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C1650. There's a guilty conscience

Lanyanxi wanted to see grandpa again, but was stopped by the doctor. She is not fit to stay in the morgue now. Moreover, the doctor suggested that she should take care of the elderly's affairs as soon as possible.

LAN Yanxi is extremely depressed and passive. She becomes silent. Cheng Yuan understands the pain of her sudden loss of a close relative and doesn't want to disturb her. She is left alone in the ward.

Ling Mo Feng arrived at 9:30 p.m., pushed open the door of the ward, and saw her bending her legs and sitting on the chair beside the window. His heart was as painful as if it had been cut.

"Yan Xi." He called her name softly.

LAN Yanxi turned his head to look at him, then stopped looking, and wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes with his sleeve.

She pretends to be strong, which is even more heartbreaking for a man. He quickly steps over, squats in front of her, and almost looks at her in the same way. Seeing her swollen eyes, he should have never stopped crying.

"Don't cry. I'm sure your grandfather doesn't want you to be so sad. You are still sick." Ling Mo Feng is really distressed. He reaches out and gently rubs her long hair, and gently presses her to his shoulder to let her lean on.

"Has the investigation come to a conclusion?" Lanyanxi's voice is hoarse, which makes people worried.

"Lanlin's car has been stopped. It's still under investigation. There may be results tomorrow. You may have to wait patiently tonight." Ling Mo Feng comforts her gently.

"Good!" Lanyanxi is willing to wait. As long as the result is as she thinks, Lanlin has harmed her grandpa, she must let Lanlin pay the price. This time, she will never think of family affection. She will let those who hurt grandpa go to hell on the 18th floor.

"Would you like to come home with me or stay in the hospital?" Ling Mo Feng's fingers are still caressing her hair, but the voice line is full of favor.

"I want to live here tonight, can I?" LAN Yanxi really doesn't want to leave, and she doesn't know what kind of psychology she is. Maybe, she just doesn't want grandpa to be alone and want to accompany him here.

"When it's OK, I'll let chulie go home and bring you a suit." Ling Mo Feng said softly.

"Don't you have to be busy with state affairs tomorrow? Otherwise, go home and live. I'm afraid you won't be able to sleep here. " LAN Yanxi glanced at some narrow sickbeds, and it was difficult to squeeze two people.

"It's OK. You're here. I won't go anywhere. I can't sleep in the bed. I'll sleep on the sofa. Anyway, the sofa is enough for me to lie on." Ling Mo Feng shrugged his shoulders in an indifferent manner.

"How can we do that? The sofa can't sleep. It will hurt your back. You'd better go back. I can stay alone. " In other words, lanyanxi was distressed this time. She knew that Ling Mo Feng was worried that he would be afraid alone, so she wanted to stay here. But at the moment, her heart was full of anger, and she was not allowed to be afraid any more.

"Do you have to drive me away? Do you think I'm forced to stay here because I can't face it? I'm your husband. Do you understand the meaning of "husband"? Although we haven't had a wedding ceremony or made an oath, you are my wife. I will share with you no matter what the weather is like. I have to protect you. The umbrella in my hand will only stand on your head. Even if I am caught in the wind and rain, I am willing to do so. " Hearing that lanyanxi asked him to leave, Ling Mo Feng was so upset and depressed that she couldn't tell. At this time, she even thought about not bothering him. He was angry and funny. He could only explain the important role of the word "husband" to her once.

LAN Yanxi was shocked. Obviously, she didn't think about it at all. She just worried that his bad rest would affect his work. She should do a good job as a wife's duty and duty, but it turned out that Marriage is not as simple as she thought. There are too many emotional elements in it, which need mutual understanding and consideration.

"I Of course I need you, but I I'm afraid you can't have a good rest here LAN Yanxi lowered his head and answered softly.

"Now the most worrying thing is you. I don't feel relieved to leave you here. Yan Xi, am I still an outsider to you? You need to be so polite? " Ling Mo Feng sighed a little. He didn't know whether to breathe or laugh.

After listening to him, lanyanxi's two slender arms immediately hugged his neck. Her pretty face was buried deep in the man's neck, like a wounded child, eager to be comforted.

"You are not an outsider. You are my favorite." The muffled voice came out, expressing the most real idea in her heart.

Lingmo Feng just stretched out her arms, held her tightly, and kissed her thin lips on her ears and hair, which could feel her dependence and need for him when she was fragile.

Blue house!

LAN Lin is full of cold. Just now, the people sent by Ling Mo Feng drove away her car. Although she was blocked in all ways, the other side's attitude was tough, which made her have no force of resistance.

It happened so suddenly that she was driven away by them before she could clean up the car. If there was any evidence left on the car, would her crime be exposed?

"Grandpa, you forced me, you forced me to do this. I really don't want to hurt you, but why don't you take the company back?" Lanlin is scared and angry at the moment. In fact, what happened today was unexpected to her. She was very angry. She wanted to teach grandpa a lesson. She knew that grandpa was afraid to face grandma. She deliberately took him there to think of a bad breath, but things have gone beyond her expectation. Unexpectedly, the old man's heart is so bad, and he died in fear.

Lanlin rubbed her hands restlessly and walked back and forth in the room. She carefully thought over every detail of taking grandpa away from the hospital. She didn't think there was any flaw left. At first, she lied to Grandpa that she wanted to take him out to relax. Grandpa was bored and agreed to her, but she drove the car directly to the cemetery. Grandpa was shocked at that time Panic.

Grandpa is sitting in the back of her car. The wheelchair is in the back of her car. Even if we need to monitor and take photos, it can't say anything. At least grandpa has no trace of struggle.

Lanlin wants to end up splitting. She thinks she is a person who can hold her breath. She works calmly and delicately. She firmly believes that even if the person sent by Ling Mo Feng is thoughtful and capable, there is absolutely nothing to find out.

LAN Chen seems to have some bad premonition. He feels that his daughter lied. Maybe she didn't mean to kill the old man, but because of some reasons, she killed him, so she won't tell.

LAN Chen suddenly wanted to cremate the old man quickly, and then he took care of the future affairs. Only in this way can we erase all the documents, and then our daughter's business can cross over.

If you want to cremate and bury the old man as soon as possible, it doesn't matter if LAN Chen is alone. You have to have LAN Bai come together. After all, he is also a son. He is older than him and has more right to speak.

To help LAN Bai, LAN chenjue just came to him and said that he would not agree. Maybe LAN Bai is still waiting for the incident to be investigated, so that he can wipe out all his family. If his family falls down, many industries will be taken away by LAN Bai, because some of these industries are two brothers in partnership, and many interests are involved in them. Up to now, they have not He began to separate these industries. Some time ago, LAN Bailai said that he wanted to separate the industries as soon as possible, but LAN Chen refused on the grounds of physical discomfort. Now, he has something to ask him. Naturally, he should come with sincerity.

Lambert is sitting in the living room smoking. His hair is mostly white. Now he looks like an old man. He has no energy.

"What are you doing?" When LAN Bai saw LAN Chen, he turned black and was very unwelcome.

"Second brother, I came to talk to you about Dad's future affairs." LAN Chen explained the intention directly.

"The cause of the old man's death is unknown. Lanyanxi is determined to find out. I'm afraid he can't deal with it at present." Lambert pressed the smoke out and dealt with him lightly.

"Second brother, what right does LAN Yanxi have to interfere in the father's affairs? We are his son. How to deal with it is up to us." When it comes to lanyanxi, lanchen is furious.

"If you say no, I will, but I don't want to say it now." Lambert gave a sneer.