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C1594 early reflection

Yang ChuChu looked at him in surprise, eyebrows raised, and ran towards him with a smile. The man saw that she was running towards him, whether she was gasping for breath or not, walked forward quickly with long legs, and held her whole person tightly in his arms.

Yang ChuChu looks up with a chuckle, and the thin lips of the man are gently sealed. She has been used to the way that the man dotes on her. Her two slender arms are tightly wrapped up. For a while, they are inseparable.

Until, Luo Jin Royal contented released the hand, saw her pretty face purples, the eyes are ashamed.

"Well, will your mother scold me?" After being excited, Luo Jinnian suddenly thought of a very important thing. Although Yang ChuChu was nearly twenty years old, she was still very young after all. When her mother gave birth to her, she was not old, and the hardships she suffered were understandable. Would she agree to let her daughter have a child so young?

Yang ChuChu is still waiting for him to say a few sweet words to listen to him, but he didn't expect to hear his worried face say this. He immediately pooped and chuckled, "what's the matter? You're afraid "

" I'm not afraid, but I'm afraid your mother will be angry. " Luo Jinyu holds her in his arms again, and puts his thin lips on her forehead. After a long time, he sighs: "delicate, I will take good care of you."

"You have taken good care of me, Luo Jinyu. When I am with you, I know what happiness is and how to be satisfied. Really, I will spend all the virtue I accumulated in my last life to meet you." Yang ChuChu leaned on his chest and murmured to herself. She was not afraid of anything. With her baby, she would be born strong. As long as this man kept her by her side, she would have the courage to fight against the world.

Luo Jinyu listens to her words, and his mood turns. He holds her tighter: "I should have borrowed all the good fortune to let fate push you to my side."

"Well, let's not talk about that now. I'm hungry." Yang ChuChu chuckled and turned away from his arms, reaching out to touch his smooth stomach, revealing his kitten like vision.

"I'll take you out to eat, whatever you want." Luo Jin said with a gentle smile.

"And I want to eat you? Is that ok? " Yang ChuChu immediately showed her ability to play bad.

"No, not in the future. It's important for you and the children." Luo Jinyu firmly refused her bad request.

"Ah? Why not? I saw it on the Internet just now. The doctor said Yes. " Yang ChuChu's little mouth was a toot, with an unhappy expression.

"Tomorrow I'll make an appointment with an expert to take you to do an inspection and listen to what he says. Don't read the results on the Internet." Luo Jinyu said nothing to her, but he was in a good mood when he heard that she seemed to need him very much.

"All right." Yang ChuChu did not dare to mess again.

Luo Jinyu takes Yang ChuChu out of the door and makes an appointment for a private dish. It's a very famous private restaurant and a place that rich people like to go to. It has a good environment and rich dishes.

Luo Jinyu drives Yang ChuChu past. Yang ChuChu is wearing a loose long skirt, a mask, long hair stuck behind his head, full forehead and big smart eyes.

Luo Jinyu saw someone coming in the elevator, and Yang ChuChu immediately leaned towards him. He also naturally brought her into his arms and protected her in his arms.

Private dishes in a high-end community, beautiful environment, Luo Jinyu made an appointment to a window position, surrounded by beautiful decoration, to ensure the privacy of guests.

Luo Jinyu asks Yang ChuChu to order, but Yang ChuChu brushes his mobile phone and pushes the menu directly to him. Luo Jinyu has to order all the dishes she likes. After the owner's mother leaves, Luo Jinyu reaches out and takes away the mobile phone in her hand: "look at the mobile phone less, it's good for your eyes."

"Let me have a look, just a look." Yang ChuChu immediately pretended to be pitiful and begged him.

"No way!" Luo Jinyu put her mobile phone directly into the inside pocket of her suit.

Seeing that he was so strict, Yang ChuChu had to take a sip of water from the table: "wait, I'll have a little lover for you. Then you won't have time to take care of me."

Luo Jinyu also took a sip of water, and when he heard her childish words, he couldn't help laughing: "well, I'll love her to heaven if I want to have a little guy as lovely as you."

"No, you can only spoil me. I can't have a daughter to compete with me. I guess it's a son, because I like sour food very much now." Yang ChuChu's expression of dissatisfaction was immediate.

"Don't worry, neither son nor daughter can threaten your position." Luo Jinyu really can't help her. Even the vinegar is so serious.

Yang ChuChu also felt that he was a little childish. He bowed his head and smiled two times: "it's still early to say that."

"Clearly, please ask your boss for a long holiday. Don't go out to work any more. I'm not sure you run around with your baby in your arms." Luo Jinyu looks at her tenderly and advises her in a low voice.

"I still have four endorsements in my hand. I want to finish filming first. I won't take over the screenplay. Now the child is so young, it shouldn't affect my advertising." Although Yang ChuChu joked with her assistant that she should concentrate on giving birth to children and putting off her work, she thought later that she was not too old to act. She still had to have a sense of responsibility to prevent the company from being damaged or her reputation from being damaged. She had to work hard to complete the work she received.

"Did you sign the contract? I'll pay for the liquidated damages. You'd better go home and have a rest. " Luo Jinyu frowned immediately. He really didn't want her to go out to work even if she was pregnant. If he was only worried about the liquidated damages, he could handle it.

Yang ChuChu shook his head: "no, your money is not from the gale. I have calculated that if I breach the contract and have to pay more than 80 million yuan, I will not watch the money flow away. Don't worry, I will be very careful."

Luo Jinyu looked at her resolute expression and sighed: "when you shoot the advertisement, call me. I will accompany you."

"No, you are so busy..."

"No matter how busy you are, it is the most important thing for you and your children." Luo Jinyu used to feel that he wanted to work hard, but now he found that no matter how much money he made, his family was not important. He had to arrange the relationship between them reasonably.

"I'm really happy to hear that. Well, if you have time to go with me, let's go together. It's time for you to take a vacation. You can't be busy all year round." Yang ChuChu nodded and agreed.

When the rich dinner was served, Luo Jinyu was about to take a piece of beef to Yang ChuChu, but he heard that she could not help but cover her lips, and his face was sad: "this smell is uncomfortable."

Luo Jinyu's handsome face flashed over and said, "isn't this your favorite braised beef? How can it smell bad? "

"I don't know. Seeing this greasy thing makes my stomach uncomfortable." Yang ChuChu also wondered, this is indeed a dish she likes very much, but now it has no taste at all.

"If you don't like it, let's change for another two courses." Luo Jinyu immediately wants to ask the landlady to change the menu.

"No, you can eat it. I'm very hungry, but I can see this dish has no taste. What's wrong with me?" Yang ChuChu's face was dazed.

"Maybe it's early reflection. It's OK. There are still several dishes to see if they match your taste. If you can't eat them, I'll ask the madame to cook some porridge for you." Luo Jinyu saw her uncomfortable appearance, and his heart was also clenched. He only knew that there would be a reaction to a woman's pregnancy, but he didn't expect that the reaction would be so big.

"Good! I have a bowl of white rice. " Yang ChuChu took the bowl, filled a bowl of white rice, and ate it slowly.

"Really don't eat food?" Luo Jinyu looks at her pitiful appearance, and is very sad.

"I don't want to eat now," Yang ChuChu shook his head

The next dish, Yang ChuChu also only ate a few mouthfuls of pickled fish and a few vegetables, seafood and meat, she did not dare to chopsticks.

Luo Jinyu saw that she had no appetite and had little to eat.

Yang ChuChu has eaten half a bowl of rice and has to put down her chopsticks. What's the matter? Although she didn't have much taste two days ago, she always felt that she was used to dieting and didn't like greasy taste. Now she realized that she had early pregnancy.