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Ji Yueze just fed Bai Yiyan porridge and comforted her to sleep. Suddenly, his cell phone rang. He quickly adjusted it to vibrate, picked up his cell phone and walked out of the ward. "

brother!" Ji Yueze answered the phone in a low voice. "

just got the news, Cheng Jianhong jumped from his office, the rescue was invalid." The cold and dignified voice of the season owl came from that end.

"Dead? Did he commit suicide? Or is someone trying to kill him? " Ji Yueze's face was shocked. He didn't expect Cheng Jianhong to die like this. He wanted to redeem him. Xiaoyan didn't even meet him. He jumped from the building and killed himself.

"According to the police, he was killed by suicide. Maybe he was under some threat and could only be saved by death." Season owl cold also felt that this thing happened too fast, too strange. "

it seems that he is desperate. He knows too many secrets. Someone doesn't want him to live." Ji Yueze laughed at himself. "

for this matter, you'd better wait until Bai Yiyan is in a better mood. Hang up first." After Ji Xiaohan finished, he hung up the phone, held his cell phone, went back to the bedroom from the balcony, saw the warm wall lamp, shrunk into a group of daughters, her lovely sleeping face, just like a quiet and pure angel. Season

Xiao Han's heart suddenly becomes tender. Tomorrow is the day to go back to China. In these days, his daughter is inexplicably clinging to him. She will not go to sleep until he returns home. Moreover, she needs to hold his arm every time to fall asleep. Xiao Han can't help chuckling. It's really good to be needed by his daughter.

"Daddy, pee!" I don't know if Ji xiaonai was awakened by the sound of opening the door just now, or if she felt that there was no daddy around her, she suddenly woke up, climbed up, sat up, rubbed her eyes and shouted.

Ji Xiaohan hurriedly walked over, picked up his daughter from the bed and took her to the bathroom.

"Why hasn't Mommy come back? I'll grow up if I don't come back! " Ji xiaonai is still very resentful. She has never been separated from Mommy for so many days and has been looking forward to it.

Ji Xiaohan looks at her small body. During this period of time, she didn't grow up much. She has gained a circle of weight. She is pink and beautiful like a doll.

Ji xiaonai pulled his own urination, then pulled his pajamas, raised his eyes, saw daddy laughing, she asked discontentedly, "Daddy, what are you laughing at?" "

nothing, I think my little princess is still growing up slowly, let daddy accompany you more!" Ji Xiaohan stooped to pick up his daughter and went back to the big bed in the bedroom. The little guy rolled around and found a very comfortable sleeping position. He blinked his big eyes and asked, "grandma asked me to grow up quickly, but you asked me to slow down. Should I hurry up or slow down?" Season

Xiao Han also turned over and lay on his back, put his daughter in his arms and let her little head rest on his arm to sleep: "Daddy doesn't know, as long as you are healthy and safe!"

"Oh!" After a while, he fell into a dream again.

Season owl cold side Mou, finger in her small face light twist, this just satisfied close eyes to sleep.

The news of Cheng Jianhong's suicide by jumping off a building has not been reported. The news has been blocked internally, but there are still rumors and people are panic stricken. Cheng

traitor Hong has been in office for many years, which is also a good reputation. Unfortunately, in the last few days before his death, he was exposed in a scandal of finding a surrogate for his son, which made everyone look at him with great admiration. Within a few days, he jumped off the building and committed suicide. People who didn't know the truth thought that he was ashamed to commit suicide.

Bai Yiyan stayed in the hospital and was worried about bleeding. However, after the injection, she did not bleed any more and her mood was stable. "

When do I need to testify in court? I'm better now. I can do it any time. " Bai Yiyan eats the fruit, turns around and asks Ji Yueze. The more she thinks about it, the more angry she is. She hates to let Cheng Jianhong pay for his fraternity.

"Xiaoyan, there's something I don't want to hide from you. In fact, you don't need to appear in court to testify against Cheng Jianhong. He has Dead, he jumped last night! " Ji Yueze's fruit cutting slowed down. Her deep eyes stared at Bai Yiyan.

As expected, her expression also froze, the beautiful eyes open wide, can't believe to look at him: "dead? Last night? " "

Yes, Xiao Yan, who jumped from his office, would you feel sorry for him?" Ji Yueze looks at her pale face, her lips are shaking, but she doesn't seem to know what to ask. Inexplicably, she is distressed. Bai

at the moment, Yiyan's five tastes are mixed, her heart is in turmoil and her head is blank.

Will she be sad? I don't think so. She hates him all the time.

"I haven't even met him. Why did he die? I have a lot of questions to ask him. " Bai Yiyan's eyes turned red all of a sudden. She forced herself to bear the tears, but the more they rolled.

"Don't ask, no matter what you want to question him, he has paid for his behavior. Moreover, my eldest brother said that it's not you who forced him to die, but himself. He must have died in exchange for his son's life. In the end, he is willing to pay for his son's sexual life, but he is not willing to take responsibility for your daughter. He has survived!" Ji Yueze reached out to hold her small hand tightly, and his tone was low.

Bai Yiyan still can't speak for a long time, and she can't tell her inner feelings. Xu is sad that she didn't see him and asked him why she left her.

"Xiaoyan, the doctor said you can't be excited. It's not good for the fetus. You need to control your mood. In fact, I want to hide it from you, but sooner or later, it's not." Ji Yueze is worried about her. Seeing her head bowed in silence, he worries that her mood will collapse and affect the fetus. Bai

Yiyan laughs at herself: "I'm ok. In my heart, my father has another person, not him. Whether he dies or not has no effect on me."

Bai Yiyan had an adoptive father before. He thought she was out of the family, but her life was bad. She died after a few years of pain. At that time, Bai Yiyan cried for several months and thought he was her own father. "

OK, you can think about it!" Ji Yueze reached out and stroked her cheek.

Pei Ying sat in the living room and heard Bai Wanqing and her father making a big noise. She ran downstairs angrily and shouted: "what are you quarreling about? Don't go on living this day? My father betrayed Bai Yiyan to save your life? " White

Wan Qing covers her face and can't cry, but she is inexplicably sad. Pei

Hong scolded his daughter: "you should not talk to Bai Yi like this in the future."

Pei Hong doesn't like Bai Yiyan, but he still has a couple relationship with Bai Wanqing. This time, he also knows how inhumane it is.