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C730 let's get engaged

Bai Yiyan heard these words and her face was shocked: "is there something wrong with the management of the company?"

"Yes, I don't feel very good. The people under my hand are hiding from me how many things I don't know. From now on, I want to find out one by one." Ji Yueze said in a calm voice.

"Then how do you check? I just heard that you haven't taken care of the company in person for more than three years. You've been busy shooting. " Bai Yiyan can't help worrying about him, afraid that he will be too hard. "Yes, I'm too indulgent. I always feel that it's not a waste of time to do what I like best, but I've ignored it. When I set up this company, it's also one of my favorite things. Now, I want to regain my preference and focus on the management of the company." Ji Yueze's thin lips were smiling. He felt that his decision was timely. If he didn't wait for the company to be completely occupied and talked about management, it would really become a paper talk.

"You've thought about it yourself. I'll support you in any decision you make." Although Bejing can't be on the same screen with him, Bai Yiyan still holds her hands in favor of what he likes to do.

"The stock of the company has already fallen and stopped today. Will it continue to fall tomorrow? What can we do to save this situation? " Although Bai Yiyan doesn't know about management, she is still very worried about the serious decline of the company's stock.

"I'm raising countermeasures. Before I leave work today, the head of each department will send me a response. Don't worry, there will be solutions tomorrow." Jiyueze is not worried, because he seems to have come up with a final solution.

"What solution?" Bai Yiyan couldn't help being curious.

"Let's get married!" Ji Yueze suddenly reached over, took her small hand, put it on his thin Chen and kissed her gently.

Bai Yiyan was shocked all over, and her beautiful eyes gaped at him.

Ji Yueze was shocked to see her, and her thin lips raised a smile: "if there is a reason for my shadow, I believe that people who like me will never be too disappointed."

"Er Do you really want to marry me? " Bai Yiyan was shocked and moved. Her brain was blank.

Ji Yueze said lightly: "I have asked for your body, of course, I am responsible for you."

Bai Yiyan thought that he could say something that moved her even more, but unexpectedly, the man's words were so frank, which made her prepare to be moved slightly.

Just because of her body, just to be responsible?

Bai Yiyan quickly hid the slight heat in her eyes and said in a low voice, "I would like to be with you, not because I want you to be responsible, you don't have to..."

"If there is no other way to recover this time's stock decline, we will get married, OK?" Ji Yueze reached out his hand and touched her long hair gently. His dark eyes could not see his hidden heart.

Bai Yiyan's breath is tight. Although she doesn't know what marriage means, she knows that her life is really tied with this man. Her life is too far away. The only thing she dares to think about now is that she can have it and it's convenient enough.

"I Of course I have no problem! " Bai Yiyan finds her voice shaking.

"Bai Yiyan, let me ask you again, do you like me or love me!" Ji Yueze's eyes tightly lock her blushing face, waiting for her answer.

"Is there any difference between like and love?" Bai Yiyan's brain is still blank at the moment. She is thinking about marriage. She wants to marry Ji Yueze? It's not her dream.

"There is a big difference between love and liking. Liking is only temporary, but love is permanent." This is Ji Yueze's understanding of love.

"And you? How do you feel about me. " Bai Yiyan summoned up her courage and looked up at him.

Ji Yueze looked at her seriously and frowned: "I can answer you at present. I like your body. Of course, I like you a little."

"What about sister youyou..." When Bai Yiyan heard that he liked herself, she still felt a trace of joy. But soon, she asked again what she shouldn't have asked.

"She is my sister-in-law!" Ji Yueze answered her very positively: "don't use her to test my sincerity in the future, OK?" In the past, Ji Yueze also felt absurd. However, a person's growth originally needs to go through a lot of things. Ji Yueze is still grateful to Tang youyou for calming down. At least, her appearance inspired his feelings towards women.

unlike before, he always likes to shrink in his own world.

Bai Yiyan could hear the calmness in his voice. She froze, then nodded, "I know. I won't talk about it again."

"Sorry, I'm not a person who can express myself very well. If my answer hurts you..."

"No, you like me enough, Ji Yueze. If you are willing to marry me, I am willing to marry you too. This is my sincere words!" Bai Yiyan raised her mouth and smiled like a happy child.

That pair of bright eyes, such as spring, blooms with no luster, which makes Ji Yueze slightly stunned and a little lost.

"Well, I'll see what their plan is first, and then make a decision. If there is a solution, we won't get married!" Ji Yueze's tone softened a little.

"Good! Then I'll go down first and leave you alone! " Bai Yiyan bit her lips and heard that she might not marry. She felt a sense of loss in her heart.

What's wrong with her? Why do you suddenly worry about gain and loss?

Is that how it feels to love someone? One second happy to go up and down, the next second, but fell back to the ground, big fall, involuntarily.

After five o'clock, there are more than ten solutions in front of Ji Yueze's desk.

Ji Yueze looks at the past one by one, frowning tightly without any slack.

It seems that he is not satisfied with all the plans sent by these people.

So he reached out and called Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan holds her cell phone and hears his low voice: "Bai Yiyan, let's get engaged in two days."

Bai Yiyan felt that the politeness around her had become thinner. She pressed her heart and moved her lips: "OK!"

"Engagement first!" When Ji Yueze heard her promise, his thin lips raised a smile and his tone softened.

"Good!" No matter what the man said, Bai Yiyan couldn't take the exam seriously any more. "I'll give you a night's consideration and give me a reply tomorrow morning!" Ji Yueze chuckled and felt that his words really scared her. Wasn't it bold before? How can I listen to her now? It's like a mosquito.