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"What?" Ji Yueze's eyes widened in an instant. He said incredibly, "my brother left you alone again? You won't make any contradictions! "

Tang youyou smiled bitterly: "no matter what, between me and him, it's already like this, and there's no trouble. Are you really here to work?"

"Since my brother is not here, I will tell you the truth, I I don't know why I came here. " Ji Yueze shrugs his shoulders with a helpless expression.

Tang youyou's heart trembled, so he had to open his mouth and say, "then hurry to leave!"

Ji Yueze looked at her pink face and lowered his voice a few times: "Tang Youyou, can you not drive me away? Will you drive me away when I finally come to see you?" "I don't mean to drive you away. OK, I'll treat you to breakfast. Will you leave after breakfast?" Tang youyou finds that it's a hall full of people. It's really not suitable for chatting. Just in time, if she wants to go out to eat, she just needs to find a place where nobody is. Then she can have a good chat with Ji Yueze.

Ji Yueze nodded: "well, I just came to you hungry. What do you want me to eat?"

"Let's go out and find a shop and sit down!" Tang youyou didn't understand the surrounding environment.

"I know a shop. You come with me!" Ji Yueze is more familiar with this place than Tang Youyou, because he has lived here and often works here.

Before Tang youyou reflected, Ji Yueze turned around and walked out the door.

Tang youyou came out and saw that he was driving a sports car by himself.

Ji Yueze sat in the driver's seat, and Tang youyou hesitated for two seconds. He opened the copilot and went in.

With Tang Youyou, Ji Yueze almost bypassed the whole city.

Tang youyou is a little nervous and uneasy. He frowns and asks him, "where is the place you are going to take me?"

Ji Yueze suddenly drove his car to the restaurant with a small family nearby and stopped: "in fact, I don't know where to take you. Why don't you choose here to eat?"

Tang youyou feels that Ji Yueze seems to have a little mood, and suddenly she regrets coming out with him.

Although Ji Yueze didn't say a word to him, the feeling of uneasiness and panic was still confused between the two people.

"All right!" Tang youyou doesn't want to choose a place now. He just wants to make it clear to Ji Yueze and hope he can leave here soon.

I picked a window seat, ordered two steaks and some fruit salad.

Ji Yueze looks out of the window with a slightly stiff expression.

"You shouldn't have come here for me!" Tang youyou holds his hands on the top of the water cup and stares at the water in the cup. His voice is a little tense. "I know!" Ji Yueze reached for the red wine and took a sip: "before, I felt that my whole life had been devoted to my acting career, and there would be no confusion period, and there would be no fuzzy future. Now, it's just a dream of my youth and frivolity. At that time, the love I knew was only in the script, and I would go according to the characters in the script to let me know which woman deeply Love money, I can do it. I can do it if I'm desperate for any woman! "

Tang youyou listened to his sad words, but he couldn't help but follow the sadness.

If love in reality can know the ending as it is written in the script, then there will be no sad people in the world.

"It turns out that no matter how clear your goal is or how clear you are about your life plan, you can't resist a sudden crush!" The more Ji Yueze said, the worse his mood was. Once again, he emptied the wine and continued with the cup. "Don Youyou, you shouldn't be in my life!" Ji Yueze suddenly stared at her angrily: "if you don't show up, I won't have these troubles. I wish I fell in love with another woman. I can have the love I want. I can give her a bright future.

I can make money for her desperately. But when that person becomes you, I can do nothing but look at you and my brother Tian Honey happiness. " "Then you forget me, completely forget me, find a woman, and seriously love her." Tang youYou can feel Ji Yueze's painful mood at the moment. She can't comfort him, can't give him any hope, and can only teach him how to get out of this painful single love.

"Well, from now on On the road outside the gate, if I pass the third girl with the same Oriental face as us, I will go to tell her and ask for her phone number. From here, I forget you! " Ji Yueze said it as if he was joking.

Tang youyou is speechless!

"Can't you be more serious? I don't believe that you haven't met a good girl. Don't take your feelings as games and gambling. " Don youjue's doing this is really ridiculous.

"You know what? When I have a person in my heart, I think other women are just her substitutes. " Ji Yueze said the truth without any concern.

Tang youyou's face was a little white, and suddenly he was silent. He didn't know what to say.

"Look out of the window, there's one!" Ji Yueze actually played the game, pointing out the window.

Tang youyou immediately looked out of the window. Sure enough, a girl was taking pictures with her backpack and camera.

"Ji Yueze, won't you do that? It's not interesting! " Tang youyou stops him immediately.

"I think so. I can let you know at the first time what kind of woman I have found!" Ji Yueze said lightly.

"It's really ridiculous, isn't it?" Tang youyou is in a hurry. I really don't want to see Ji Yueze playing with his feelings so much.

"Don you want me to forget you? I'm forgetting you now, or When you see me in the future, draw a ugly make-up. In this way, I will be disillusioned with you! " Ji Yueze laughed and the sun hit his handsome face. He looked like the most beautiful scenery.

Once again, Tang youyou is speechless.


Ji Yueze suddenly saw a girl again. The girl lowered her head and hurried by.

"The next one is my goal!" Ji Yueze smiled, as if he didn't look forward to the next woman.

Tang youyou sighs, feeling that Ji Yueze is hopeless.

"Whatever you want, if you think it's so funny!" Tang youyou takes the cup to drink.

Ji Yueze's eyes stop on her face for two seconds. Although Tang youyou has no make-up at the moment, and she has a clean face, her appearance still makes Ji Yueze move. Maybe elder brother was also moved by her sincere appearance.