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The little woman in my arms has just taken a bath. She has a warm and fragrant smell. She is fresh and not greasy. It makes Luo Jin's heart tremble. Although she has been familiar with everything about her for a long time, she still can't resist her beautiful appearance. I wish I could resist her immediately.

Yang ChuChu is like a sexy little wild cat, rubbing around in his arms, a pair of beautiful eyes like water, but also ripples, making people sink.

"Well, I'll take a bath and you'll let go." The man's low voice has become hoarse.

"No, no bath." Yang ChuChu deliberately embarrasses him, so she likes to see him take her helpless appearance and let her feel spoiled.

Luo Jinyu knew that she was cheating on purpose. He couldn't help but bow his head and kiss her forehead. He smiled dumbly, "don't you dislike me if you don't bathe?"

"Disgusted, dirty!" Yang ChuChu immediately smiled with a bad face and a wrinkled little nose. Even his expression showed.

The man is speechless. He can only reach out to punish her by pinching her little face and forcefully grabbing her little hand away: "since we dislike it, let's go to bed earlier tonight."

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes immediately hurt and looked at him: "are you angry?"

Luo Jinyu found that he had a very bad habit for her. When she showed a pitiful expression, he felt soft for a second, and wished he could pacify her quickly.

This is really a dead man who was pinched by her. The man could only sigh and smile softly: "of course not, I won't be angry. You wait for me in bed."

Yang chuchuchu's beautiful eyes jumped over and hugged him again. He picked up his toes and quickly printed a kiss on his thin lips. Then he went back to bed and lay on his back: "go, wait for you."

Luo Jinyu's action of bathing is obviously fast. Although he also wants to punish her for being unruly, the actual action is the opposite. He comes out in a few minutes, with all his moisture and handsome short hair dripping with water. He just wants to come out and see her before he can dry it.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes narrowed, glaring at him like a triumphant kitten: "you're too fast, you haven't even wiped your hair."

Luo Jinyu found that he was still in a hurry. He quickly turned back to the bathroom and wiped his short hair with a dry towel. The disordered short hair decorated his angular and beautiful features. The whole body was only wrapped with a white bath towel. The solid body was at a glance, full of men's strength and masculine beauty.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes are straight. She looks at her face with shame and looks down. She pretends to look at her mobile phone, but doesn't pay attention to him.

"You know, do you want to turn off the lights?" The man's voice is magnetic, with a longing for her.

Yang ChuChu suddenly raised his mobile phone and shot at him: "look at the camera."

Luo Jin instinctively raised his hand to block his face, and said with alarm, "be clear, don't make trouble."

"Don't worry, I won't let others see it. I'll take a picture and leave it for me to enjoy when I'm bored." Yang ChuChu's smile deepened, and then her overbearing request: "take away your hand and block your face."

Luo Jinyu had to put his hand down and watch her play so happily. He could not help bending his lips. Yang ChuChu was young and fond of playing. This was her nature. Luo Jinyu didn't want to restrain her. Since she was fond of playing, he accompanied her.

"Take off the bath towel." Yang ChuChu saw Luo Jin's obedience, but also aroused her inner evil factor, she put forward a very shameless request to him.

"Well, you Are you sure? " Although Luo Jinyu is shocked, his breath will be dangerous in the next second. His long and strong legs will approach her step by step.

"I I'm not sure. " Of course, Yang ChuChu is only joking with him. In fact, even if he dare to take it away, she dare not record it. In case of losing her cell phone later, isn't it necessary for others to see her husband's perfect figure? I can't kill you.

The man has stood beside the bed and looked down at her. The deep eyes are dark, as if to swallow people, which makes people uneasy.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes blinked randomly. She was inexplicably afraid when she saw the man's expression, because she could almost foresee how sour she would be when she got up in the morning.

It's a pity that she offended him like death just now. I'm afraid she will have a wonderful time tonight.

As Yang ChuChu thought, Luo Jinyu's 18 kinds of martial arts were all used on her once. In the early morning, she turned over and felt her legs were not sour.

"Pain!" The girl whispered.

At the back, the man pasted his chest, grasped her wrist gently with his big palm, and asked softly in her ear, "what's the pain? I'll rub it for you. "

"Don't It can't be rubbed. " Yang ChuChu wakes up immediately. As soon as he turns around, he is full of a man's arms. A man's deep and proud laughter comes to his ears.

Yang ChuChu wanted to kick him down in an instant. Was he intentional?

In the morning, the sun shines in from the floor curtain, the room is clear, the spring breath is gradually thick, and the spring sleepiness also makes people lazy.

Liu Lan and Lin Enron have been locked in. They can't make trouble any more. Liu's father promised Luo Jinyu that he would never trouble Yang linchu's mother and daughter again.

Yang ChuChu's life has been peaceful again. After experiencing these things, Yang ChuChu has grown up a lot.

However, two days ago, Fang Kexin came to see Yang ChuChu, but this time she didn't come to ask for trouble. She just came to plead for her mother, and Fang Kexin also changed. Without the arrogance and willfulness before, the temperament of the whole person changed, and became mature.

Yang ChuChu clearly told her that Liu Lan was going to jail for a day. Fang Kexin was sad, but she had no choice. After all, she knew how many mistakes her mother had done. Yang ChuChu was not willing to forgive her, and it was reasonable.

"I'll make you breakfast." When the man turned to get up, he found that the girl's slender arm was still around the bend of his arm. He wanted to leave, but she held it tighter in her arms. The man pampered and smiled, so he had to whisper.

"Well." Yang ChuChu heard it in her sleep, released her hand, and the man attached himself to her forehead for a kiss.

Last night, she was really tired, but he really couldn't control himself, didn't do any measures, her beauty, no shelter, let him just want to be more crazy, even once.

Luo Jinyu got up and after washing, he chose a suit in the dressing room.

He is very satisfied with his life. He has never had such a happy life. He and she are in a small life. There is no interruption from other people. Let this happiness be hidden in this apartment. Even his heart is free.

He is willing to take care of her and take care of her.

Yang ChuChu was lazy in bed for a while, but suddenly she couldn't sleep. She opened her eyes and looked out of the window. Without him around, she couldn't sleep any more.

Yang ChuChu stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom when she got out of bed. Suddenly she saw the red mark on her body, and she was suddenly ashamed.

Last night was crazy, as if we were going to drain all our enthusiasm and want too many things. I don't know if it's good to be greedy.

Yang ChuChu came out with a suit of clothes, a tight black sweater, a pair of high waisted jeans, a slender and exquisite figure, each inch of which was full of young breath, a long head of hair hanging lazily behind her head, casually facing the ear, revealing diamond earrings, which made her look full of women's feelings.

The man watched her appear so beautiful and moving that his body was ready to move again.

However, he still needs a little restraint.

"I have work in the afternoon. I have breakfast later. I'll go to my mother's place." Yang ChuChu said softly as he ate breakfast.

"Do you want me to take you?" The man gently reached out to touch her long hair, which was so good that he couldn't help but feel it.

"No, I'll have my assistant pick me up." Yang ChuChu blinked at him.

"Call me if you have anything." Luo Jinyu gently told her.

"Well." Simple conversation, but full of dependence on each other and trust.

Luo Jinyu sighs. Fortunately, Liu Lan has been locked in. But are the people behind her really closed?