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Ji Xiaohan listened to his friend's self mockery and couldn't help laughing out: "you are not absolute in other aspects, but you are absolute in women's affairs. However, it's a good thing to arrange a woman to torture you by fate." "

are you my friend who even wants to see my jokes?" Ling Mo Feng said he would break up with this friend. Isn't it enough for him to be tortured by the little woman LAN Yanxi?

"Hahaha!" The laughter on the other end of the phone is lawless, absolutely happy. Ling

Mo Feng's mood is also suddenly overcast. In the rigorous work gap, you can have friends to chat about family routines. This mood is very relaxed. It also makes people feel that the work in this world is not as cold, terrible and warm.

"Well, don't laugh at you, men are in the stumble to understand, women in the life of the important position, you have a good experience, that feeling will not be too bad!" Ji Xiaohan comforts his friends so as not to break off.

"Yes, sometimes it's wonderful. Take care of yourself, Xiao Han!" Ling Mo Feng said with a smile and hung up. Xiao Han is sitting in the office, his brow is tight. Thinking of Ling Mo Feng's warning, he takes his suit and decides to go out. At the door of Lu Qing's office, Ji Xiaohan reached out and knocked. He hurried out and asked, "young master, what can I do for you?"

"Accompany me to Weiyi, I want to pick you up early today!" Said Ji Xiaohan. "OK, I'll get the car!" Lu Qing nodded and went to work.

Tang youyou has won a lot of work recently, and there is a continuous stream of clients looking for her to do design. I don't know if women have an unbalanced mentality. It's clear that Tang youyou is the grandmother of Ji's family. But as long as she clearly marks the price and provides paid services, many women are rushing to get a design work from her, and many women are getting a design work from her My works will be very proud to announce to the public that this is designed by Ji's grandma. That vanity and satisfaction, unconsciously, has made her very happy.

Tang youyou didn't know that there were so many customers and so high the price was raised. Someone came to her because she wanted to get a little vanity from her. Even if you know it, Tang youyou won't feel blocked. She works with her brain and hands, which is glorious. She can bring a little satisfaction and happiness to others, which is also to serve the people. The most important thing is that she has a lot of money, which is the most satisfying thing for her.

How hard it used to be to make money. Now, Tang youyou wakes up several times with a smile in his dream. Only the business of

Yiyi has become popular because of the identity of Tang youyou. As the head of the company, Liu Xi is particularly fond of Tang youyou. She can't help it. She has such a proud dry daughter, and she is also happy and satisfied with her heart.

Ji Xiaohan appears at the door of Tang youyou's office. He is a regular here. In the past 80 years, the little staff here may not be able to see the real appearance of Ji Zong, but now they can see his handsome and slender figure every three or five days, walking past the office door. It's just sad that Tang youyou is the only one in his eyes. Before that, the company also had some women who thought they were good-looking and confident. They wanted to take the opportunity to attract the attention of Ji Xiaohan. But who knows, Ji Xiaohan didn't seduce her, but Liu Xi went out directly. Liu Xi even let her out. If anyone is upset about his job and wants to work here for another purpose, he will take money and leave. If she comes to catch up, then she will It's not embarrassing. Liu

Xi is also a strong woman. She is looking forward to finding a good husband for her daughter. How can she let other women peep around? As long as she is in the only day, she will never be allowed to have such a bad atmosphere in the company. She really wants to put a label on the tables of unmarried women. Ji is always married!

Liu Xi has done so many things for Tang youyou. Of course, Tang youyou appreciates her from the bottom of his heart. However, Ji Xiaohan is still in the dark. He doesn't know how many troubles he has caused by his frequent visits. Season

Xiao Han is wearing a long black coat in his hand. After knocking on the door, he pushes the door in and sits directly on the desk of Tang youyou without any image. He has a pair of beautiful eyes and looks at the elegant and dignified woman with a smile.

Tang youyou saw the moment he came in, her heart was already racing, but she could not show it clearly on her face, which saved the man from being complacent again. "

it's only five o'clock now. Why are you here?" As Tang youyou draws a picture on the computer, he glances at him at the end of his eyes.

"My husband missed you!" The man's deep and confused voice sounded in the quiet office, with a thrilling magic. Don

when the hand of the long keyboard shakes, it immediately draws a wrong line, but the beautiful eyes lift up with a smile: "can you stop being so sarcastic? It's boring to listen!"

When Ji Xiaohan heard her saying that she was tired of this word, his body was stiff and his eyes were half narrowed. The danger of his voice sinking immediately was terrible: "you are tired of me?" Don

you have known his character for a long time. As soon as he gets angry, his voice will bring a frightening and dangerous atmosphere.

If she says yes, the result must be serious. Maybe "

No, I'm kidding you. How can I be bored? How long have we been married? It will take years to get tired of it... " "

do you mean to be bored with me sooner or later?" The blow made the season owl look ugly. "

Why do you always like to be reasonable? I can't help you!" Tang youyou had to give up his job, stand up and go to him to comfort him. His fingers gently touched his handsome face: "no, I won't be bored in this life, and I won't be bored in the next life!" "

the mouth is so sweet, let me make it up!" Of course, Ji Xiaohan knows that she is joking, and he is also joking with her. He likes to see her explain to him carefully.

Tang Youmei's eyes are slightly stunned. Only then can she find that she lost to him. This man's acting ability is much better than her. "

No, this is the office. Don't mess around!" Tang youyou immediately put his hand on his chest to prevent him from succeeding.

"Why are the buttons so tight?" Ji Xiaohan finds something new again. His eyes are staring at Tang youyou's neckline. A white shirt. She even buttons it on the top. This feeling of immobilization stimulates one of his nerves inexplicably, which makes him really want to pull the button off. Don

with a long face, he quickly reached out his hand and pinched the top button on his lapel, wondering: "what's the problem? It's winter now. Of course, it's better to buckle up and keep warm. " "

but I want to rip it off!" The man said boldly and directly, the words implied in his voice made Tang youyou's pretty face slightly red. "

What do you think?" Tang youyou laughs and scolds him shamefully. He turns around immediately, but it's still late. Men's emotions are always coming very fast. When they want to do something, they often do it in the next second. For example, every time he wants to hold her and kiss her, he will never let himself be wronged for another second. Don

with a big hand holding her slender waist, she jumped into his arms. The next second, her chin was strongly clasped by the man, and her thin lips kissed him without saying a word.

In fact, Tang youyou is looking forward to his kiss. He just doesn't like his bullying way.

Ji Xiaohan finds that her lips are indeed sweeter and more moving than her love words, which makes him infatuated with her instantly.

"All right, enough, I'll clean up and go home with you!" Tang youyou catches an empty space, gasps for breath, pushes him, and then she goes to pack things, turns off the computer, and plans to go back with him.

If you keep playing like this here, where will her office become? Never let this man be polluted.

Besides, there are also a group of enthusiastic audience watching good plays outside. If they stay here too long, the impact will be even worse.