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C1600 the plan is going to fail

In the afternoon, just after school, Ling wennuan walked out of the school gate and saw a black cross-country car standing on the side of the road outside the school gate. Ling wennuan stole a glance and found that it was Mu Weicheng's car. She went straight to it and knocked on his window.

Mu's eyes swept to her: "get in the car, I have something to tell you."

Ling warm but a hand inserted in a small waist, a pair of unhappy tone: "if you still want to persuade me to leave here, you should save some saliva."

"As you can see, it's not suitable for you to stay here." Mu Weicheng frowns. Does this girl have anything she's afraid of.

"There will always be a suitable day. You need to teach here for three months. After three months, I'll do it again. You won't have no idea. I came here while you were here." Ling wennuan said, and turned straight to a black car next to her. It was the driver Ling family sent to pick her up.

Mu Weicheng's eyes were slightly shocked. Next second, he sighed angrily.

Whether his words are not clear enough, he will not be related to the Ling family again, why this girl repeatedly appears beside him, disturbing his thoughts.

Ling wennuan opened the door and sat in. When the car drove past Mu Weicheng's car, Ling wennuan deliberately opened the window and winked at him.

Mu only feels that the heart's endurance is not good.

It's getting dark. LAN Yanxi gets a sleep in the afternoon. When she wakes up, it's dark outside the window. Her life suddenly becomes confused. She sits on the bed alone for a long time. It seems that she can't sleep too long in the afternoon, and the whole person will become stupefied.

At about six o'clock, lanyanxi heard the sound of the car stalling. She immediately ran downstairs, and saw Ling Mo Feng walk in outside the front door in his formal suit. His tall and strong body seemed to dispel the gloom of the room, which made lanyanxi suddenly see hope.

"Go upstairs and get dressed. Let's go to the blue house now. I've agreed with your grandfather that we'll go to dinner." Ling Mo Feng saw that she was still wearing pajamas, and could not help laughing to remind her.

"OK, wait for me." Lanyanxi ran upstairs at once.

However, when she found the clothes and stood in the bedroom to change them, she found that the man did not know when to follow him upstairs. At this moment, he was pushing open the door and came in with a lazy temperament. "Er!" LAN Yanxi's face was dazed. She was very big. Now she was suddenly shy. She had to carry him on her back and put on the mask quickly.

Ling Mo Feng, with his hands around his chest, leaned against the wall behind him. Looking at her evasive appearance, he suddenly realized that this trip was not white. It was hard to see her shy appearance.

"Don't you stare, will you?" LAN Yanxi looks back and finds that he is smiling and staring at herself without blinking. She is even more embarrassed.

Ling Mo Feng lowered his head, clenched his fist and coughed softly on his lips: "have you changed it?"

LAN Yanxi nodded: "help me zip up at the back."

The man immediately walked up to her and said, "yes."

Lanyanxi '.

The man's finger fell on her zipper, but it didn't pull it up immediately. Instead, it attached directly to her lower lip and printed a kiss on her white skin.

"Itch!" LAN Yanxi can't stand it. He wants to escape him directly.

But the man suddenly reached out and hugged her. Next second, his thin lips kissed her tender lips.

Lanyanxi found that Ling Mo Feng seemed to be more arbitrary than before. Her mind was empty for a while. However, the man only coveted a kiss and did not deepen the kiss. As soon as he loosened his long arm, he released her. The next second, he pulled up the back zipper for her and closed her long hair to one side and gently arranged it on her back.

LAN Yanxi lowered his head and looked coquettish.

"Let's go." Ling Mo Feng is so emotional now that he reaches out and taps her on the shoulder, pressing down on her inner feeling.

LAN Yanxi nodded, followed him downstairs, got on the bus, and went straight to LAN's house.

Blue house.

The crazy appearance of blue fibril scared her family. Fortunately, LAN Lin was called. LAN Lin coaxed her away.

Blue old man also came to see him several times, but blue slim didn't want to see him, which made blue old man very sad, don't know why this granddaughter so hostile to himself.

"Dad, you still don't want to come back. You're here. It's not good for the fiber at all." The blue mother said to the old man with a calm face that the daughter's illness had something to do with the old man's partiality.

Lambert scolded her with a black face: "no nonsense, it's nothing to do with dad. You spoiled your daughter."

Blue don don't want to cause their husband and wife's quarrel, hurriedly stood up: "it's not the way to go on like this, you have to send her to treatment quickly, she can't pass her own level, the consequences are unpredictable."

"Dad, if you had introduced microfiber to Ling Mo Feng, nothing would have happened today." Blue mother suddenly stood up and said angrily.

LAN Bai's face turned ugly again. He pulled his wife back to the sofa and said, "don't talk to dad like this."

The blue old man watched the couple sing red and white face one by one, but handed him all the information.

"You blame me for not marrying the Ling family? I don't think there is any room for discussion about this matter. It's because they like each other that Yan hopes to marry Mo Feng. If Ling Mo Feng likes people who are slim, of course, I won't stop him. " The old man was angry too. His son and daughter-in-law put his granddaughter's crazy responsibility on him.

LAN Mu wants to say something more. LAN Bai's eyes stop her.

"Dad, don't worry. We didn't blame you. It's just that the microfibril disease is so serious that we are in a hurry to catch fire." Lambert still can't offend the old man now, and he also found a very shocking thing. The most trusted person of his daughter now is not their parents, but his third brother's daughter Lanlin.

In the past, although they had a good time, it was mainly because Lanlin was willing to follow behind Lanxian. In the past, lanbai would have felt that this was right. Lanlin was young and her third brother was not as good as herself. His daughter should have liked her daughter, but now, he was a little uneasy. "You can think of another way. Don't let the child keep sick." Of course, the old blue man knows that they are worried. How can he not worry.

After the old blue man left, the blue mother immediately asked her husband angrily, "why don't you let me go on, it's clearly caused by his partiality."

"Calm down first. Have you ever thought about why my daughter only trusts Xiaolin?" Lambert finally spoke of his worries.

Blue mother's face changed: "because her daughter and her relationship has been very good."

"What if Lanlin is not helping her, but will make her condition worse?" LAN Bai said with a cold face and a heavy face.

"What? It's impossible. How can Lanlin harm fiber? Isn't she the one who listens to the slightest? " Blue mother did not believe that this would happen.

"Oh, she is just like his father, holding his tail, but you think he is soft on the surface, and the same in the heart? These days, I am busy with my family affairs. My third brother has done a lot of small actions in the company. " Lambert sneered coldly.

Blue mother was scared and cold all over. She suddenly stood up and said, "is Lan Lin harming our daughter all the time?"

"I'm not sure about that, but we can't trust her too much. Otherwise, when she comes, let's listen to what she said to her daughter." Lambert was a suspicious person, so after doubting his father, he focused on Lanlin.

Lanlin really came back after 7 o'clock. Besides, she used to run this time and came in panting: "uncle, aunt, is sister better?"

Lambert looked at her and asked lightly, "what's the matter?"

"Yesterday I promised to take my sister out for a walk. As soon as I had supper, I came to see her." LAN Lin said and went upstairs.

"Wait a minute." LAN Bai immediately stopped her. LAN Lin was shocked and stopped at the stairs. Looking back at LAN Bai, she asked, "uncle, what's the matter?"

Lambert immediately said, "slim is not in good spirits recently. You should not disturb her again. We decided to let her be alone for a while."

Lanlin's face was as usual, but her heart changed a lot. She had just come from the old man's side. She knew that Ling Mo Feng had brought lanyanxi to dinner. She hurried to beat Lanxian to revenge lanyanxi. Unexpectedly, lanbai stopped her.

"Uncle, sister, she needs me. I'll help you to persuade her." Lanlin's smile was a little stiff. Lambert insisted, "you'd better go back first. She may be resting now."

"No, uncle, I promised to take her out for a walk yesterday. I can't believe it." LAN Lin is in a hurry, but she can only keep smiling.

"I said no, no, you go back." Lambert took his face seriously.

Lanlin's heart was shocked. She couldn't help but wonder if she had any flaws and let lanbai know.

"OK, uncle!" LAN Lin can't go upstairs, so she can't tell LAN Xianxian about it. She is angry and anxious, so she has to turn around and leave. However, she is full of resentment.

Lanlin is not willing to go out of the door, looking up at the room where the blue fiber is still on the light.

She suddenly thought of another way. She took out her mobile phone and made a phone call to blue fiber.

Blue fiber's mobile phone is answered by blue mother, and LAN Lin is scared to hang up.

What's the matter?

Lanlin is going crazy at the moment. If she doesn't seize this opportunity, she doesn't know when she will meet lanyanxi next time. Maybe, at that time, Lanlin has been forced to go abroad for treatment.

She has been calculating for so long and planning for so long, is it going to fail like this?

Lanlin's angry face is black. No way. She must let Lanxian and lanyanxi fight for each other. Otherwise, she will never be reconciled.

Lanlin was walking around in the garden outside the door. She lost her mind for a moment.

She stared at all directions of the blue fiber and the villa of the old man. At the moment, the black car over there stopped in a row. Ling Mo Feng's trip made the field bigger and bigger. It really deserves the style of the supreme leader.

Lanlin thinks of lanyanxi