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C1255 a heart is lost on him

Maybe the woman is really tired. Ji Xiaohan presses the dryness in her body, walks to the bedside with a light step, and immediately approaches her after lying down on the other side.

Her delicate body is huddled in the quilt, her tentacles are warm, and Ji Xiaohan is a little closer. Although he doesn't want to let her warm her bed, it's still pleasant for someone to give a little warmth in the evening on this cold day. Imitating

the Buddha felt the scalding body coming from behind. Tang youyou habitually turned his body around and shrank in his arms. His two small hands were not as secure as before. They stretched directly to his healthy waist and felt warm.

Season owl cold thin lips light, smelling her hair between the quiet fragrance, and her body that unique fragrance, peace of mind sleep.

Long and long night, because of the moistening of love, it is no longer long. Early morning comes, a winter snow suddenly arrives. Open the curtain, the outside is already silver, and the scenery is unique.

The colder the weather is, Tang youyou becomes lazy. He is not so diligent. Maybe it's because the pressure on himself is reduced. Maybe it's because she has a good mother-in-law who loves her like a daughter. She will take care of the two little guys properly and send them to school without her thinking. But even though he knows that he is in happiness, Tang youyou still stands up and goes out in a thick pajama.

Sure enough, as soon as I got close to the little guy's room, the air conditioner inside was warm. LAN Yue had squatted on the ground and put on a thick coat for Ji xiaonai.

"Yo, why do you get up so early? Didn't you adjust your working time to 9:30?" LAN Yue saw her hurrying in and immediately asked with a smile.

Tang Youyou, embarrassed, scratched his long hair and squatted on the ground to wear shoes for his son. "

Mommy, do your own things. Don't be busy!" Ji Xiaorui immediately kicked two calves and didn't want her to help.

Tang youyou immediately takes out his mother's majesty to stare at his son. Is it so difficult to show it?

Next to LAN Yue, she laughs: "Xiaorui is becoming more and more independent and brave. You don't have to worry about him. He is just like Xiaohan when he was a child." "

yes?" Tang youyou narrowed his eyes and looked at his son up and down, as if he wanted to see some of the looks of the season owl when he was a child.

"Mommy, you look terrible. Even if I'm like Daddy, don't stare at me like this!" Ji Xiaorui is getting more and more skinny. He dares to play a joke on his mother. "

who Who's looking at you? What a big face If it wasn't for her mother-in-law, she would have stretched out her hand to wring her son's little face and let him tell the truth.

Ji Xiaorui laughed happily, as if he got any reward, and said loudly behind his back, "Mommy, are you shy?" Don

you really want to kick your son into outer space. How can you grow up more unlovable? When I was young, I protected her the most and loved her the most. Alas, such a sweet little warm man made her run away. Don

youyou has to stop caring for the two little guys and run back to the room, just in time to meet the season owl cold coming out of the dressing room.

The man is finishing his cufflinks gracefully, wearing a black suit and a long black Nizi coat, which makes him look more powerful and dignified. Don

youyou is wronged by her son. Seeing the man looking at herself with such a gentle look, she is not satisfied. She immediately stops talking and goes to jixiaohan and pinches her hand.

It was the handsome face of a man.

"Yo, you..." Ji Xiaohan has never been so abused. Although she pinches it painlessly, it's funny to pinch a big man's face like this.

"It's over!" Tang youyou kneaded twice and returned with a smile on his face. "

what has relieved your anger? Who has made you angry again?" Season owl cold can't help curiosity, the bottom of the eyes light surging, this little woman even dare to pinch his face, in the evening have to come back early to teach her.

"It's your good son!" Tang youyou curled his mouth and said softly, "my son is not sticking to me any more. How happy!" "

How can a son stick to you all day long when he grows up and has his own thoughts? It's like when I was a kid! " Seeing her sad face, Ji Xiaohan smiles and comforts her. "

can't he be like me? It's just as long as you are, and your temperament is just like you. It's not cute! " Tang youyou continues to complain. "

is it not good to be like me? In the future, he will be able to manage all affairs of Ji's family like me, but your greatest guarantee in the future! " Season owl cold evil spirit teases her. "

I don't need to protect anything. I have money and a career." Tang youyou immediately retorted softly.

Season owl cold thin lips lightly pursed a while, suddenly said: "I am deeply impressed by what you once said, I remember that I wanted to buy you with money at the beginning, you tell me, my money is nothing, because sooner or later my money will be my son's, and the money of my son is all yours, at that time I can be half dead angry, you really can make up this small mouth nonsense!" "

I Did I say that? I don't remember! " Tang youyou immediately pretends to be stupid. After all, it seems that she is snobbish. "

who else can it be? It's so domineering, it's really enough to make me fall in love! " Ji Xiaohan did not say that she was snobbish, but quietly praised her. "

really?" Tang youyou's beautiful face immediately raised a smile.

Ji Xiaohan looks at her small face. She is so young and beautiful. She feels that she can be easily forgiven for anything she does. Ji Xiaohan's heart is in turmoil. He just gives in to her for everything along the way? I didn't expect that the days were better and better, and he was more and more able to satisfy the taste of happiness, so he was willing to pet her all the way down, because he was willing to do it. "

you go to work, and I have to sort it out." Tang youyou said with a smile.

However, Ji Xiaohan reached out to hug her waist and dragged her whole body into her arms. The thin lips kissed her lips without warning. He just sucked them lightly and let them go. In a hoarse voice, he said, "I'll go first. Be careful on my way!" Don

you put out your hand and back but wiped the corner of your mouth. Her eyes were wide, but she didn't seem to brush her teeth. How could this man

But Ji Xiaohan has stridded to the door. When he got to the door, he stopped for a moment, turned around and smiled at her reluctantly, which completely closed the door.

Tang Youyou, the whole person, stood in the same spot for a long time before he raised his mouth and tasted this happy mood. LAN

Yanxi is on holiday today. After getting up in the morning and having some food, he stayed on the sofa and watched TV for a while. In the middle of the afternoon, when she was in a coma, she heard someone knock on the door and woke her up. She hurried to see it. Someone sent her lunch. Don't think about it. It must have been arranged by Ling Mo Feng. The damned gentle and considerate man will sooner or later take one of her heart away. No, it can't be so cheap. LAN Yanxi is enjoying the delicious food while she's still trying to be strong, but she doesn't know. She said she wouldn't give her a sincere heart, which has long fallen on a man.

After eating, lanyanxi continued her rare leisure life. After a nap, there was snow outside her window.

"Wow, it's snowing. It's winter!" LAN Yanxi was wearing Ling Mo Feng's broad nightgown. Because her nightgown was too thin, she couldn't find a man to wear it. It was warm enough. She rubbed her hands and gave a breath to the window. Then she reached out to write.

If it was in the past, the first thing she wrote must be her own name, because this is an instinctive reflection, but at this moment, she inadvertently wrote the three words of Ling Mo Feng. When

has finished writing, she reflects that why she has not put herself first?

It's not scientific!

Quickly put out his hand to wipe out the name, continue to move aside, ha a breath, contentedly write down his name, looking at silly music.

Grandpa said that as a woman, sometimes we need to be selfish. A selfish woman can lead a better life. Yes, she has to be selfish.