on the young master's side and simply investigate from the enemies of Miss Tang, the scope can be narrowed down a lot. Is Miss Tang sober now? I'd like to ask her who she really has hatred with. Although we haven't found those murderers, we can also investigate from her enemies. I'm sure there will be results. " Lu Qing is worthy of being the most important person of Ji Xiaohan. His thinking mode is also very sharp, and there are many ways to deal with things.

"OK, come in with me!" Ji Xiaohan also feels that his method is very effective.

When the two men pushed open the door of the ward, Ji Xiaohan saw Tang Youyou, who was still awake just now, but he fell asleep again. Jun's face was in a hurry.

Strode to her bedside and whispered, "Yo, what's wrong with you? Long

Lu Qing looks at Tang youyou's injured look, and can't help frowning.

Once so pure and beautiful women, but now become this fragile look, it's really heartbreaking.

"What happened to Miss Tang? Is the injury aggravated? Do you want the doctor to come over and have a look? " Lu Qing asked in a hurry.

Seeing that Tang youyou didn't seem to be asleep, Ji Xiaohan immediately called a doctor to come and have a check-up.

The doctor confirmed that Tang youyou was indeed in a coma. He immediately called a nurse to come over and prepare to send Tang youyou to have a careful examination.

Nothing was found, and the doctor had to return her to the ward again.

Ji Xiaohan followed her closely all the way. When she heard that the doctor said that she was in a coma for a while, she didn't find out anything about her body, so she was a little relieved.

Just now, why did you suddenly pass out again?

When the doctor left, he gave Ji Xiaohan a few words. Don't let her be stimulated. With her current physical and mental state, she can't be strongly hit. Otherwise, there will be coma.


Season owl cold frowned, he just didn't say anything to stimulate her?

He just said that his younger brother came to visit her. Does this sentence also stimulate her?

"Young master, since Miss Tang is going to have a rest, I will not disturb her. When she wakes up, you can help me to ask what enemies she has. I will investigate one by one." Lu Qing intends to leave.

"Well, go ahead and tell me the first thing you can do." At the moment, Ji Xiaohan's heart is also a little disordered. He can't think about anything else.

"OK, young master, take good care of Miss Tang. I'll help to keep an eye on the company's affairs. I'll come to ask for instructions in person for anything I do." After Lu Qing finished, he left quietly.

Ji Xiaohan sits in front of the hospital bed, handsome face is stained with tired color, but the eyes are tightly locked with the little woman in coma.

A heart is in a mess.

Ji Yueze was sitting in his office, walking back and forth for a long time. Bai Yiyan, who was sitting next to him, was about to faint.

"What's the matter with you? If you want to call your brother and ask about her, you can call her. " Bai Yiyan knew that he was worried about the situation of Tang youyou.

So she had to persuade him. Ji Yueze picked up his mobile phone, and before it lit up the screen, he threw it aside: "no, I can't play."