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Luo Jinyu didn't eat much of this meal. The two of them settled their accounts and went back to the car. Yang Chusheng leaned on the back of the chair lovelessly. Luo Jinyu took out his mobile phone beside him and carefully looked through various posts on the Internet about the physiological changes of pregnant women.

Just now, who said not to believe the message on the Internet? Now, he is more active than anyone else.

"I'll take you to eat whatever you want. As long as you can eat, you can't go hungry like this, OK?" When it is known that the first three months of a woman's pregnancy will have a great reaction to pregnancy and vomiting, Luo Jin Yujun's face is slightly taut, his eyes are gently looking at the delicate little woman on the side of her body, and he comforts her in a low voice.

"Well." Yang ChuChu nods. If she eats, she will certainly eat. Now she wants to put away the theory of diet first. She needs to eat well and drink well, and have enough nutrition to transmit to her baby.

Luo Jinyu reached out and touched her long hair gently: "go home first, and buy something in the supermarket downstairs. I'm hungry. I'll make it for you."

Yang ChuChu immediately leaned his head against the palm of his hand: "OK!"

When night comes, the whole city is full of color and colorful lights, which makes the city more lively.

LAN Yanxi is packing her bag. Suddenly, she thinks that Grandpa's health is not good. She takes out her mobile phone and makes a phone call to Ling Mo Feng.

Ling Mo Feng is inconvenient to answer now. Chu lie answers in a low voice.

"Miss LAN, Mr. LAN is in the middle of a reception. I may have to wait for your call."

LAN Yanxi knows that there are important foreign guests coming to visit today. Ling Mo Feng must be very busy today.

"It's OK. Tell him that I'm going back to the blue house tonight, and let him pick me up later." LAN Yanxi informs Chu lie. He is relieved. Chu lie will definitely tell him.

"Miss LAN, otherwise, you'd better tell your husband in person. It's very dangerous for you to go out alone now." Chu lie urged her.

"I'll go home and see my grandfather." LAN Yanxi was stunned.

"Just a few days after the Yang He incident, Miss LAN, please wait a little longer. If you want to see your grandfather, it will be more appropriate for you to go together." Chu lie knew that Lan Yanxi had only one purpose to go back to LAN's house, that is to visit LAN Laozi.

LAN Yanxi's brain flashed past the picture of Yang he being tied to her hands and feet and bleeding, and her whole body bristled.

"Well, I'll wait until he's finished." After LAN Yanxi hung up the phone, he called LAN Laozi directly. LAN Laozi was having dinner. He was in a good mood when he received the call from his granddaughter. They talked for a long time. LAN Yanxi asked about his physical condition. Of course, LAN Laozi replied that she was OK and asked her not to worry about such things.

After hanging up her grandfather's phone, LAN Yanxi breathed a sigh of relief. Grandpa always reported happiness to her but not worry. She was used to this for a long time. Grandpa said it was ok, but her heart was still clenched.

It's more than nine o'clock in the evening. Ling finished all the important itinerary today. When he came back to the office, he saw LAN Yanxi sitting on the sofa. Just now, he had dinner with foreign guests. LAN Yanxi ate directly in his office.

"I'm sorry, it's late. Do you want to go back to the blue house?" Ling Mo Feng came to her and sat down. Jun's face was full of guilt.

"Not today. At this time, my grandfather went to bed early." LAN Yanxi is not angry, but loves him. He wants to work so late.

"Let's go to see him tomorrow. I must have time to prepare some gifts." Ling Mo Feng said softly.

"Well, tomorrow." LAN Yanxi could not help leaning over him.

Ling Mo Feng reached out and touched her hair: "it's late, let's go home."

"Good!" LAN Yanxi got up and left the office with the man.

Now, blue house.

Blue fiber holds a fruit knife in her hand, biting her teeth hatefully and asking LAN Lin, "why didn't she come here? Didn't she say she would come? I knew that she was not so filial. Now she is in the ascendant of Mo Feng. No matter the old man is dead or alive, I must expose her side of this vicious force so that everyone can see her virtue. "

Lanlin is sitting beside her. Her face is black and ugly.

"No, I'm going to post online now. I'm going to publish her fake mask." Blue fibril is like a madman at the moment. She can't calm down and think about things any more. She is on the edge of great anxiety and rage.

"Sister, you are crazy." Lanlin immediately walked to her and grabbed her: "now you want to announce these things, which will be discovered by Ling Mo Feng immediately. Do you really think that online speech is free? If Ling Mo Feng knows that you hate LAN Yanxi now, he can not only catch you in, but also make you never see that bitch in your life. "

Blue cilia looks at her stupidly, then she pushes a handful of blue Lin fiercely: "it's all your fault. She said she would come. Why doesn't she come? I can't bear it now. I feel like I have a fire burning in my heart. Only when LAN Yanxi dies can I calm down my anger. "

LAN Lin looks at the scary blue fiber. Suddenly, she feels that she is in a state of madness. She is going to be insane. If she doesn't use her to slander LAN Yanxi, she will be forced to go to the hospital to see a psychiatrist.

"Elder sister, wait a little longer. Maybe she will come tomorrow. You can take a bath, get some sleep and get enough spirit. You will have a chance to send that bitch to Heaven tomorrow." Lanlin put down her voice, as if she was coaxing the blue fiber.

Blue fiber expression suddenly brightened: "yes, yes, I have to keep my spirit, I have the strength to kill her, you are right, I go to the bath, I will let her pay the price."

Lanlin looks at Lanxian and actually goes to find her pajamas. She has a long breath, turns around, and her face immediately becomes gloomy.

Downstairs, Lambert and his wife looked at her anxiously and asked, "how is your sister now? Did you persuade her? "

"Don't worry, uncle and aunt. Elder sister is OK, but the pressure is too much. She She likes Ling Mo Feng. You should know that lanyanxi is engaged to him. She can't stand this kind of attack, so she behaves abnormally. But you can rest assured that I will persuade her. " Lanlin immediately turned into a smiling face, comforting the couple.

"Xiaolin, we can only rely on you. She can't see anyone, just you. Your sister has a good relationship. You have to help your sister through this difficulty." Blue mother said haggardly.

"Don't worry, I will." LAN Lin finished, then she turned and left.

Lambert hated to sweep a vase on the table to the ground: "Lan Yanxi, it's her again. What did she do to our daughter? She's almost a psychopath. "

"Honey, what can I do now? If she can't think of doing something stupid, I don't want to live. " Blue mother immediately cried sadly.

Lambert closed his eyes painfully. Now, he was helpless. If it was before, he would directly send lanyanxi abroad, so that she would never return to China to stimulate his daughter.

Now she is going to marry Ling Mo Feng and become the first lady. In the future, she will appear on TV. As soon as her daughter opens her eyes, she can see her, and she will definitely collapse.

"Otherwise, let's send our daughter to live abroad and keep her away from all this." Blue mother suddenly thought of a way.

"Well, we'll let her go tomorrow. You go abroad with her and take good care of her." Lambert nodded and thought it was a good idea.

"I will." Parents all over the world are the same. No matter how hard they encounter, parents are willing to shelter them from the wind and rain and take care of everything.

The next morning, blue fiber heard a knock on the door, and she immediately took a fruit knife to open the door.

"Slim, it's mom. What are you doing? You're too scary. " Blue mother saw the knife in her daughter's hand, and her face changed greatly. She asked her sadly.

The knife in blue fibril's hand fell to the ground, looking at his mother with a sad face: "what's the matter with you?"

"Slim, I have discussed with your father. I will send you abroad this afternoon. My mother will accompany you. We will have a good holiday abroad..."

"What? Going abroad? I don't want to go. Don't bother me. " Blue fiber finish saying, directly shut the door.

"Slim, you open the door. Let's talk about it again. You can't go on like this." Blue mother is not worried.

"I'm not sick? I'm fine. Why do all of you think I'm sick? You're sick. Let Xiaolin come to see me. I only talk to her. " Blue and slender shrieked, exhausted.