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C1582. She's been very obedient

When he heard that Lan Yanxi was going together, Ling Mo Feng had a deep worry at the bottom of his eyes. He looked at her as she just woke up. He gently consoled her and said, "Yan Xi, don't go. It's too dangerous. I can't let you take risks."

"Why don't you let me go? I'm going. I'm going to show Yang He and everyone. Your gossip is not worth anything. " LAN Yanxi didn't know why. Now she was jealous. When she heard the man's advice, she was even more aggrieved.

Ling Mo Feng listened to her angry words, and felt funny for no reason, so he had to promise her: "well, if you have to follow, you must obey, you know?"

"I didn't listen to you one day." Blue words Xi small mouth toot toot, a pair of unhappy expression.

Ling Mo Feng thought carefully, this woman is quite obedient, gently pressed her head, thin lips in her forehead kissed: "go."

Lingmo Feng's injured arm still can't move around. After washing, lanyanxi puts on his clothes for him, and then reaches out to help her button up her shirt, buckle up. Lanyanxi is filled with inexplicable emotions. He doesn't buckle up, and directly reaches out to hold him tightly, and his face is close to his chest: "I'm not so generous, let you go to risk for other women, Lingmo Feng, you remember Live, my heart is very small, you do this, will make me angry, you can't let me be so embarrassed again in the future, otherwise, I won't play with you. "

Ling Mo Feng's face was slightly shocked. After hearing her words, he put out his left hand to hug her, put his thin lips in her hair, and nodded, "OK, I won't make you embarrassed again."

LAN Yan hopes to get his guarantee, so he releases his hand and looks up at him angrily.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her lovely charming manner when she was angry, and really liked it, but because she was still in the middle of being angry, she couldn't tease her, otherwise, I was afraid that she would be more angry, which would be difficult to coax.

After wearing them, lanyanxi quickly baked some pieces of bread, took a bottle of warm water, and followed Ling Mo Feng to the car.

"Have a loaf of bread. You can't go hungry to save people." LAN Yanxi handed him a piece, and asked Chu lie and the driver's eldest brother. They shook their hands and said that they had eaten. They were afraid to grab love bread from the vice president.

Ling Mo Feng actually ate two pieces. Her heart filled with satisfaction. This little woman is more and more able to take care of people.

Ling Mo Feng asked Chu lie as he ate: "what's the situation now? Does the other side have any other conditions?"

Chu lie shakes his head: "not yet, but we are already positioning them. We know roughly where they are. At present, someone has been sent to search."

"Well, first make sure the hostage is safe, then negotiate with the other side." Ling Mo Feng said in a deep voice.

Chu lie was a little angry: "Sir, this Yang He made up right and wrong, blacked out your relationship with Miss LAN. Now she is tied up, and she has to suffer by herself. If she can come back alive this time, she must remember this lesson."

"Don't say that. It's important to save people." Ling of course knows that Yang He is totally self seeking, but when it comes to this, whose responsibility is not important.

Chu lie thought of another thing and said, "those people have two confessions again. It seems that they have something to do with an international organization. It's said that this organization has spread terrorist messages all over the world. If there is a fight in any country, they will inevitably get in the way. This is a global cancer. If you want to get rid of it, you have to worry about some difficulties."

"I guess it will be such a result. International disputes have never stopped. However, we just need to eliminate the domestic hidden dangers. International relations are sensitive and tense, and we will not take care of them." Ling Mo Feng made a cold voice and reserved his attitude towards this matter.

When Ling Mo Feng arrived at the general office, the other party called again. This time, it was a video phone.

At the other end of the video, Yang He is tied between two pillars. His hands and legs are hung. It's frightening to watch him. Yang He looks scared and has hair on his head. He's obviously over frightened and looks dull.

Seeing such a scene, LAN Yanxi was also shocked. Although she wished Yang he had been taught a lesson quickly, she could not bear such a cruel method.

"Ling Mo Feng, this woman's life and death is between your words. Among the troublemakers, there are my brother. If you let them all go, I will spare her from dying. If you don't let them go, I'll let her live worse than death. My brothers are all hungry and thirsty, and I will let this woman die happily."

"No, don't do this to me, no, help me, help me." Yang he obviously heard the man's words, and then he woke up, opened his eyes in horror, and howled. It can be seen that she was very desperate at the moment.

Ling Mo Feng and Chu lie look at each other. It seems that the other side wants to save the mob.

"What can I do, sir?" Chu lie asked for instructions, standing next to a dozen staff, are also waiting for Ling Mo Feng's decision.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes narrowed a little: "ask his brother which one is, let people go, save the hostages first."

Chu lie immediately went to the video to ask each other, but the other party changed his mind: "I'll spare this woman if I want to put it all."

Chu lie and the on-site staff were angry at each other immediately, and felt that the other side could not be too much.

LAN Yanxi stands by and looks at Yang He's weak voice for help in the video. She feels that she has really learned a lesson this time. If she can, she is willing to let Ling Mo Feng save her life.

Sure enough, she was still soft hearted.

Ling Mo Feng stared at the video. His eyes were as deep as the sea. For a while, he said calmly, "let them go first, then send someone to keep an eye on them, and seal all the entrances and exits. They can't escape."

It's also feasible to put it first and then kill it.

"OK, we'll let them go." Chu lie had long guessed that Ling Mo Feng could not be saved.

Chu lie went to the video and negotiated with the other side for a while, but the other side even put forward a more excessive request.

To prepare a ship for them, they need to trade at sea.

"They're going to trade here. They'll be on the high seas after a dozen hours' sailing. These bastards are trying to figure it out. Maybe someone will come to meet them." The staff immediately took the map and spread it out. Chu lie accurately found a trading port, where the secrecy is good. Most importantly, they are very close to the high seas, so they are likely to escape.

"Immediately dispatch people to set up defense around here. They must not be allowed to escape." Ling Mo Feng's face turned ugly. In his country, if the bad things are clean, he wants to escape. How could there be such a cheap thing in the world?

Chu lie immediately arranged for all the staff to do things. This matter, which is related to the dignity of the country, must be attached great importance to.

LAN Yanxi looks at the atmosphere of killing in this office. She is a little nervous and scared.

Ling Mo Feng put his hand around her slender waist and comforted her: "it's OK, don't worry."

"Will you come by yourself?" Blue Yan asked.

"Sir, don't go. We'll come back with the hostages." Chu lie said immediately.

Ling Mo Feng was about to nod his head. Suddenly, the video flashed again, and a picture appeared. Yang he was actually scratched on his arm. The mouth was not deep, but the blood was dripping. Yang he didn't know whether he was stunned by pain or frightened. At the moment, he didn't have any reflection. But this picture is still creepy and cold on his back.

Later, a voice came from the video: "Ling Mo Feng, from now on, this video will appear on the Internet. I want everyone to see your benevolent government and see how you cherish your people. Ha ha, hurry up, this woman's blood is not much. If you drop it like this, she will die."

When all the people heard this, they were shocked and angry. Ling Mo Feng hit the table with a heavy fist. His face was as gloomy as frost. He said in hate: "these animals."

"Sir, there are already live broadcasts on the Internet, and nearly ten thousand are broadcast in one second. What should I do?" There was an immediate concern from the staff nearby. Unexpectedly, the transfer capacity would be so amazing.

Ling Mo Feng's face was livid and ugly, and he bit his teeth and ordered: "send someone over quickly. We must rescue the hostages." Chu lie knew the seriousness of the matter, which was related to the reputation of the vice president. Everyone was more anxious.

LAN Yanxi is also stunned. Next second, her eyes are covered by the man's hand. He won't let her see.

LAN Yanxi is as stiff as a sculpture, standing still, not moving, and breathing is tight.

"Don't look, wait for me in my office." In my ear, the voice of a man is gentle.