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C2047 family gossip

Tie Xun left the company with Tang Weixin and went home directly. In the dark, several relatives came to tie's house, all of them were tie's mother, three aunts and six uncles, because they heard that tie's two brothers had brought their own girlfriends when they went home. You know, tie's two brothers are nearly 30 years old. There was no news to find their girlfriends before. Tie's three aunts and six uncles My mother's standard is to introduce more than five girls every year. She can't move but call her mother and say which girl is pretty and knowledgeable. She needs to help with the introduction.

Well, it's not necessary this time. Both brothers have found girlfriends. They can't come to see what kind of girl they are. They can get into the eyes of these two picky nephews.

Ji Tingyan and Tang Weixin are sitting on the sofa with their faces covered in circles, and the two brothers of the family are changing into good children. In front of these aunts and uncles, they don't want to talk about anything.

Two beautiful women, sitting by the rules, let these people look at them.

There was a smile on her face. To be honest, she really felt that today's atmosphere was not very good for her two daughters in law. However, over the years, her mother-in-law's family was worth helping her, and she didn't let them leave without supper.

"Xiaoting, what does your girlfriend do?" Next to her is an aunt with a cup of tea. After looking at Ji Tingyan, she always feels that she is very delicate and can't help asking.

"She She is a painter. " Tie ting you Mou dotes on looking at Ji Tingyan and replies.

"Oh? Painters? How much can the painter make? There seems to be no one around us doing this job. " My aunt immediately asked curiously, and some people around shook their heads. I felt that the profession of painter was similar to that of no business. Anyway, I didn't have a serious job every day.

Ji Tingyan felt her career for the first time. She had no weight. Her eyes were beautiful.

Tang Weixin immediately smiled at the aunt and said, "Auntie, there are some things that can't be measured by money. Is it important for her to make money and how much money when she is born at the top of the pyramid?"

"Not making money? Every man is born to make money. " The older generation are real people. It's said that Ji Tingyan doesn't need to make money. They immediately contradict.

Tang Weixin continued: "why don't you ask her family background first? Maybe you can understand why she takes painting as a hobby. "

Tie mother also immediately helped to speak: "if Tingyan marries Xiaoting, I won't let her go to work, just be able to do what she likes."

Ji Tingyan looks at her mother-in-law gratefully. She also believes that what her mother-in-law says is true. As a young generation, in front of a group of elders in the family, Ji Tingyan chooses to say less. She gets up directly and sits next to her. She says to the relatives sitting next to her, "I know you care about me. Xiaonai and I really love each other. I hope you can have a drink then Happy wine. "

"Are you talking about marriage? How long have you been together? " Next to me, an aunt asked in surprise.

Tie Xun was a little disgusted. He immediately said, "Auntie, I heard that my cousin married a man who had just known him for less than a month, isn't it true?"

"It was a blind date and love at first sight." The third aunt answered him immediately.

"My brother and my sister-in-law fell in love at first sight. They have been together for more than two months, so they can't get married." Tie Xun is reasonable not to forgive person's stare at her to ask.

"Here I don't mean anything else, just ask. "

Seeing that the questions asked by these people were sharp, the mother quickly said to her two sons, "let's go upstairs and sit down. Let's have a chat with some old people."

As if they were breathing, the four men immediately turned and went upstairs, and tie Xun made coffee and went upstairs.

"Tie Xun, there are many relatives in your family." Sitting on the sofa, Tang Weixin's sharp eyes stared at the man who was bending over to put coffee.

"My father has two brothers and two younger sisters. My mother also has two sisters and one younger brother. Besides, our family is all local people. It's really complicated when it comes to kinship." He explained with a smile.

"These elders are so concerned about you. They should introduce a lot of girlfriends to you." Tang Weixin asked with coffee.

Ji Tingyan's eyes narrowed in an instant, staring at the face of the man beside her. She pretended to serve coffee and ignored the gaze of the woman beside her.

"How could it be that our brother is so handsome that he can't solve his single life by dating him?" he said with a dry smile

Tie Xun finished, deliberately exchanged a look with big brother, tie Ting's bottom of the eyes endured a smile, brother said this word, so far fetched, who will believe?

"Really?" Sure enough, Tang Weixin was the first one not to believe it.

Ji Tingyan reaches out to tie Ting's arm and pinches it: "have you ever introduced it?"

Tie Ting didn't have his younger brother's mouth to say that he could cheat. Seeing Ji Tingyan's serious expression, he had to sigh: "introduced."

"How many have you introduced?" Ji Tingyan finds that she really doesn't like to listen to the truth.

Tie Xun Jun looks embarrassed at Tang Weixin and gets embarrassed.Tang Weixin saw that the man blushed, and her heart rate suddenly accelerated. She couldn't help but breathe some air.

"A lot. I remember when we were 25, they introduced us almost every year." Tie Ting is really not good at lying in front of his girlfriend, because the price of a lie may be to destroy a relationship, he is afraid, so he dare not say.

"Every year?" Tang Weixin's eyes stiffened: "it's too exaggerated. You two don't look like people who can't find girlfriends."

"They just worry that we don't meet the right person." It's the best way to laugh.

"Forget it. It's not interesting to talk about it. It's just that if you care too much, sometimes you will become tired." Ji Tingyan is in a good mood. She feels that she is quite honest and has explained everything.

"That's right, Xiao Nai. Do you want to hear what's going on downstairs?" Tang Weixin suddenly laughed.

"How do you listen?" Ji Tingyan is also a little moved.

"Don't go." Tie Ting suddenly bullied her back.

Tie Xun also nervously pressed Tang Weixin back to his place: "what's good to hear? It's all gossip. I'm in a bad mood after listening to it a lot."

"If it's a scandal between you two, why can't Xiao Nai and I listen to it?" Tang idealistic discontented said.

"Just because it's ours, don't listen. Otherwise, if you make trouble with us, how can we bear it?" Tie Xun belly black smile.

Ji Tingyan's wrist has been forcibly grasped by the man. She glares at him angrily, but she whispers: "I'm here for you. Don't be angry, OK?"

As soon as Ji Tingyan made a small profit, the man immediately let go.