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Because of this woman's rogue look, Luo Jin Yu couldn't help but smile at the bottom of her eyes.

Yang Chu Chu really wanted to slap herself so that she would have no future.

However, facing such a rare opportunity, how could Yang Chu Chu let it go?

Even if the other person came to ask her with a cold face, her heart was burning with passion.

"Wait a moment, I'll take the bag!" Yang Chu Chu was afraid that Yue Yang would suddenly drive away, so he immediately shouted and ran back to his business car.

She didn't know if it was because of her high heels, but the moment she turned around, she tripped over her long skirt and fell down.

Luckily, she didn't fall too hard when she threw herself against the door of her car.

However, the anxiety on her face betrayed her.

Luo Jin Yu, such a strict person, was almost amused by this little thing. Looking at her flustered and helpless appearance, he felt that his trip here was not in vain.

Yang Chu Chu entered the car, holding her own leather bag tightly, her expression was filled with regret.

Heavens, did she make a joke just now? Was this man secretly laughing at him?

, you really have no backbone. Didn't I just ask you out to chat with me? That's how nervous you are.

What if he said he was going to marry you, then wouldn't you just go crazy and go to a mental hospital?

After Yang Chu Chu looked down at herself for a while, she finally pretended to get off gracefully, walked around to the side of the front passenger seat, opened the door, and sat down.

"You didn't fall just now!" She originally thought that this man didn't mention it, but she didn't expect him to actually care about her.

If Yang Chu Chu really wanted to smash her head to death, she could only let out a dry laugh: "I'm fine!"

"It's really fine?" Luo Jin Yu could clearly hear the sound of her forehead colliding with the door.

"I... "I just feel a little pain in my forehead!" Since he saw through it, Yang Chu Chu would not argue anymore. Indeed, even his head was hurting from the impact.

"Let me see!" While Luo Jin Yu was speaking, he actually stuck his head out and used a big hand to push away the hair on her forehead.

Yang Chu Chu's breathing had almost stopped. At this moment, she realized that Luo Jin Yu was too close to her, and his hot breath had even sprayed onto her neck.

"It's red!" The man whispered.

Yang Chu Chu really couldn't stand his gentle care and hurriedly pushed his large hands away. With a strong expression, she said, "I'm fine.

Hearing that she was self-deprecating, Luo Jin Yu's thin lips couldn't help but laugh: "It's pretty thick, at least, it's the thickest one I've ever seen!"

Yang Chu Chu, "..."

This man couldn't have misunderstood again, right? She really meant that he had thick skin, but she didn't say that he had thick skin.

Truly excessive. He had intentionally misunderstood her words. Was he hinting that she was a shameless person?

He really had the urge to just push the door open and get out.

"Hurry up and move your car. This is the road, you're in charge of the road, how do you plan to get past other people's cars?" How could Yang Chu Chu bear to get off his car? Hence, she quickly changed the topic.

Only then did Luo Jin Yu slowly start the car, and drove the car away from the road towards the main road.

"Why didn't you bring your bodyguard here?" Yang Chu Chu found nothing to say and asked him.

"I want to see you alone!" Luo Jin Yu replied without thinking.

"Are you afraid that if your bodyguards see you looking for me, it will affect your image as a good boss in their eyes?" Yang Chu Chu's brain spasmed, and immediately looked at him with a bit of grievance.

Luo Jin Yu pursed his lips, not answering her.

"Let's go somewhere!" Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran turned the car onto a road.

Yang Chu Chu took a look at the road sign above. This was a newly created amusement park, and it was the largest, most fully implemented large-scale playground in the entire country. It had not even opened yet, and was currently being anxiously prepared.

Yang Chu Chu knew that this amusement park was an industry under the Luo Family Group.

"What did you bring me here for? This place has yet to open, hasn't it? " Yang Chu Chu looked outside with her pair of beautiful big eyes and saw the newest facilities outside. On the mountainside in the distance, she saw a giant Ferris Wheel testing the wheel.

There was a sound of wind chimes in his ears. Yang Chu Chu felt that in this deserted playground, there was a very empty and empty feeling, this feeling was not bad.

Luo Jin Yu's car drove forward, and after passing through a winding road, it directly charged up the mountainside and stopped in a spacious parking lot.

Yang Chu Chu saw him fiercely stepping on the brakes just now, and immediately peeked at his expression. She could not help but ask curiously: "What happened to you? Why does it seem like you are angry? "

The scenery was beautiful, but he was in a bad mood!

"You have a boyfriend?" The man's voice was low and low. It didn't sound like a question, but a normal question.

Yang Chu Chu's expression froze for a moment, after being silent for two seconds, she nodded her head, "That's right, if I have the time another day, I will bring you over to meet me …"

"Why did you find a man so quickly?" Luo Jin Yu immediately interrupted her, the unhappiness in his tone seemed to have grown even stronger.

Yang Chu Chu curled her lips. She could clearly hear that he was angry, but she acted as if she was going against him, and said with a very relaxed tone: "So fast? Not really fast, didn't I tell you before? There are still quite a few men who want to woo me, but I didn't agree. If I really want to, I can find them in a few minutes and change them every month. "

"Are you targeting me?" Luo Jin Yu suddenly turned his head, his serene eyes locking onto her little face that carried an air of arrogance. "You're purposely angering me, aren't you?"

Yang Chu Chu's gaze instantly froze. Indeed, she had done it on purpose.

"Didn't you tell me to date a man my age? It's you who said that we're not suitable for our age and that we don't have the chance to be together. Now that I've gotten what you wanted me to do, I've found a boyfriend who's only two years older than me. If you've paid attention to him, everyone on the internet will think that we're very suitable. When Yang Chu Chu said these angry words, she was extremely sad in her heart.

Actually, she didn't even want to do something that would make her unhappy. But she didn't know which part of her body was wrong, so why couldn't she find a boyfriend to date?