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C1659 surprise

LAN Yanxi heard the man's words and hid in the quilt shamefully. The man's eyes were really poisonous. She said nothing, but he guessed her mind.

Ling Mo Feng looks at her like a child hiding in the quilt, just chuckles and turns to take a bath.

More than ten minutes later, Ling came out of the bathroom. His washed short hair had not been dried. He was wearing a pair of gray and blue rimmed pajamas. Maybe because of the heat, the man didn't tie the belt on purpose, so he came out and wiped the water drops on his short hair with a towel.

"Yanxi, discuss a matter with you." Ling Mo Feng went to the bedside and sat down. Seeing that she wanted to hide again, he had to gently pull the quilt and see her pretty face.

"What is it?" LAN Yanxi immediately asked curiously.

"Today, my grandpa called me. Our wedding may be postponed. Your grandpa just left. We need to postpone it for at least four months. I hope you don't mind." Of course, Ling Mo Feng still listens to the elders. After all, some manners are not understood by the young people, but they are very concerned by the older generation. Of course, lanyanxi had no opinion. She whispered, "listen to your arrangement. I don't care. I'll wait as long as I can."

Ling Mo Feng heard her saying this, inexplicably worried, why did he hear a sense that she wanted to give up herself?

Lingmo Feng knows that he shouldn't continue to talk about this topic excessively. LAN Yanxi has just lost her grandfather. At this moment, her heart is frail. Maybe she begins to be full of doubts about the world. The hatred between her relatives seems to be rooted in her heart, which makes her unable to see through.

Ling Mo Feng opens the quilt and lies down. LAN Yanxi comes to him actively. The warm palms of the man fall on her waist. Her back is facing him. His chest is close to her. They have nothing to say. But the tacit understanding between the two bodies has been established at some time. No more Yanxi is needed. She just needs him behind her and depends on her.

Jijia manor villa.

After dinner, Tang youyou played with the children for a while. When she was going to take a bath, she suddenly felt sick and nauseous. She couldn't help reaching out to cover her hands. The feeling of anti acid really made her feel uncomfortable.

"What's the matter? Is it because I'm too full for dinner today? " Tang youyou found that her taste has become better recently. She used to eat only half a bowl of rice at night. Now she basically has to eat one bowl. She thinks that it's the reason why she has been exercising recently, which makes her appetite open. But now she finds that she eats too much at night, and it's easy to support and even more uncomfortable.

Tang youyou had this uncomfortable feeling until she went to bed at night. After lying down, she felt heavier. She couldn't help but get up. There was a party in jixiaohan company this evening. He hasn't come back yet. Tang youYou can't find anyone to help her at this moment. She had to go downstairs and decided to drink some water.

When passing by the children's room, I saw that the children had fallen asleep with their quilts. Since the school was changed, the two children have become independent and independent. This may be the difference in education environment, the strictness of school requirements, and the training of their good habits.

Tang youYou can't help sighing contentedly. If the little guy becomes more and more independent, it's a good thing. It's convenient for her to have a second child

"Second child?" Tang youyou's brain flashed words, and she read them directly.

Just now, she felt that she was upset after eating too much, but now she has a new idea. It's more than six years since she was pregnant last time. At that time, she was young, ignorant and panicked. She found it after three months of pregnancy, so she really blurred those memories.

Now suddenly, she can't help being smart, can't She's pregnant again?

Tang youYou can't help but be surprised. Count the days carefully. She and Ji Xiaohan haven't taken measures for about a month. If she is pregnant now, it's normal.

Tang youyou immediately returned to the room, found the pregnancy test stick prepared in advance, took a box and went to the bathroom.

Five minutes later, she came out with a surprise on her face, and it was the winner.

When Tang youYou can't wait to share this surprise with Ji Xiaohan, she hears the sound of the car downstairs and walks out quickly.

Just walking down the stairs, I saw Ji Xiao walking in wearing a suit jacket and a gray and white striped shirt. The elegant and sexy look made Tang youyou's eyes look amazing.

As soon as Ji Xiaohan raised his eyes, he saw her standing at the entrance of the stairs and asked her in surprise, "you long, how can you still stand here in the evening? You're not going to steal another drink, are you? "

Because Tang youyou has this precedent, so Ji Xiaohan doubts her like this.

"How dare I drink now." Tang youyou walked towards him with a smile on his face, and then he could smell the strong smell of wine on the man. Her eyebrow was wrinkled, and she immediately stepped back a few steps, reaching out to the nose: "did you drink a lot of wine? It's so strong. "

Looking at this little woman who dislikes herself so much, Ji Xiao's cold and handsome eyes are stunned. He immediately raises his hand to smell whether he has a smell of alcohol. However, he feels OK. It's not strong enough to suffocate people. He's not drunk.

"You have such a smart nose. I don't drink much wine. How can you feel strong?" Season owl cold can't help but speechless.

Tang youyou is not lying. What she smells is really a strong smell of alcohol. At last, she finds out the reason. Maybe she is pregnant and sensitive to the smell. Let alone the smell of alcohol. She can smell even a little other smell in the air.

"Yo, what's the matter? Are you ok? " Seeing her eyes wide open, she immediately stepped forward and asked with concern.

Tang youyou just picked up his eyebrows and smiled mysteriously: "guess."

Seeing her naughty expression suddenly, Ji Xiaohan was surprised and then said with a smile, "it must be a happy event to see you smiling all over the place."

"Go, who is full of spring? I don't have one. " Tang youyou doesn't admit that he has ideas about him at the moment. Even if he does, he can't be treated.

"You are not pregnant, are you?" Ji Xiaohan stares at her pretty face and looks at her. He feels that her eyes are full of happiness. He immediately asks.

Tang youyou thought that he would not guess. Unexpectedly, he guessed it right. She immediately tooted her lips: "it's boring. How do you know I'm pregnant?"

"I see that you are suddenly sensitive to smell. Isn't that why you put it in the parenting book beside the bed?" Ji Xiaohan has a super memory that can never be forgotten. He only needs to pick out the things he has seen in his mind. So, just now, Tang youyou covered his nose and retreated, he had doubts.

Tang youyoumei's eyes widened in surprise: "have you read that book, too?"

"I'll flip it at will. Will you tell me if it's pregnant?" Ji Xiaohan suddenly takes a step forward, and Jun's face is full of anxieties and surprises.

Tang youyou nodded: "well, I just had a test. I should be pregnant. I have a bad appetite."

As soon as Tang youyou finished speaking, Ji Xiaohan pressed her into his arms and hugged her.

"That's great, yo, I'm finally waiting for this day. We're going to have children again." At the moment, Ji Xiaohan's face is full of ecstasy. He can't help muttering, as if it's a miracle, and it's worth his happy celebration.

Tang youyou was hugged by him. He could not breathe. He smelled the smell of wine on his body. He broke away two times: "Ji Xiaohan, I still hope to wait a few more months. Why do I have a baby so soon?"

Hearing her complaint, Ji Xiaohan couldn't help rubbing her cheek with his thin lips: "why, haven't you had enough time? Want more time? "

Tang youyou's mind was broken by his words, and he immediately wanted to drill a hole.

"Who said, I just want to take more freedom. Once pregnant, it means that my free time will be reduced later." Tang youyou's hard spoken explanation.

"Don't worry, you are still free. I will take care of your children." Season owl cold happy at the moment just want to hold her tightly, not willing to let her leave their arms.

The long-awaited child finally came.