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Lu Qing hurriedly sent the medicine for external use. Ji Xiaohan took the medicine and gave it to his brother himself.

"Oh!" When Ji Yueze was drunk, when the disinfectant touched the wound on his face, he let out a cry of pain, opened his eyes with a little confusion, blurred for a moment, and a gloomy male face gradually became clear.

"Brother!" He opened his mouth, but his voice was hoarse. Then he held up his head and tried to sit up.

Being pushed back to bed by Ji Xiaohan, his voice was full of blame: "who let you fight with others? Look at your face. You've hurt several times. How worried should I be when I let my grandparents know? "

"Brother, where is this?" Ji Yueze looked at his place in a dazed way.

"Hotel, don't move. I'll sterilize you!" Between Ji Xiaohan's words, he used cotton wool and disinfectant to wipe his skin and bloodshed.

"Ah!" Ji Yueze let out an unbearable cry of pain again. Jun's face was wrinkled and he had to beg: "brother, please kiss me, it hurts!"

"If you know the pain, you need to fight with others, and don't look at the number of enemies? Four people beat you one, didn't kill you alive good! " Ji Xiaohan still denounces his brother's impulsive behavior.

"Who told them to say such dirty and shameless words? Even ten people, I would fight them!" The wine strength of Ji Yueze's pain has subsided, showing some sober state.

"Didn't you break up with Bai Yiyan?" After Ji Xiaohan wiped the disinfectant for him, he took a band aid and pasted it on him. He asked casually.

"Even if I break up, I will never allow other men to pollute her, even if they talk about it!" Ji Yueze bited his teeth fiercely, with a domineering expression on his face.

After hearing this, Ji Xiaohan sneered: "I think you are holding your breath with her. You still love others in your heart."

"What's the use of love? She lied to me!" Ji Yueze got up and went to the bathroom. When he saw the handsome face with five or six bandages in the mirror, Ji Yueze wanted to flatten people again.

Ji Xiaohan, with his hands around his chest, leans on the door of the bathroom. Seeing that his face is ugly again, he admonishes: "don't fight with people again next time. If you are really angry, tell me and I will repair them for you."

"Brother, can you not always treat me as a child? I'm a man, too! " Ji Yueze doesn't like the feeling that he has been protected by big brother, which makes him feel like he hasn't grown up.

Ji Xiaohan chuckled: "well, I know you're a man, fighting for your own woman. It's also a kind of anger, but next time, pay attention, don't die!"

"Isn't it OK for me?" Ji Yueze said, and seemed to pull to the body where the wound, the corner of the mouth pulled.

"Take off your clothes, and I'll show you where there are wounds!" Seeing that his face was not right, Ji Xiaohan immediately ordered.

"No need, brother, I don't feel very well!" Ji Yueze even felt shy at the moment.

"Let me have a look, or I won't leave!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't care at all. His brother, he can see what he likes.

Ji Yueze had to take off his coat, and his healthy and solid body was exposed to the air. He saw that his back was red and swollen, like he had been hit hard by others.

"Damn bastard, it's so heavy!" Season owl cold to come forward, with the hand lightly pressed once, season Yue Ze painful straight frown.

"Take a rest first. Go to the hospital tomorrow morning for a specific examination. Don't become an old wound!" Season owl cold gently admonishes him.

"I see. I'll check it in the morning. Brother, have I lost face?" Ji Yueze began to worry about what happened tonight. I believe many people are watching him fight with those people. "I'll deal with it for you. I've asked Lu Qing to sort it out, but I can't rule out that someone has recorded the video of your fight. Once there's video exposure, I'll deal with it for you as soon as possible to minimize your negative impact." Ji Xiaohan reached out and patted his brother on the shoulder, took

out of his elder brother's manner and demeanor, comforted him.

"Thank you, brother!" Ji Yueze is tired and lies on the sofa: "where is this white real? If we really want to catch her, we must make her suffer. "

"I've sent someone to look into this matter. If she wants to go far, she'll be able to find out her whereabouts soon!" Said the season owl, cold and gloomy.

"Well, it's not too early, brother. Go back and leave me alone!" Ji Yueze looked at the time, it's already ten o'clock, he felt that he could not trouble big brother like this.

"OK, I'll leave two bodyguards outside your door. Please call them!" Season owl cold this just left at ease.

Ji Yueze is lying on the sofa with his head up. The wound on his face is very painful. However, compared with the injury he suffered in his heart, the pain on his skin and flesh is insignificant again. Just now while drinking, he overheard a table of men behind him talking about how to play with women. He heard Bai Yiyan's name. Those men talked about how to get her and how to play with her after getting her. It was more difficult to sprinkle salt on Ji Yueze's wound than to stab him with a knife.

At the thought that she might be under the pressure of other men, Ji Yueze's brain was blank, and a fire broke out in his heart. He had no sense and his eyes were red.

Ji Xiaohan returns home. The two kids are asleep. Tang youyou is sitting on the sofa in her bedroom, holding a pen and drawing. This is the new design she is going to hand in next spring.

Hearing the sound of the car downstairs, she put down her pen and got up. From the French window, she saw the tall figure of the man flashing through the hall door.

Tang youyou turns around and goes out. He sees that Ji Xiao has stepped up the stairs with cold steps. They look at each other.

"Where have you been?" Tang youyou comes forward and holds one of his big hands anxiously: "grandma said you went out in a hurry, is there something wrong?"

"I want to eat your noodles. I haven't eaten yet!" Season owl cold backhand holds her small hand, attach in her ear, low dumb say.

"Haven't you had dinner yet? What on earth did you do? " After hearing this, Tang youyou only felt hurt. It's so late and he hasn't eaten yet. Isn't it because he's hungry?

"Anyway, it's a task that has to be done. Now that it's done, come down and make some food for me!" Season owl cold takes her small hand and walks to the stairs.

At this point, the servants and aunts are all resting, and uncle yuan is also busy with the work, maybe resting in his room.

Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to bother others. Moreover, he hasn't eaten what she made for a long time. He misses it a bit. Tang youyou takes food from the refrigerator and sighs. Since he won't say it, she won't ask. Maybe it's a difficult thing to say.