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Your parents are gone

Ji Xiao Han sat alone in his office, opening the curtains behind him, he turned the chair around and once again lit up a cigarette.

Her gaze was like lightning as she stared at the building Tang You You was in, her emotions in turmoil.

In fact, he really hoped that Lu Qing was wrong. However, there was too much evidence proving that Tang You You was the daughter of the dragon and phoenix that Xia Wei Wen had lost.

He couldn't even see his mother anymore, and that dark time seemed to have come back to envelop him.

If he really married Tang You You, then, just how chaotic would their relationship be?

His mother was now Tang You You's stepmother.

It was too funny, Ji Xiao Han felt that it was all extremely funny.

He didn't even know what kind of feeling he had towards Tang You You anymore.

Could he continue to love her? Or should he stop this love until he had sorted out his inner thoughts before continuing his choice?

Ji Xiao Han reached out and took his phone from the table. He flipped it open and saw her and the children hugging each other with a smile on their faces on the screen.

He told his son to take this photo and give it to him from the wall. Because he liked the smile on Tang You You's face in this photo, it was very beautiful.

However, as he looked at the picture, a complicated feeling welled up in his heart. He clearly liked the picture, but he had to force himself to look away.

What a contradictory feeling.

He also knew that this feeling would continue to follow him until he made his final decision.

If he wanted to love, but he couldn't, why did he have to repay such a painful taste?

Unconsciously, his fingers had already pulled out the phone.

Tang You You's gentle voice drifted over, "Hey!"

"It's me!" Ji Xiao Han suppressed his emotions and spoke indifferently.

"I know it's you. You called me. Did you find out about my parents?"

"Got it!" Ji Xiao Han's voice could not help but become a little colder, "However, it's a pity that they are no longer in this world!"

"What?" When Tang You You heard the news, his entire body stiffened, and his voice became somewhat shaky: "What did you say?"

"I also know that telling you this news will make you feel very uncomfortable and unhurried. However, I still want to tell you that your parents are no longer in this world. They have died." Ji Xiao Han's tone softened a little, because, after all, this was cruel news. When he heard the painful trembling in her voice, he couldn't bear to keep it any longer.

"They... "How did he die?" Tang You You seemed to need a lot of effort to complete this question.

Ji Xiao Han knew that her heart would definitely collapse at this moment, and he would not be able to stand steadily, thus, he could not bear to do so anymore.

The voice became soft again, "They died in a car accident!"

Tang You You laughed at himself after a long while: "Looks like I don't have anything to look forward to!"

"Wandering, my apologies …"

"No, Ji Xiao Han, I still need to thank you, thank you for investigating this information, if not, I had always thought that my parents were in this city, and would make me feel that they would meet them at some point in time, and that I would call out to them, and ask them if they didn't want me because I'm my daughter, and don't even think about it now." As Tang You You spoke, his tears fell like rain. He pressed the back of his hand to his lips, crying so hard that he couldn't stand it anymore.

"Wandering …" Ji Xiao Han suddenly felt that he was very cruel, but he had to be cold, because he knew very well that he loved her, and he would not allow anyone to disturb or destroy this relationship. She was in pain, but he would love her more than once.

"I'm fine, I'm hanging up first!" Tang You You's voice was still filled with sorrow, she anxiously hung up the phone, afraid that she would lose control of herself and affect his mood.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the phone that she hung up on, and then looked out of the window.

He didn't know if doing this was a selfish action, but he was willing to bear all the retribution. He also wanted to forcefully keep her by his side. He couldn't leave her, and his child couldn't not have a complete family.

Tang You You cried on the table for a long, long time!

Her eyes were swollen like two big lantern cannons, but she was still unable to control the sadness in her heart.

If Ji Xiao Han said that they were dead, then it must be true, because he wouldn't lie to him, furthermore, the things he investigated should also be true.

Liu Xi pushed open the door and was shocked to see Tang You You crying so much.

"Wandering, what happened to you? Tell me, is something wrong? " Liu Xi hurriedly walked over and asked.

"Godmother!" Tang You You threw herself at her and hugged her. "From now on, I only have you and my aunt as my family, and I only have you two!"

Liu Xi was completely confused by his sobbing voice. He patted her back and comforted her: "Sou Sou, why are you saying such negative words? Did something happen? "

Tang You You then used a tissue to wipe her tears away, and sobbed, "Didn't I tell you before that I was looking for my biological parents? I've found them now, but they're all dead. "

When Tang You You went to the museum to look for the curator yesterday, the curator also secretly revealed that the person who stored the jade pendant was an old man. It seemed that it was because something bad had happened to his family that he put these things inside the museum.

What Tang You You felt was that all those bad things was probably because her parents were no longer around. Maybe her grandfather had placed the jade in the museum.

Liu Xi gently patted her shoulder, and comforted her: "Wanru, don't be sad anymore. In the future, godmother will be your family. If anything happens to you, godmother will help you."

"I know, godmother, I'm fine now!" Tang You You gradually calmed down.

"Then don't cry. You don't need to do the work for the afternoon. Go home!" Liu Xi said with concern.

"No, I don't want to go back yet. I'll stay in the office!" Tang You You didn't even dare return home now, because with the old lady there, she felt very awkward going back.

"You're not going to pick up the children?" Liu Xi asked curiously.

"Mother, Ji Xiao Han's grandparents are here. The matter of taking the child has been completely handed over to them!" Tang You You knew that he was not the only one who was taking care of the kids. The two elders were extremely concerned, sigh, although her two children had more and more people spoiling them, but as a mother, she felt a sense of loss for some reason.

"Really? That's great, sharing your work. " Liu Xi was happy for her.