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C805 he's angry

Ji Yueze drove his car, waiting for a traffic light, his gloomy eyes were staring at the front, but his brain was still chaotic, his handsome face was stained with gloom, and his thin lips became a thin line.

He thought about it carefully. Was he really relieved to leave Bai Yiyan alone at home during this sensitive period?

Ji Yueze was thinking more and more about the wrong thing, so he turned around and drove directly to his home.

When he took the elevator to the door of the penthouse, he frowned slightly, reached out his finger, unlocked it with his fingerprints, and opened the door. Ji Yueze walked straight towards the bedroom.

He thought that Bai Yiyan was tired, and he must be lying in bed right now.

However, after he entered, he looked at the empty bedroom, his face sank, did this woman really lie to him?

Where did she go?

Ji Yueze's face turned transient, and she wanted to use her mobile phone to unplug her phone, only to find that her other hand was still holding her phone.

She didn't take her cell phone out, and it was a difficult task to find her.

"Damn!" I didn't expect this woman to be so cunning, and it was annoying to lie to lie to him.

Ji Yueze ran out the door quickly, but for a moment, he didn't know where to go. However, he was not sure that Bai Yiyan really had anything to hide from him. Maybe she was just going downstairs to buy things. Ji Yueze panicked inexplicably, and he hurriedly wore it. A mask, walked quickly to the supermarket downstairs, and went around in it, did not

When he found the figure of Bai Yiyan, he was anxious again.

This woman, where did she go?

Ji Yueze wanted to smash the phone in his hand.

However, he held back the anger and opened the screen of the mobile phone. He flipped casually and found that the woman's mobile phone did not have any useful information, most of which were notices, as well as pictures she took before. some photos.

Ji Yueze turned over her cell phone long ago. He secretly checked her cell phone because he was worried that she would be ambiguous with other men, but she did not expect that her cell phone was very clear and found no clues.

Ji Yueze returned home angrily, thumping the door.

Would he like to make a phone call and tell his elder brother?

With this thought together, Ji Yueze became so stunned that he immediately suppressed it.

Maybe, he could choose to wait, maybe she would come back later.

Bai Yiyan sat in the car and headed for the urban area. She squeezed the new mobile phone tightly in her hand.

Her mind was blank, her eyes were empty, and she said that she did not know the truth of the matter. Perhaps she only stayed at the cranky stage. Even, she would naively think that the matter was not serious and could be remedied.

But at this moment, the aunt told her the truth, but she was completely blinded.

The matter was far more serious than she thought. Although the aunt kept emphasizing that the bottle of wine was brought by her, it was Ji Yan who gave it to her. Fortunately, I didn't know that other things would be added to it.

Maybe when the doctor did an anatomy of Ji Nan, he also found that there was that medicine in his body, but why didn't Ji's family find trouble again? Is it because of the fear that the light will come out and hurt the reputation of Ji's family?

Anyway, it's been more than a decade since things happened, and now Ji's family is holding on to it, it must be because he knows his father's cause of death is unknown.

Bai Yiyan was dizzy and thought about almost everything, but after all, she was not the party, she was just a bystander. Even if she thought about it a lot, and the reason was reasonable, what could happen?

When Bai Yiyan's car arrived in the city, it was already dark, and she was on the farm for a few more hours for more than two hours. At this moment, it was already over nine o'clock.

Paying the bill downstairs in the district, Bai Yiyan walked towards the district with her legs soft.

She looked up and looked at the luxurious house on the top floor. It was dark at this moment and did not seem to turn on the lights.

Bai Yiyan's tense mood relaxed for a moment. If there is no light, it means that Ji Yueze has not returned.

Bai Yiyan thought like this, walked quickly to the elevator and went upstairs, Bai Yiyan also quickly opened the door with her fingerprint. When she entered, she reached out and turned on the light.

However, when the lights were on, she became stiff, her eyes widened in amazement.

"You ... Are you at home?" Bai Yiyan didn't expect Ji Yueze to be sitting on the sofa in the living room, so she was scared just now, and she couldn't help talking.

Ji Yueze didn't look back to see her surprised expression, stared at the thousands of lights outside the window, and asked in a low voice, "Where have you been?"

After Bai Yiyan was startled, her brain was even more blank. At this moment, his questioning made her tremble, and said hurriedly: "Oh, I ... I went out and bought a mobile phone!"

Bai Yiyan said, took out the new phone from the bag.

Ji Yueze heard that she even bought a new mobile phone, and thin lips said coldly, "Why buy a new mobile phone specifically? What do you want to do?"

Bai Yiyan was nervous and frightened, and Mianqiang explained, "I just wanted a cell phone. Anyway, you have to hold my cell phone."

"Do you want to buy a new mobile phone and contact your aunt?" Ji Yueze suddenly got up, striding his slender legs, stepping towards her step by step, and locked her nervous little face down, her voice chilled "What are you carrying me?"

"No ... nothing!" Bai Yiyan's panicked heart was about to jump out at this moment.

"Did you get in touch with your aunt?" Ji Yueze narrowed his eyes, and his thin lips became a little colder.

"No!" Bai Yiyan suddenly thought of her aunt's last plea. Although she was also very upset, she was terrified when she thought that she was going to be taken to jail.

"You're lying!" The man suddenly reached out, his long fingers slightly raised her chin coldly, asking him to force her to raise his face.

Bai Yiyan saw the anger in the bottom of his eyes, she was frightened, her breath was stagnant, and she was suffering deeply inside.

She didn't know what to do.

One side is her loved one and the other side is her love. It seems that no matter which side she chooses to help, it is not the answer she wants.

If she could, she would rather not make any choice.

"I didn't!" Bai Yiyan bit her lower lip, and then her scary eyes were reddish. "I bought this phone, but I actually wanted to contact my aunt as soon as possible, but ... I just bought the phone and bought it. "Ji Yueze didn't seem to be the truth when he saw her say this, so he sneered:" If you dare to lie to me, I will be disappointed, you know? "