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C998 to the end

Listen to my mother's words, Luo Jinyu's face froze again, once again bowed, silent. Luo

Henning and Maureen sat next to each other, their expressions endless. "

mom, brother, let's order!" With a look of fighting the fire, lohnin quickly took out the menu and handed it to his mother: "Mom, you can order whatever you like."

Mu Lin is not familiar with Luo mu, and she doesn't know what's going on. It's not easy to help for a while. Luo

the mother was not in the mood to eat, and said lightly: "you can order what you like, I don't care!" Luo

Henning and Maureen exchanged a look and had to order in silence.

Although Luo Jinyu lowered his head and didn't speak, his eyes were still firm. He didn't waver because of his mother's strong opposition. "I can't break up with her!" Suddenly, Luo Jinyu raises his eyes again, and his voice is extremely persistent. Luo

when she heard this, her face turned white. She slapped her hand on the table: "why don't you listen to me? Are you my son? "

"Mom, of course I'm your son. If I'm in any other business, I can listen to you. But for my own marriage, I want to make my own choice. Since I'm with her, I can't abandon her." Luo Jinyu did not give in and still insisted on his decision.

Luo Mu's face is blue and her whole body is shaking. Is it true that she doesn't want to be a mother when she has a daughter-in-law?

Lohnin was frightened by her mother's slapping the table just now, and her hands holding the menu were frozen in the air.

Murin also exclaimed in her heart. Luo Jinyu is really a man. Yang ChuChu is blessed. It must be true love if a man and his mother can carry it. "

OK, I won't argue with you, but without my consent, you can't talk about marriage right now." Luo mother said angrily, obviously, also felt sad, thinking of her son who didn't talk too hard to herself from childhood, suddenly because of a woman, she didn't listen to her, and she still felt a little lost. "

mom, I'm sorry, I'm leaving first. Talk to your brother and sister-in-law." Luo Jin's existence has seriously affected his mother's appetite, so he had to get up and leave. "

you..." When Luomu saw that her son turned around and left, she became angry again. Luo

Henning asked the waiter to order, and then brought a cup of tea to his mother's face: "Mom, please calm down, don't get angry and damage your body."

"How has your elder brother changed his temperament? Is it with Yang ChuChu's Association, it changed a person? " Luo Mu sighed as she drank tea. Luo

Henning chuckled twice: "Mom, I don't think my big brother has changed. Besides, you don't have to deal with Yang ChuChu's single family any more. I don't think people can choose to be born by themselves." "

I didn't aim at her, I just hope your elder brother can find one..." What did LOM want to say? Suddenly she saw that Maureen was still there, and stopped again.

Mulin sat beside drinking water and didn't want to interfere in the family affairs of Luo family, but she already knew why Luo mother objected to Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu being together. It was clear that Yang ChuChu was not worthy of her son.

However, to be honest, Yang ChuChu is young and still a female star. Most of the powerful families will repel female stars. It may be because their nature of work will make people feel insecure, coupled with gossip, even if it's a fresh little white lotus, as long as it's connected with the entertainment circle, it will be a black lotus for you right away. So, although it can't be From an objective point of view, if she continues this job, Luo Mu's attitude may not be softened.

"Mureen, I really want you to see a joke." Luo Mu smiled at her helplessly. Mu

Lin shook her head: "no, as a parent, it's normal to care about her son's marriage."

"Ah, you are really a reasonable and good child. My family Henning married you. I don't know that he has cultivated a fortune for several lives." Luo Mu is angry. Suddenly Mu Lin can understand her hard work. She is her own person. Don't you like her more? Mu

Lin bowed her head and smiled: "Auntie, don't say that. In fact, Henning is also a very good man. He is good to me, so I feel blessed." Luo

Henning saw that both of them were praising him. His handsome face suddenly turned red, and he smiled two times: "OK, mom, murin, don't boast any more." The atmosphere suddenly pulled back to normal, and three people began to wait for a delicious lunch. Luo

Jin Yu walked out of the restaurant and walked all the way to the car. He saw a smoking area not far away. He walked straight to it, took out a cigarette from his arms and lit one.

He took a strong breath and suddenly choked him. He coughed twice. He looked at the distant eyes and got bored. From the

point of view, he has the ability to deal with everything well. Whether it's work or life, he is holding on to everything and never makes mistakes.

But now, on the one hand is family, on the other hand is love, are all confused. A man's beautiful expression flashed a color of pain. What he was most afraid of was making this choice.

He has asked for Yang ChuChu's body, so he should be responsible for her to the end. Unless, one day, she really doesn't like herself and wants to leave, he will let her go. But now, how can he abandon her irresponsibly?

Luo Jinyu smoked a cigarette and went back to the car. For a moment, he didn't want to drive away immediately.

He took out his mobile phone, turned out a video, which showed a lovely and delicate face.

It was Yang ChuChu who sent him the self shot video. She stood in the flowers. In the early morning sun, she sold cute to the video doodle, and then pointed to her back: "do you see it? It's all mountains. The scenery here is very beautiful. However, it's so cold. The director said that he would have to rush to the back of that mountain in the afternoon to take a picture. I'm tired if I think about it. Luo Jinyu, I want to go home, I miss you so much! "

This is the video Yang ChuChu sent to him a few months ago when she went to make a movie. She was wearing a thick white down jacket, long hair, knitted hat, and her face was pink and lovely. It really made men see it and feel soft and reluctant.

Luo Jinyu stared at the video for a long time, and wanted to collect all the bright light in her eyes.

"Clear!" He gently touched the girl's smiling face with his fingers, as if he was really touching her white face. This feeling is so beautiful.

More than ten hours later, Ji Yueze led several people out of D country international airport.

The man looks tired, but he still straightens his face and says in a low voice, "have you found it? Do you know which way she is going? "

"I found out. When she got out of the airport, she stopped a taxi and went there!" The assistant replied immediately.