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C672 like Satan

Ji Yueze looked in the rear-view mirror, and the thin figure, thin lips, became a line. The deep eyes under the sunglasses were still cold as ice.

He wanted to see what the woman was up to?

As soon as Ji Yueze arrived at the company, he saw a piece of information on the table, which listed Bai Liuyin's development experience for more than ten years in detail. After returning home, she immediately changed her name to Bai Zhenzhen, who is now the real lady of a director of a listed group.

"This woman really has the means to climb all the rich people!" After watching it, Ji Yueze sneered and ridiculed.

Later, he took out his mobile phone and unplugged it to big brother Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Xiaohan has been dealing with the company's confidential leakage recently, and things have returned to normal operation. However, there is a hidden crisis in the company, which makes him unable to relax his vigilance for a moment.

"Hello!" Ji Xiaohan leaves the meeting room and makes a low voice.

"Big brother, I've decided to meet this Bai Zhen. Do you want to join me?" Ji Yueze's voice is full of gnashing teeth, which is still hateful.

Ji Xiaohan frowned. Unexpectedly, his younger brother was in such a hurry to see the woman. So he had to reply: "there are many emergencies in our company recently. I may not be able to leave. If you want to see her, go first!"

"Well, I'll go and find her now!" Ji Yueze did not say that Bai Yiyan was her niece.

"Pay attention to yourself, this woman is not easy!" Ji Xiaohan tells his brother.

"Don't worry. It's her who doesn't want to be ashamed. It's her who needs to be guilty." Ji Yueze snorts.

After hanging up the phone, Ji Yueze immediately called two of his assistants and four of his bodyguards and set out to find Bai Zhenzhen.

Bai Zhenzhen now runs a brand restaurant. She is famous in this city. Ji Yueze found out that she often goes in and out of the restaurant's headquarters, so he went directly to that restaurant.

Arriving at the restaurant, Ji Xiaohan said to the service staff, "I want to see Bai Zhenzhen. Is she here?"

When the other party saw Ji Yueze, he was immediately astonished and couldn't say anything excitedly: "are you Ji Yueze? God, I really see the real person. What do you want to do with our white boss? Is it about endorsements? "

"Is she in?" Ji Yueze asked, impatient.

"She She's upstairs! " The waiter was shocked by his momentum and stuttered.

Ji Yueze walked directly to a nearby stairs. The waiter wanted to stop him, but he was stopped by a bodyguard behind him: "my young master has something to find your boss!"

Ji Yueze opened the door of the office. The woman sitting on the sofa looked up and saw him. She was shocked and immediately asked, "who are you looking for, sir?"

Ji Yueze took off his sunglasses to reveal his true face, which was like the unique elegant face of Ji's family. Bai Zhenzhen was shocked and his face turned pale in a moment.

Bai Zhenzhen, of course, knows who Ji Yueze is and whose son he is.

"You Are you Ji Yueze It's not natural for Bai Zhenzhen to talk.

Ji Yueze came to her, threw out the photos and asked directly, "how do you explain these photos?"

When Bai Zhenzhen saw it, she almost fainted. Her face was flustered and she was helpless: "it's just a few photos. What are you doing, young master Ji? Your father and I are classmates! "

"Is it? How close are you to each other? " Ji Yueze sneered and his voice was as cold as ice.

Bai Zhen really knew that he could not get round, so he had to show a sad expression: "I'm also very sad about your father's business. I didn't expect that he would have that kind of thing..."

"I doubt that my father's drunk driving has something to do with you. You made him drink so much and drive, didn't you?" Ji Yueze looks fierce, his tone is full of anger.

Bai Zhen was so scared that she turned pale. She shook her head. "No, no, no, it doesn't matter to me. We didn't see each other that day!" "Of course you can get rid of it after so long, but how do you explain your relationship with my father? The date on these photos, you should know that my parents are not divorced, you are a third party, really aboveboard, do you think about your impact on our family? " Season

the more Ze he said, the angrier he was. If it wasn't for the sake of her being a woman, he would like to beat her up.

Bai Zhenzhen, of course, knows her disgraceful behavior. She lowers her head, looks dark, full of remorse and remorse: "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I know I made a mistake and hurt your mother and son!"

"I'm sorry, can we solve this problem?" Ji Yueze sneers. This woman is ridiculous.

Bai Zhenzhen bowed his head and cried sadly. He held one hand on his face as if he had no face to see others. "Ji Yueze, your girlfriend Bai Yiyan is my niece. For the sake of this relationship, can you let me go? I really know it's wrong. I don't know how to mend the damage caused to you, but I have also been punished. I haven't had a child so far, which is the punishment from heaven!" Bai Zhen cried as she said it, as if she was really ashamed.

"Thanks to you, Bai Yiyan and I have broken up. Don't try to win my forgiveness with her." Ji Yueze laughs coldly.

"What?" Bai Zhen raised his head and looked at Ji Yueze as if he had been greatly frightened.

"Bai Zhenzhen, can't you have children, even if you get retribution? Didn't you just want the money when you got to my dad? You wait, you'll become nothing! " After Ji Yueze dropped the cruel words, he turned around and left.

"No, no, no, young master Ji, don't do this to me!" Bai Zhenzhen hears Ji Yueze's threat, which makes her paralyzed. She immediately chases after her to ask for forgiveness.

Ji Yueze turns around and hardens the eyes of ice. There is no trace of kindness: "I will treat you like this!"

This time, Bai Zhenzhen was really scared and fell on the ground. She looked at the young man with fear and uneasiness. He was like an emissary of hell who came to ask for his life, holding the power of killing life and completely crushing her life hope.

Ji Yueze slammed the door, put on sunglasses again, and walked to the stairs step by step.

Bai Zhenzhen unplugs Bai Yiyan's cell phone as soon as he sees him leaving.

"Xiaoyan, Xiaoyan, help me!" Bai Zhenzhen is the only one who can ask now. It seems that Bai Yiyan is the only one.

When Bai Yiyan heard her aunt's confused voice, she immediately asked, "aunt, what's wrong with you? Is something wrong? " "Ji Yueze has come to see me. He is going to destroy me. Xiaoyan, haven't you ever been together? Do you think of a way to beg him not to do this to me? " Bai Zhenzhen is crying and pleading. There is no God.