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C1490 the situation of death

Ling Mo Feng's off-road vehicle, under the cover of many cars in front of and behind, is running wildly in the night.

Suddenly, two gunny bags rolled down from a nearby hillside. The young driver, who had thought it was a stone and was about to run over it, saw the opening of the gunny bag and exposed two people's heads. The man was still alive, with the film sealed on his mouth and his eyes wide open in fear, motioned for the driver to stop.

The driver's little brother was shocked. He instinctively stepped on the brake hard, and the two people in the sack rolled out of the wheel and escaped the disaster.

The driver's little brother is still shaking his hand holding the steering wheel, shaking and saying: "vice president, two people were thrown down from the mountain just now. I don't know if they were pressed. I'll get out of the car and have a look."

"This is bait!" Ling Mo Feng said in a deep voice.

The driver's little brother was shocked by his words, and looked at him with his head on his side.

"Help!" Knowing that it was a lure, Ling Mo Feng could not stand by and immediately took the walkie talkie and gave a command: "be careful of the ambush. The vehicle ahead will send someone down to drag the two people to the vehicle for protection, but they must also be careful. If it is not a lure, but a criminal, do not be soft handed, and do not let them disrupt our plan from the inside."

Four people jumped out of the car immediately in front of them. They were about to drag the two sacks. Suddenly, the people in the sacks shot. Fortunately, Ling Mo Feng had expected that their guns would be shot by another wave of people in the car as soon as they appeared. Both of them were injured in their arms.

Ling Mo Feng stared at this scene with gloomy eyes, and once again took the walkie talkie to issue instructions: "these two tow to get in the car and keep alive!"

Just as they were going to drag the two men, suddenly there was a gunshot in the dark mountains on both sides. The bullets flew to the two sacks. Obviously, they were furious and wanted to kill their mouths, but it was still late. Someone took a shield to block the bullets and quickly dragged the two men onto the first car.

When the other side saw that there was a living mouth left, he was so angry that he took a gun and swept around.

Lingmo Feng's off-road vehicle was refitted, all of which were bulletproof glass. The car body was also prepared. When the bullets hit, they only damaged the car body, but did not affect the car's progress.

The motorcade set out again, and some people had jumped down to fight with the criminals on the mountain.

At the same time, Cheng Yuan and Chu lie, who were driving here, also did the work of postponing. For a while, there was another fierce battle.

Ling Mo Feng's cross-country vehicle quickly passed through. Fortunately, the whole vehicle was full of bullets, but he was not hurt, but his heart was breaking. The old president even set many barriers for him. What a grudge. I'm afraid that the third generation has a grudge.

Although Ling Mo Feng wanted to fight back with his own tactics, he felt that this kind of behavior was too despicable and shameful. He didn't care about such struggle for power and profit, and the people's heart was clear. What he wanted was the hope they expected.

The next journey, however, was smooth, reaching the first rescue point, where there were volunteers from all over the country. Some of them sent materials, some brought medicine. For a while, it was touching. One side was in trouble, and the other side was in support. This was the strength of the country and the hope of the nation. After his life and death, Ling Mo Feng arrived at the first war safely. This was the first war He didn't report what happened overnight. Instead, he called the person in charge of disaster relief at the first time and held a tight rescue meeting.

We all watched the dusty vice president, the soldiers who had been busy for several days without rest, and felt that their hard work had been comforted. With such caring leaders, they would follow them without hesitation.

Ling Mo Feng realized the cold and desolation of the north area. He wore a lot of clothes, but here, his fingers were still cold and stiff.

It can be imagined how difficult the conditions here are, how difficult the rescue work is. Soldiers and medical personnel stand in the front line to help the wounded and the dead. But some people sit in the hall, but they feel resentful and cruel to him. In contrast, Ling Mo Feng's mood turns and his eyes turn red with anger.

Chu lie and Cheng Yuan's car also rushed over. Ling Mo Feng learned that Chu lie was injured. After finishing the meeting work, he came to see him at the first time and saw that Cheng Yuan was also there. He was a little surprised: "Cheng Yuan, how can you come?"

"Sir, please forgive me for not inviting me. I actually Don't worry about him. Ask for help! " Cheng Yuan blushed and looked at Chu lie with shy eyes.

At the moment, Chu lie is almost unconscious. The doctor and the nurse are rushing to deal with the wound for him and take out the bullet. His whole arm can't move. He's drugged, but his consciousness is clear. Hearing Cheng Yuan's words, he suddenly feels that this shot has not been killed in vain.

Just now, with tears in her eyes, she cried out his name anxiously, which was deeply imprinted on Chu lie's mind and will be unforgettable in this life.

"Of course I don't blame you. Chulie has such a good girlfriend. I'm happy for him." Ling Mo Feng said with a smile, then went to the operating table inside and asked Chu lie in a low voice, "how do you feel? Do you mind? "

"Don't worry, sir. I'm too lucky to die, but you are not hurt, are you? I've been worried. " Chu lie looked at him with concern and asked.

"I'm fine. Fortunately, with your desperate protection, I have the life to stand here. You are the bravest." Lingmo Feng is grateful to them. A political reform will not only shed blood but also shed tears. Lingmo Feng only hopes to shed less blood and tears and no more injuries.

"Sir, I can't move now. Let Cheng Yuan follow you to protect me." Chu lie was still uneasy, and said to Cheng Yuan, "I don't need to be taken care of here. You stay with my husband."

"OK!" Cheng Yuan nodded at once, barely thinking about it.

"No, you're hurt. It's time for Cheng Yuan to accompany you. I'll find someone else." Ling Mo Feng is willing to interrupt their two worlds.

"Sir, let me follow you. Our duty is to protect you. You must not be hurt." Cheng Yuan immediately pleaded.

"Sir, if you don't let her follow, I'll put on my clothes and follow you!" Chu lie said, struggling to pierce the pipe and reach for his clothes.

"OK, let Cheng Yuan follow you. Don't move. I appreciate your loyalty!" Ling Mo Feng couldn't help but smile bitterly. How could he be so lucky to have people work so hard for him.

"I'm going to visit the injured people now. Come with me, Cheng Yuan." At this moment, it's more than three o'clock in the morning. It's the darkest and coldest time. Ling Mo Feng hasn't rested all night. His deep eyes are red and his face is tired, but his spirit is still excited. He ignores his physical fatigue and continues to do what he should do.

Cheng Yuan looks at it and feels very sad. Fortunately, Yan Xi doesn't see it. Otherwise, she has to cry.

In the temporary shed, the injured victims are transported by waves, some are slightly injured, some are seriously injured, some are unconscious, and the medical staff sent here are busy with treatment, walking back and forth in the shed full of the smell of disinfectant water.

Cheng Yuan's eyes were burning, and several other bodyguards stared at the movements of the people beside her all the time, for fear that some lawbreakers might be mixed with the injured people.

One by one, Ling expressed sympathy to the past. When the people saw the presence of the vice president, they were very moved and grateful.

Ling Mo Feng walked forward a few steps, heard the crying of the baby, and saw a young mother holding a child just over one year old in her arms. The child didn't know whether he was hungry or frightened. The crying continued. The tears of the young mother kept falling down. For a while, she couldn't help crying and covered her face.

Ling Mo Feng walked over, bent over, and gently held the baby in her arms. The child also loved novelty. Suddenly, when he saw a stranger, he stopped crying immediately and looked at Ling Mo Feng with big eyes full of tears.

Ling Mo Feng also looked at him tenderly. The young mother looked up and couldn't believe to see the tall man standing beside her. It turned out that he was the vice president, who only wanted to be seen on TV. At the moment, he even helped her to coax her children, which was almost unreal as a dream.