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C1488 don'st give her a chance

The tears falling from the girl's cheek fell right between the man's fingers. His heart was slightly shaken. Seeing her eyes, he felt more and more deeply hurt. Many vows can be said very well. However, the reality is cruel. He still can't take care of her and protect her as promised. On the contrary, the deeper the love, the more hurt her heart.

LAN Yanxi's heart was only broken for a moment. When she calmed down, she immediately put out her hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes and smiled sadly: "it's because I'm too careful. The victims are helpless and need your help at the moment, but I'm still making trouble here. Ling Mafeng, I'm sorry, I just Just now... " She wanted to say, those are not her true words, but can not refute, those are from the true.

"I know. You don't cry!" Ling Mo Feng patted her on the cheek, turned around and took a luggage bag, quickly sorted out several sets of clothes, and changed a set of thickened clothes. Ling Mo Feng said softly: "Yan Xi, I'm leaving. If you have something, I'll find Cheng Yuan and my aunt. They will help you."

"Well, I'll be careful too!" Lanyanxi nodded, followed him, and walked down the stairs. Outside the hall, his motorcade stopped quietly.

LAN Yanxi's eyes were a little trance. The dark outside the door was like a dense net, as if he wanted to net his beloved into nothingness.

"You must take care of yourself and call me!" After LAN Yanxi sent him to the door, thousands of words came together to form the most simple advice and concern.

Ling Mo Feng nodded at her, his thin lips dyed with a smile.

Chu lie quickly got out of the car and opened the door for Ling Mo Feng. Then he turned to LAN Yanxi and assured him, "Miss LAN, don't worry, I will protect you and let him come back safely!"

"Take care of yourself, adjutant Chu!" LAN Yanxi said sincerely.

"If Miss LAN is free, ask Cheng Yuan to come out and sit down. She has been working hard recently, and she is reluctant to rest!" Chu lie thought of his hard-working girlfriend, but also a helpless expression.

"Well, I will!" LAN Yanxi agreed with a smile.

Ling Mo Feng stooped and sat in the car. The door was closed. Through the glass window, he saw that the girl had chased her for several steps and stopped moving. The man could not help sighing.

LAN Yanxi looks at the motorcade going away with a blank face until it disappears.

The plane to the north is ready for departure. The motorcade drives through the special passage of the airport and stops beside a huge plane. The elevator has been put down. Ling Mo Feng and his party set foot in the special plane for rescue in the cold wind.

After the plane lifted off, Ling Mo Feng was sitting on the seat, discussing the relief and appeasement work with several key personnel. Suddenly, a gentle female voice sounded: "Mr. vice president, have a cup of tea, you can refresh yourself!"

As soon as Ling Mo Feng heard the sound, his face changed slightly. When he looked sideways, he saw that blue microfiber even smiled and stood on his side, gently and generously, with several cups of hot tea on the tray in his hand.

"Why are you here?" Ling Mo Feng's voice was light, and he didn't show dissatisfaction.

"I I am a worker assigned by the superior to participate in the rescue work! " Blue cilia a face to answer nervously.

Indeed, the emergency rescue work was temporarily organized. When blue fiber heard that she was able to travel with Ling Mo Feng, she was very happy. She was going to leave work and immediately took a special bus to the airport.

Sure enough, she saw Ling Mo Feng's motorcade appear in the night from the glass window of the airliner. Her mood was inexplicably excited and joyful.

When Ling Mo Feng boarded the plane just now, she didn't show up on purpose, because she was afraid that Ling Mo Feng would think about her safety, and asked her to go home immediately. When the plane lifted off, she took the opportunity of delivering tea and came to greet him.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes gave Chu lie a light glance. Chu lie's expression was stiff. The blue fiber appeared on the plane. He didn't investigate in advance. He only knew several random workers, but he didn't expect one of them would be her.

"The front-line rescue task is difficult. It's really hard for you to have this heart." Of course, Ling Mo Feng can't kick the blue fiber away at this time. But in the middle of the sky, she had to give a light appreciation to her work attitude.

"Mr. Vice President..."

"This is not the general office. There is no need to call it shengfen. Let's call it my brother-in-law. We are a family!" Ling Mo Feng interrupted her directly and gave her a proper title.

Blue fibril didn't expect Ling Mo Feng would let her call her that. For a while, she was a little bit dazed, and her heart was more like a knife wringing, and she was in pain.

"Oh, yes!" Blue fiber brain blank, a long time to slow the spirit, lost the soul like a nod, turn around, lonely left.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes flashed a sharp color. Why is blue microfiber here? Why do you come here to say hello to him? I'm afraid it was arranged by someone with a heart.

But Ling Mo Feng won't give those people a chance.

Blue fibril went back to her seat and forgot to fasten her seat belt. Someone was kind enough to remind her.

LAN Xianxian's heart is sore now. I really want to die. Ling Mo Feng asked her to call her brother-in-law. Does it prove that he has taken LAN Yanxi as his wife?

At this moment, blue microfibril is as painful as a thousand needles. She even maliciously hopes that this plane will never return. At least, she can die with Ling Mo Feng. This is an honor that blue Yanxi does not have.

However, the hope of blue fiber failed. A few hours later, the plane landed in a very simple airport in the northern mountainous area.

When the plane landed, because of a snowstorm, the strong airflow and the strong waves on the top, the blue microfibril was really shocked just now. She didn't have the courage to die like this, and her face was pale. She really wanted to run to Ling Mo Feng's side to ask for comfort. But she didn't dare. There were so many people on the plane, she didn't dare to be in front of all of them Go to get close to Ling Mo Feng in front of people.

Fortunately, the plane still stopped, the cabin door opened, and the chilling cold came.

It was cold and cold in the temperature of - 20 degrees below zero, and everyone rushed to put on the warm and windproof equipment, and orderly followed the vice president to get off the plane.

"Brother in law, I came in a hurry this time. I didn't bring much clothes. I wonder if you have a coat to lend me?" Blue fibril is telling the truth. She didn't have time to prepare to follow her. At this moment, she only asked her colleagues to lend her a down jacket to wear. But it's not enough to keep warm. Her frozen face turned white and trembled. She ran to Ling Mo Feng pitifully and begged him to take care of her.

Chu lie immediately winked at an adjutant nearby. Without saying a word, the adjutant quickly took off his coat, and then handed it to blue fiber: "I have a spare one, please use mine first, sir, and have a very important responsibility!"

Blue fiber face transient, but, it's too cold, she can only put the man's coat tightly on the body, it's warm at last.

Several cross-country vehicles have been waiting for the scene. When Ling Mo Feng got on the bus, blue microfiber was still closely following him, because everyone knew that she was Ling Mo Feng's sister-in-law. Naturally, no one talked about her again, but envied that she had such a picture of her brother-in-law at the border.

"Chu lie, call a car and send her to the nearest city to do the backup work!" Ling Mo Feng gives Chu lie an order directly.

"Brother in law, I don't want to go downtown. Take me with you. I promise I won't fill it up for you." Blue fibril was still glad that she was going to take the same car with Ling Mo Feng, when she heard the man suddenly gave such an order, she was in a daze, and she was in a hurry.

"You are lanyanxi's sister and my family. This is my special care for you. If something happens to you, I can't explain it to your grandfather!" Ling didn't give her the chance to go on talking, so he closed the door.