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Because of Ji Xun's relationship, the Ji family's storms continued, and the undercurrent was turbulent. Ji Xunhan had rarely dealt with the company's affairs in advance. After thinking about it, since he was married, he had hardly been romantic with Tang Youyou once. He then After taking some time, I decided to take her out for a meal.

Nowadays, the two little guys are not so sticky, and the mother also takes good care of him. Both he and Tang Youyou can relax a little.

Tang Youyou just finished today's work. Recently, her reputation is getting better and better, and the workload is also rising. Liu Xi feels sorry for her and reduces her workload as much as possible. However, Tang Youyou is enjoying it. Work, the whole person also enriched. Pick up

On the call of Ji Yanhan, Tang Youyou's mouth rose, and his voice was soft: "Call me so early today?"

Go out for dinner tonight, ten minutes later, I'll wait for you downstairs in your company! The man's voice is also extremely gentle, listening to it as if he can make a person's ears pregnant. Tang

Youyou's eyes flashed with surprise: "Why eat out and don't you go home?" "

Just the two of us today, don't you want to eat with me alone? "The man's pride was taken a little bit, and he thought she was looking forward to it just like himself.

After listening to his dissatisfaction, Tang Youyou chuckled immediately: "Of course I thought about it, well, I'm almost downstairs!" Hang

After the phone call, my heart was pounding. It ’s weird. I ’m already married. Why did I hear that I would eat with him? Don

Youyou can't understand what it feels like, just like a fever, it's gone.

She went downstairs with a handbag, and a few minutes later, several black cars reached the main entrance of the hall.

The guard immediately opened the door for her. She thanked her, and sat in.

As soon as he sat in, he met the man's smiling eyes and looked at her with tenderness and affection. Don

Youyou also smiled sweetly. The next second, the man naturally reached out and held her little hand. "

I've been too busy recently and left you alone, haven't you been upset? "The man asked her in a low voice. Tang Youyou shook his head and leaned naturally on his shoulder:" Of course not, I see that you have been so busy lately, and I also feel bad for you. " ""

Yesterday, Ozawa had a fight with Ji Shangqing. Both of them were blushing and swollen, which was really worrying! Ji Yanhan breathed a sigh of relief and talked about Ji Yueze's affairs.

"Ah, isn't your brother hurt badly?" Tang Youyou was shocked. The men were fighting. "

Fortunately, there were some skin traumas. Nothing happened to people, but it was pain. "When Ji Hanhan thought of rubbing his red and swollen area, he almost passed out, and knew how much his brother had hurt, from childhood to age, he hadn't had such pain.

How could they fight? Is it because of the exposure of Bai Yiyan's mother and daughter? "Tang Youyou also knows that the first servant this time is Ji Yan, Ji Yueze will certainly not let go of him when he sees his son.

"Maybe, or maybe both of them are unpleasant to each other and want to have a fight. Men's thinking is so simple. Unlike you women, you can point at each other's face and yell for three days and nights. The way men deal with it It's all about fighting with one fight. "Ji Yanhan slapped the back of her hand and explained to her the difference between men and women. Don

Youyou was inexplicably pictured, and laughed: "Will you fight then? Don't fight with others, I'm worried you will be hurt."

"I'm too old to fight!" Ji Minhan smiled and relieved her.

"Huh!" Tang Youyou was relieved.

"Have you been busy lately?" Ji Yanhan hasn't had time to ask her about her job, although for him, she has nothing to do with it, but Tangyou goes to work from 9 to 5 and her work has become her self-expression. , A platform to enhance charm, he still has to respect her choices and challenges. "

A bit, my fame seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and the people looking for me to design are getting more and more famous. The company keeps raising the price. I used to feel that I was tired of making money. Floated. Tang Youyou elaborated on her recent work, with a charming smile on her face, showing some cuteness.

"This is about to float?" Ji Yanhan was laughed at by her directly. Don

Yoyo muttered immediately: "Of course you can't compare with your big boss, but if I can achieve today's achievements with my own ability, I can drift away!" "

Yoyo, you can float, anyway, as long as you know, all I have is money to let you float. Ji Yanhan didn't want to attack her self-confidence, and gently held her tight, her voice low and a charming smile. Tang

Youyou floated for a moment, and said proudly: "It is also true that I am already rich, your money, my father gave me a lot of money, and my son and daughter will respect my money in the future. Unclear. "

Ji Yanhan pointed her finger on her forehead: "How old are you and your son is still so young, and he should be respected by you? It's so far away."

I remember I said before, your money, the future is mine, do you remember? At that time, did you kill you halfway? Tang Yu asked with a mischievous wink.

"Yes, I'm going to be mad at me almost, and no one has ever dared to say such a big word so arrogantly, but think about it carefully, your words make sense, and they can be realized!" Ji Yanhan Cooperated with her. "

Of course, Xiaonai Xiaorui is my biological one, and they will definitely be nice to me! "Tang You's stubborn little mouth."

It seems that you think long-term! Ji Minhan punitively pinched her waist.

"It hurts!" Tang Youyou whispered intentionally.

Ji Yanhan never dared to pinch her anymore, only gently rubbing the place he had pinched just now.

Seeing him being fooled, Tang Yoo immediately leaned into his arms to enjoy the scenery outside the window like a proud man.

Ji Hanhan saw that she was so mad and sighed secretly in her heart, what she would eat if she was eaten by this woman? Do not

However, he chose the woman himself, and he was desperately trying to love himself. Forget it, don't care about her.

Arrived at the place to eat, is a romantic western restaurant. season

Han Han took Tang Youyou's hand, and the two set foot on the stairs to the inside of the box. The whole round floor-to-ceiling window can see the beautiful night scene. "

What a beauty! "Tang Youyou couldn't help but exclaim. Ji

Han Han feels so ordinary. Standing in his office and looking, that's really beautiful. "

When to go to my office to see the night view, it will look better there! Ji Jihan thought of another meaning inexplicably. I don't know how the office feels?